Water the soul



Last week we visited Kathy and Don Hershman who run the prayer center in Princeton, Kentucky.  While there Don and I were talking about painting.  Don explained to me that he is a messy painter.  I can relate.  He was talking about cleaning his brush and needing to be close to a sink so he could just turn, dip, swish and get back to the paint.  We talked about using a bucket to do that ( because I don’t have a sink.)  I am constantly changing my water because it gets dirty so fast and I wish I had a sink too. 


I woke up that morning at 3:33.  I heard Don speaking to me in my spirit.  He said, “ Donna continually water your soul.”

Jeremiah 33:3 says this:

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.




God has a sense of humor and it cracks me up that He gave me Jeremiah 33:3 through a conversation with a friend a few days ago.  You see I kept seeing the number 333 that week and when I woke up at 3:33 it struck me as odd.  Now it makes sense when you look at Jeremiah 33:3.  I had been on a prayer ride and I was in a place of prayer and God was calling me to Him in the wee hours of the morning to talk.  Not only did He talk to me, He was using the Hershman’s to speak to me also.  Both Kathy and Don said things to me that God knew I needed to hear.  He was calling me to come to Him in the night and I did.  He sent me there to be watered.


Last night I was prepping things in the studio and I have to tell you that I have had no formal training in any of this.  God has been my teacher.  I have never taken a painting class and have just ‘figured it out” along the way.  God and me- we play together.  That’s all He requires-is for me ( us) to sit with Him and listen.  That’s what I do when I paint- I listen.  I have come to realize that my true love is to sit with God and paint in the privacy of my studio.  Just us. This is where I have fallen in love with Him.  It is an act of intimacy. 


Anyway-somebody needed to hear that.  I found a bucket last night and filled it with soapy water and straightened everything up.  For some reason before I start a new painting I have to have things in order-just like I do when I am baking.  Isn’t that funny?  Baking reminds me of Jesus too. . . I got it all ready so I could begin painting this morning fresh.  God has given me some vivid images to paint and I am dedicating today to starting one of them.


This morning, before getting out of bed,  I saw my paint rinsing cups in my mind.  One of them is an old coffee mug that I dropped and busted the handle off it, the other is a mason jelly jar. Both have significant meaning for me and when I see them I think of the people who gave them to me.  The mug was a gift from a dear friend and the mason jar used to have black raspberry jam in it that my mom made.  Now I have a bucket, thanks to Don’s suggestion to use one.  LOL


I jumped out of bed and had one of those “ding ding ding” moments!  That’s it!  We need more water!  I saw the cups and how small they are versus the bucket and how big it is and I realized that in order to really get my brushes clean I need more water and a bigger vessel to hold the water. ( Thanks Don!)   That’s what God has been telling me, calling me to and teaching me.  More of ME, Donna , more, more, more.  He IS the water that cleanses our souls.  You can’t clean 10 brushes in one little cup of water.  You need MORE water to swish, to stir, to rinse and clean.  Don’t just dip your brush in- take the PLUNGE! 


YOU are the brush. Jesus is the water-the Living Water.  Jump IN and let Him wash over your soul and water you.  Do it through the Word, prayer, anointing, music, painting, singing, however he speaks to you- meet Him in that place.  Just GO THERE with HIM as much as you can. 



I had a dream last night that many are seeking the One true God.  I heard people crying out to Him for His mercy, His grace, His comfort.  Time feels short to me.  Let’s not waste another second telling God we “can’t” and let’s start telling Him, “ Here I am, take me, all of me. I trust you with my whole heart.  Do with me what you will. I don’t need to understand, I just need to trust. So I trust you Jesus to show me every step of the way.  ”  Someone out there needs to meet the Jesus in YOU.  It’s as simple as a hello, a smile, a phone call.  It’s not about us.  It never has been, never will be.  It’s about HIM.  He lives in YOU so that you can BE HIM to the world you live in.

Now go do it.

Glory to God and thanks Don and Kathy! Smile



About godw1nz

I am the mom of three beautiful daughters, wife to a genius, sister to a teacher, sis-in-law to an engineer, daughter to a yankee and a rebel, and a woman chasing God. I love to read, draw and be with my family. If the reading inspires me, then I draw what I read. Almost everything I draw is based around or about Jesus Christ. I attend church at First United Methodist Hillsville. Ronnie Collins is my associate pastor, also a blogger here. I love the Lord with all my heart and I hope what you see here will inspire your heart.

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  1. Wow….reminds me of the painting I did of the vessels being filled with water. It’s on my Facebook page…I will go back and tag you in it so you can see it. Love your work and your writings.

  2. Love this, Donna! I love how God wakes up His people. He is surely dwelling in the hearts of His people….in the hearts of His painters!!

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