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Beautiful Jesus



“ Write My Name…”

“Sing my song”

“ Dance with me…”



I started with black and dark blue…but you’d never know it…

I was thinking of creation and it’s inky darkness-BEFORE the LIGHT…

that thought didn’t stay long….




Enter in green, blue, magenta, red…

swish, swirl, twirl, woosh….


Round and round we go…

where we stop nobody knows….




King of Kings

Lord of Lords




Jehovah Shalom

Jehovah Nissi




Jehovah Rapha





That name sends my heart racing and reeling ever since I heard it slip from the lips of a friend in prayer. 

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. 



He is our center.

We abide here.






Bended knee.

Bowed down low.

Face on the floor.

No words needed.




Let Him speak INTO you….


Every color, every stroke, every split, splat, swish and swoosh is the body of Christ, the Bride,  coming together in beautiful matrimony with her Groom.  Uncontainable, wild, rushing, wonderful and exhilarating.  His Name covers us.  His colors unify us together in love and bring us sweet hope and peace.

His Name is TRUTH.


Bless you!

Rushing River- Soul Dance # 2


Mandy and I wanted to end our “retreat week” with a second worship painting.

We also had to break in her new “ladder easel.”  LOL. 

1 ladder from Lowes.

1 piece of 2”  board to create a ledge to set an easel on.

1 piece of 3 x 5 hardboard as the easel backer. 

bolts, nuts and a drill and VIOLA!  You have a very large sturdy easel for much less than what it costs to get an artist’s easel.  I am very thrifty when it comes to things like this.  A professional art easel is well over $200.  This was less than $75. 

This morning I set the easel up between the fire pit and the barn.  Note the barn doors are open-screaming – “enter in…”   Last month I was told I was a torchbearer and that I would be painting with flames-hence the firepit.  It’s not burning here , but we did have a fire two nights in a row.   The easel is directly under an opening in the trees where my eyes land every morning to say ‘Good Morning to God.”  This morning the stars were especially bright and beautiful and they spoke to my soul. 


This morning I heard the HS say, “ Donna, as you do this-remove your hearing aid and your eyeglasses. I want no distractions.  Nothing between us.”   You have to understand that when I remove these things from myself I lose balance and perspective.  I cannot close my eyes and stand up in the  shower without stumbling or falling backwards.  ( not kidding) 



So I did just that.  David danced naked before the Lord and I guess you could say this was my nakedness-no ears, no eyes, but a ton of faith and a desperate desire to please the Lord.  He wanted to show me something. 

he was saying…”Donna -quit trying to figure ME out.”  Smile



So, we anointed hands, prayed a blessing and joined Jesus where He was taking us-in complete obedience.  We did the same thing we did the day before-Mandy led while I laid my arm/hand over hers and we locked fingers.  I closed my eyes ( and I think she did too at some point) and we began the dance. 

We dipped, we lunged, we bowed, we lifted and swept up and out.  At one point I began to cry because it was just so powerful and it overwhelmed my soul.  During the first painting I thought about how my great Uncle Ralph began painting at age 90 and how his daughter would be his eyes- he was blind.  It rocked my soul as I thought about the dance they did all those years ago.  They passed it onto me.  I never saw it coming…


Isn’t that just like our Lord? 

Expect the unexpected…now where have I heard that before?


The level of intimacy only deepened with each stroke-especially since I could not hear or see.   Total trust.  No words. 

We finished.  I could barely stand up.  I fell out on the ground and just stayed there in the spirit.  I felt oil on my feet and then on my head. Mandy anointed me while I was laid out.  At one point I felt something dripping on my arms.  She told me later that it was the Lord pouring out.  I woke up to the dog licking my face.  He’s my painting buddy.  Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. 

I got up and looked at what we had created in the Presence of the Lord….it is what HE created through us.  It’s all HIM. 



When you get up close…which requires that you “come in”



you begin to see with new eyes…


and hear with new ears….


and you see the glory of the Lord in living color!


It is rich, deep, and oh so full of LIFE!


