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Placing your faith on the altar


INK shores of heaven

James 2:23 MSG Wasn’t our ancestor Abraham “made right with God by works” when he placed his son Isaac on the sacrificial altar? Isn’t it obvious that faith and works are yoked partners, that faith expresses itself in works? That the works are “works of faith”? The full meaning of “believe” in the Scripture sentence, “Abraham believed God and was set right with God,” includes his action. It’s that mesh of believing and acting that got Abraham named “God’s friend.” Is it not evident that a person is made right with God not by a barren faith but by faith fruitful in works?

Placing my faith on the altar….
Every so often I place my “tools” of the trade on the altar and I lay myself down at His feet. Brushes, pencils, pens, paint. Today is one of those days. It has been a wild 6 months and the past 2 months have felt like a whirlwind inside of me. I have seen things come to life that I saw many, many months ago in the spirit. I have seen things come to pass that the Lord has spoken to me through people -things that He said would happen- and they have. God is real. God is alive. God sits on the Throne and for me, there is no one else. There can be nothing between me and my God Almighty and this is why, today, I place my faith on the altar. My faith consists of everything in my life, husband, kids, family, friends, tools, self, my motorycycle and yes, even the dog.

The question is do I beleive what the Lord is showing me? Do I really believe what He is saying to me? That I am to step out even more? Away from here and go” here, there and everywhere?” I ask, “how?” He says, ” I know the plans and I have the design all laid out, just trust Me.” Trust. To be like Abraham takes great faith, but what about being like me? Donna Godwin? That’s what I want because I am not Abraham and God is not asking me to do what Abraham did. He is asking me to be me.

Anybody else with me out there?

I paint so I can see. If that helps you-then that’s awesome! That’s how this journey started-so I could see what the Lord was speaking to me and somewhere in that process I discovered that it wasn’t just for me, but for many. How could I be so shortsighted? I was, but not intentionally. Now I am seeing a bigger picture and it is amazing! I don’t have words to convey my heart or faith, but Abraham showed me how to do it by laying Isaac on the altar. Just do it. What happened? The Lord sent a ram in the thicket-just the right thing at the right time. I have experienced so much of that same thing in recent months, so why would I doubt now? I don’t really, I just don’t know how to do it all, but then who does? It’s like I am standing on the shores of heaven and going “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s do this LORD!!!!!!! Let’s show the world who YOU ARE!!!! Here’s my all, every color, every brush, idea and minute of every day. Here I am Lord…all of YOU and none of me. You can do anything….just use me to do it….”

Ephesians 3:20 ( MSG) God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.

That whirlwind I feel is His Spirit moving within me, somedays like a gentle breeze and other days like a rushing river. I cannot help but want more of whatever the Lord has for all of us…His goodness, kindness and all of eternity! That whirlwind of His Spirit has brought such joy and laughter into my life, and today, as I lay it all at his feet, nothing else matters….. INK shores of heaven