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Heaven come down


Hi…it is Christmas morning…

I didn’t sleep much…..not because of excitement-but because of the love for mankind that God has placed deep inside of me. 

All night long I kept seeing the healing waters flowing from the robes of Jesus over creation, Her people, and His Bride.  I woke up several times in a start and it was like I was deaf and something was lost. 

Something is lost…


Jesus came to bring us love and healing.

I can’t seem to form my words to make sense today.  My heart hears and sees much. This is why I paint scenes of healing…when I can’t speak, I paint.  It is my deepest prayer that each of us will be consumed by His Living Waters and that we will walk and speak and move in love not only today, but every single day, every moment, every breath.


I must have it.

I cannot live without it.

These are the rivers that I dream about…the colors of heaven…the place where my heart calls home and longs to dwell forever.


INK healing


This morning I reach my hands ,in prayer, to the heavens and lift my eyes to where my Help comes from…

I bless you with more LOVE than you’ve ever experienced on this Christmas morning….

in His great Love,






The Word for 2014 is…..

INK arise


Isaiah 60:1-3
Arise! Shine! Your light has come;
the Lord’s glory has shone upon you.
2 Though darkness covers the earth
and gloom the nations,
the Lord will shine upon you;
God’s glory will appear over you.
3 Nations will come to your light
and kings to your dawning radiance.



“  Earth is crammed with heaven and every bush afire with God;

but only he who sees takes off his shoes.”

Elizabeth Browning


Romans 12:1-2

So, brothers and sisters, because of God’s mercies, I encourage you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice that is holy and pleasing to God. This is your appropriate priestly service. 2 Don’t be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you can figure out what God’s will is—what is good and pleasing and mature.

May your heart be a fire for the LORD Jesus Christ today, tomorrow and forever and always.  We only have this moment…this very moment to give of ourselves to the Most High King.  Don’t waste a second…He loves you so much…there is nothing that can keep Him from loving you and when your mind tells you differently-it’s just not true.  It is a lie straight from the pits of hell. Don’t buy the lie. 

John 10:10

The thief enters only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came so that they could have life—indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest.

  Know your GOD.  He knows YOU.  

Psalm 139

Lord, you have examined me.
You know me.
2 You know when I sit down and when I stand up.
Even from far away, you comprehend my plans.
3 You study my traveling and resting.
You are thoroughly familiar with all my ways.
4 There isn’t a word on my tongue, Lord,
that you don’t already know completely.
5 You surround me—front and back.
You put your hand on me.
6 That kind of knowledge is too much for me;
it’s so high above me that I can’t fathom it.

7 Where could I go to get away from your spirit?
Where could I go to escape your presence?
8 If I went up to heaven, you would be there.
If I went down to the grave,[a] you would be there too!
9 If I could fly on the wings of dawn,
stopping to rest only on the far side of the ocean—
10 even there your hand would guide me;
even there your strong hand would hold me tight!
11 If I said, “The darkness will definitely hide me;
the light will become night around me,”
12 even then the darkness isn’t too dark for you!
Nighttime would shine bright as day,
because darkness is the same as light to you!

13 You are the one who created my innermost parts;
you knit me together while I was still in my mother’s womb.
14 I give thanks to you that I was marvelously set apart.
Your works are wonderful—I know that very well.
15 My bones weren’t hidden from you
when I was being put together in a secret place,
when I was being woven together in the deep parts of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my embryo,
and on your scroll every day was written that was being formed for me,[b]
before any one of them had yet happened.[c]
17 God, your plans are incomprehensible to me!
Their total number is countless!
18 If I tried to count them—they outnumber grains of sand!
If I came to the very end—I’d still be with you.[d]

19 If only, God, you would kill the wicked!
If only murderers would get away from me—
20 the people who talk about you, but only for wicked schemes;
the people who are your enemies,
who use your name as if it were of no significance.[e]
21 Don’t I hate everyone who hates you?
Don’t I despise those who attack you?
22 Yes, I hate them—through and through!
They’ve become my enemies too.