His LIFE!  Grace, peace, love, light and life.


John 14:27

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”  -Jesus

Lord, I thank you for your faithfulness and your undying love for us.  I weep at your feet and thank you with tears as my offering of love.  I am yours, you are mine.

Foever His…forevermore….


Soul Dance # 1


My dear friend, Mandy, has been visiting this week.  We have been doing a lot of different things and yesterday we painted together during a time of outdoor worship. 

We have been talking about many, many, many things and one of those has been about unity.  We’ve also been talking about me getting out of my comfort zone and letting go of everything and I mean everything!  Smile



Many months ago I experienced a time in worship where I was painting with a child.  I held her in my arms and was teaching her how to use the brush and we swayed back and forth together and in time to the music.  We danced with the brush on the canvas.”    It was an amazing experience- one that I will never forget.  It was sweet.  Jesus knew I needed to see it, feel it and experience it. 

When I found out that Mandy was coming for a visit I knew we would be painting in worship together.  Mandy’s art is very abstract and mine is usually themed around the Father’s Heart in a very understandable and “ in the canvas” type way-meaning I keep things “in the box.”


One of the things the HS has been teaching me is to stop trying to figure everything out- to go where the wind blows.  Wooooshhhhhhhhh…..

Mandy had not painted on a larger scale so we were both trying something new.  I explained to her that I wanted to be “set free” from the boundaries of the canvas.  I desired for my soul to dance through the paint.  The only way I knew how to do it- was how I did it with the child-to hold her hand and let it flow. 

So we did. 

Mandy became like me and I was like the child.



So…here is what we did…

We set it all up outside and we did a dance.  I stood behind Mandy, she held the brush and I locked my arm and fingers into hers-on top of her arm and hand.  She was the leader.  I started out with my eyes open and she had hers closed.   As the music started and the paint went down I said,

“ you’ve got to see this!  Open your eyes!”  LOL 

I was so excited.

He was teaching me what it meant to totally trust HIM.  Mandy is physically very expressive in her worship-flipping and dipping and bowing and praising with her whole body.  Me- I’m more reserved.  LOL.   I grew up a mellow Methodist….LOL  Sometimes it takes Jesus to bring two hearts together in HIS to help each other grow in grace.  This is one of those friendships.

We talked briefly and then we got back to the canvas.  This time I closed my eyes.  As I closed my eyes and she took off it was like we were a bird in flight.  Our bodies were touching like two dancers in time with the music. 

Mandy dipped the brush, swept up, out, over, around and bowing down-I hung on as we did a soul dance with the Lover Himself. 

It was a very intimate act of worship before the Lord.  One that I had never encountered before.  It was an absolutely beautiful expression of what UNITY really means.  It is what the Lord wants for ALL people, not just the people we choose-but for ALL people.Two artist’s becoming one, seeing with His eyes, hearing with His ears and dancing to the song of His heart.  Incredible.

Our brush flipped and flitted off the edges of the canvas- knowing no boundaries and I had been set totally free.  There are no words for that and today I have a heart filled with great thanksgiving for the God who created the universe and everything in it. 

I don’t think there are any words in our language to describe what happened during this encounter with the Lord.  As we embraced the brush in unity-the presence of God came down and took over the worship. 

My eyes closed…my heart full….my soul dancing with Him…

Yahweh, Elohim, Elohim Chayim. The Living God.
John 6:69 We believe, and we know you are the Holy One of God.

Tonight I sit and contemplate where God will take us with this and I see us going many places together to help set other artists free.  As artist’s we are told, by the world, what “looks right, feels good and sells.”  That’s not where God tells us to be.  He requires so much more than that.  It’s not about looking right, feeling good or selling anything. It’s about trusting in Him and being free to create for HIM so that others might see His beautiful face.  It’s a love affair with the Most High God.  A love affair that is so intimate and pure that it rocks the world and makes souls dance. 

It reveals who Jesus IS.

The Way. The TRUTH. The Life.

The door has been opened wide.  It’s time to step in and let your soul dance…

To GOD be the GLORY!