God is Love

God is Love

Have you ever sculpted anything from clay?  Well, if you have, then you know that you have to work the clay to get the air bubbles out. You have to make sure there isn’t any dirt or foreign objects trapped in the clay and if there are, then you get to start over.  These air bubbles, dirt and foreign objects are like our sins.  If we don’t get rid of them, they can ruin us.  Just like the clay can blow up in the kiln if it has “dirt” in it.  It wrecks the piece and possibly the kiln.  Makes a real mess.  Just like our sin can mess us up if we aren’t careful.  But the good news is that God keeps working with the clay ( us) and he keeps pushing those air bubbles ( our sin)  out and cleaning us up.  He loves us so much that he keeps working with us, no matter what we do, he is always right there, patient, persistent, and most of all loving.  He gives us love like no one else can…unconditionally, no strings attached.  Even when we think he doesn’t or can’t possibly love us, we are wrong, because he does. 

” I thank you, High God- you’re breathtaking!  Body and soul, I am marvelously made!  I worship in adoration-what a creation!”  (MSG) Psalm 139:13

You are marvelously made by our Creator, God the Father, Abba, Daddy. 

In His Love,


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  1. Donna,
    God continues to use your talent! I’m impressed! I love your art-drawing, wood working,etc! My favorite is still the wooden cross woven with the breast cancer symbol that hangs in my living room.
    My favorite card is the “Peace” or is it the HOPE, the snowman, or Dinwiddie Church? 🙂 I love them all!
    Bless you as you bless others!
    Love you,

  2. Donna,

    AWESOME!!!! What a wonderful celebration to God,life,and love. I have known you for more years than I can count, and I am still so BLESSED to still have you. You never cease to amaze me with the work God has allowed you to do. Thank You for being who you are, and allowing me to be a part of your heart.

    Love Ya Girl and the Fam of course,

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