23 Examine me, God! Look at my heart!
Put me to the test! Know my anxious thoughts!
24 Look to see if there is any idolatrous way[f] in me,
then lead me on the eternal path!

A tidbit…

Did you know that a gelatinous substance called “Wharton’s jelly” is found in the eyeball and the umbilical cord?  Ponder that and then go back and read Psalm 139: 13-16 again….Ask God for wisdom to see and hear the deep things that only He can reveal to us through the spirit. 

He is ever-present…in every cell…every breath and in every substance of our being… He knows YOU.  It is my deepest prayer that YOU know HIM.

He created us and He walks with us through it all…through it ALL. He came to give us life to the fullest and it is only through Jesus that we can live a life that goes on and on forever and ever …

Take a few minutes…close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and listen to this…let the Spirit of the LORD speak into your spirit…and may you respond…

Many blessings of love for your New Year….d.

Take the Journey


The Creative Word of God




INK Moses went up


Like Moses, God calls each of us to “come to the mountain”

to meet Him in the heat of His passion

-His fire-

to hear His voice

– the thunder-

to feel His Presence

-the lightning. 

He longs to surround us with His embrace

– the smoke. 

He is ever present and always waiting for us to ascend and meet Him there, alone, on top of the mountain-where He dwells.  We cannot take anyone with us, we each must go alone in love and with a holy fear and reverence for our GOD, YESHUA, YAHWEH, Creator, Redeemer, Savior, King and Prince of Peace.  He is the Great I AM, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY., the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.   He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.  He is the same GOD who met Moses there, who…

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Take the Journey



Exodus 19:9

9 Then the Lord said to Moses, “I’m about to come to you in a thick cloud in order that the people will hear me talking with you so that they will always trust you.”


Exodus 19: 16-20

16 When morning dawned on the third day, there was thunder, lightning, and a thick cloud on the mountain, and a very loud blast of a horn. All the people in the camp shook with fear. 17 Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet God, and they took their place at the foot of the mountain. 18 Mount Sinai was all in smoke because the Lord had come down on it with lightning. The smoke went up like the smoke of a hot furnace, while the whole mountain shook violently. 19 The blasts of the horn grew louder and louder. Moses would speak, and God would answer him with thunder. 20 The Lord came down on Mount Sinai to the top of the mountain. The Lord called Moses to come up to the top of the mountain, and Moses went up.


INK Moses went up


Like Moses, God calls each of us to “come to the mountain”

to meet Him in the heat of His passion

-His fire-

to hear His voice

– the thunder-

to feel His Presence

-the lightning. 

He longs to surround us with His embrace

– the smoke. 

He is ever present and always waiting for us to ascend and meet Him there, alone, on top of the mountain-where He dwells.  We cannot take anyone with us, we each must go alone in love and with a holy fear and reverence for our GOD, YESHUA, YAHWEH, Creator, Redeemer, Savior, King and Prince of Peace.  He is the Great I AM, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY., the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.   He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.  He is the same GOD who met Moses there, who breathed life into the darkness and who sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth through a miraculous birth…to LOVE US.

He longs for you to come to Him….

make the journey….

you will be forever changed…

I bless you with MORE in this season of love…

I have discovered that there IS INDEED MORE LOVE than I could ever imagine, see, feel or hear…and He’s right here….waiting for YOU…

take the journey, climb the mountain…it is a sacred and holy walk that leads to the land of Promise.

In Jesus Mighty Name,


Let Your Glory Fall


Two days ago I sat in my prayer chair reading scripture out loud.  I said these words to the Lord, “ I want to see your face, show me your glory.”  They are the words of Moses in Exodus 33:12-13.

12 Then Moses said to the Lord, “See, You say to me, ‘Bring up this people.’ But You have not let me know whom You will send with me. Yet You have said, ‘I know you by name, and you have also found grace in My sight.’ 13 Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight. And consider that this nation is Your people.”

14 And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

15 Then he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here. 16 For how then will it be known that Your people and I have found grace in Your sight, except You go with us? So we shall be separate, Your people and I, from all the people who are upon the face of the earth.”

17 So the Lord said to Moses, “I will also do this thing that you have spoken; for you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name.”

18 And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.”

19 Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.” 20 But He said, “You cannot see My face; for no man shall see Me, and live.”21 And the Lord said, “Here is a place by Me, and you shall stand on the rock. 22 So it shall be, while My glory passes by, that I will put you in the cleft of the rock, and will cover you with My hand while I pass by. 23 Then I will take away My hand, and you shall see My back; but My face shall not be seen.”

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday.  Something amazing happened that I cannot put into words.  The only way to explain it is to say that I HAVE walked through a new door into a new day.  A friend has been painting like crazy and in each painting I have seen the glory of the Lord.  The Lord has spoken to ME through each of her pieces and it is as if she is sitting right in the middle of my heart.  I know that the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to her as she creates.  I see it, I feel it, I am experiencing it.  Once again, He has flipped it on me to show me what happens when He speaks through art.  I am usually the one creating and sharing as He leads and I understand how He speaks and touches me as I create, but to be on the receiving end of this great gift gives me new eyes and ears and a greater understanding of the whole picture.  This happened to me many months ago when another friend painted each member of my family a prophetic painting, brought them to us, and then shared the Word of the Lord with us.  Powerful, profound and and life giving.  We are living what the Lord spoke to her through the paintings.  All I can is that if you are reading this and you are hearing from the Lord-then speak it, paint it, create it, write it, sing it, dance it-do it.  Whatever he tells you to do –just do it.  He longs to give others life through you. 

This has been a wild year of amazing growth and maturity for me in the Lord.  I have often felt like I am on a rollercoaster tunnel ride in the dark.  Exciting, exhilarating, a little scary and very unknown.  Unknown to me, but not to the Lord!    As I travel up and down and round and round the light of His face grows brighter and brighter with each day.  We wake up every morning to a new day DAWNING and this morning when I got up and saw this painting that my friend had done in the wee hours of the morning- all I could say was “Let your glory fall….” 

Dawn glory

Here’s the thing- it took another friend to take me by the hand and say, “ come fly with Us…” and let’s go to the deep places of God through abstract art.  Let go and let God!  I have prayed for new ears and eyes everyday and I have been granted that request.  In my friends faith I have jumped into His glory and not only do I now see things in the paint, I have been given greater hearing, discernment and wisdom in life.  Looking deeper into the paint has shown me how to look deeper in life-to hear, see and discern what is really going on in people’s lives.  It has given me greater clarity and has increased my prayer life a thousand fold.  The Lord has spoken very clearly to me all year long about working in layers.  He has taught me to paint in layers and to see Him in each one.  The depth of His love is unfathomable.  He is in every single detail of life.  All of it.  Painting with my eyes closed has taken me out of the picture and He has shown me that while my eyes are closed he is in control-not me.  When I open my eyes and see Him….then I know it was all HIM and none of me.  This is HIS glory!  Thank you Lord! 

So, when I look at this painting that’s what I see…I am this little blue person in the right upper corner-running through His covenant blood and into His glory…” let Your glory fall, Lord.  You have shown me Your glory, you have answered my prayer, once again, in a very profound way through the hands of your daughter, painter, and minister of art. I bow my heart, body and mind to you this morning out of great love and deep reverence.  Thank you….Lord…thank you…”

forever yours,


Dancing in Joy


My dear sweet friend painted this today.  She sent me a note and said, “ you inspired me sis…”  but what really inspired her was a move of the Holy Spirit!  I love it when that happens!

Dawns painting

I immediately saw dancers and angels and such a tenderness in the colors.  Yep, that’s her, tender and true.  The more I looked at it the more it spoke to my spirit.  I felt like she had painted it just for me.

This scripture called my name….and I realized she had painted my heart on the canvas.  My heart was moved to holy tears of tender love for what God has been doing in my heart for months and months now.  He has been like a flood-His love keeps pouring out and filling me up in places I didn’t even know I had. 


Psalm 30:11-12

You changed my mourning into dancing.
You took off my funeral clothes
and dressed me up in joy
12 so that my whole being
might sing praises to you and never stop.
Lord, my God, I will give thanks to you forever.

Dawn Eaves JOY

I spent last weekend retreating with another dear sweet friend who has been pouring God’s love and wisdom into me in a way I cannot even describe.  It has been amazing!  She has taken me by the hand and said, “ let’s go…let me show you the way in love and truth and wisdom…” and as we have walked together this new tender heart has been birthed inside of me and I can no longer contain the joy I feel inside.  Healing has come and I am a new creation.  So when I saw the painting, I saw not only my heart, but the three of us in sweet unity with Jesus.  We are the dancers on the canvas…dancing with Him and before Him.  Not just the three of us-but so many others that God has placed in my path to minister to me and me to them.  He has been springing new things forth and pouring out such grace everywhere.  He’s like that-He will work in one way and then flip it to work in the other.  Ministers of Grace.  Dancers of Joy.  Face to face with the Master Artist, Creator God, the One who breathes life and light into the world through heaven’s hues. 

You would never know that my friend and I have never met in person….but we have in spirit…He knows us so well…I look forward to the day when we do finally meet…soon, my friend…soon….we will be dancing in sweet unison with Him….face to face…arm in arm…

Thank you for sharing His holiness with me…you bless me!

All glory, honor and praises to the LORD!

love you much….Jesus loves you even more…this song says it all….

me Smile


Emmanuel-God with us



“Be still, and know that I am God!
I will be honored by every nation.
I will be honored throughout the world.”

Psalm 46:10

Pat farrells dog


This is my friend’s dog.  He has found a nice warm spot to rest in the sun.

When I saw this I was reminded by the Holy Spirit to take time to rest in the Son.

This is such a busy time of year with a flutter of activities.  Some lead us to the King of Creation and some lead us away.  Let us be ever mindful of the activities we choose as we celebrate the Coming of Christ the King-both in remembrance of His birth and in our future Hope and Home with Him. 

It’s not about us, but all about Him. 

Our Emmanuel.

God with us. 

He honored us by coming to earth as a baby and we, in turn, honor Him by resting in His Presence.  He is always with us but we are not always with Him in the choices we make.  There is much forgiveness, mercy and grace in His love for us and that is what compels me to want to devote more time to Him.  I know what I’ve done and how much I have been forgiven and for this I am eternally grateful.  My thank you is my ‘yes, Lord.” 

So, as we go about our daily lives let us ask ourselves if what we are doing is holy- as in- will this honor the King?  We are called to live transformed lives for the Most Holy One and that means being mindful of all that we do, say and think.  

Romans 12:1-2 

And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. 2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

When we take time to rest in Him, like my friend’s dog, then we become refreshed and renewed and we can somehow hear and see a bit better than we could before.  We see the error of our ways and we ask for forgiveness.   We also hear “follow me…my love endures forever….”

My friends dog looks so comfy, doesn’t he?  All curled up and dreaming doggie dreams!  Let me encourage you today to take some time and be still with the Lord.  Let Him wrap you up in His embrace and just rest there for awhile.  That’s all he really wants from us-is our presence with His, just like the dog here….

Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me. John 15:4

May you be blessed with abundant fruitfulness as you remain in Him…

May you hear His still small voice and see the light of His eyes looking back at you!

May you be filled to overflowing with His glorious love.


blessings and enjoy!  d.