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Alabaster Jar




Sometimes a painting needs only a song or a few words..

sometimes it needs nothing…

This painting is a commissioned piece.  Some things have changed deep inside of me this week.  I have experienced a depth of God’s love that I never have before and my heart feels like a shell that has been broken open.  What is in the shell is beautiful and priceless like a pearl.  I’m not the pearl.  Jesus is.  He lives deep within me and He has been rising up and out slowly, gently and patiently.  He has been coaxing me to come closer to His feet, to draw near on an intentional daily basis.  I’ve been being intentional, but this week I climbed up in His lap and have been wholly embraced by Him. 

He is calling us to live a life of absolute faith.  Faith calls for an undying, unending, forever love for Him and for nothing else.  It calls for devotion to HIM and when we devote and dedicate a daily time and a place to bow our hearts to His-then He will meet us there and permeate us with a deeper love- one that we have never known before.

I have a dear friend who says, “ Donna, there’s more….”

She’s right.  When I began change what I was doing, thinking, saying, believing, praying, painting and even eating- God moved in closer.  He wants nothing between us. Nothing.  He is calling us to purify and cleanse ourselves so that we can be one with Him.  No one can do it for us and it takes time to get cleaned up.   He is so gentle and kind and forever faithful.

My prayer is for you to take a deeper walk with Him.  Not because I said so, but because you hear Him calling you, nudging you, coaxing you.  Take time everyday to draw near to His heart, climb in His lap and sit and listen to the beating of His heart in time with yours.

Fall for Him…and nothing else…

He is yours and you are His.  He is forever faithful.

forever HIS…



Nothing but Love


We serve the most amazing God…we are blessed, blessed, blessed.  Our daughters are awesome!  Corynn painted this for her daddy…He has been teaching her how to be a good steward of her income.  I think this speaks volumes and it makes my heart soar.  The green “bills” are broken by love….”nothing but love…”  there is no greater love than this….a Father’s love for His child and a child’s love for her Father-earthly and heavenly. 


Corynn will continue her college education at NRCC starting this week.  Senior year takes it toll on our children. Yes, I said children.  They grow up way too fast and are expected to make decisions an adult can’t even make yet.  Senior year is filled with fun, fest and a lot of stress.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but since we have to go through it, we go through with the goodness and grace of God Almighty and a lot of it. 

He is forever faithful.

Corynn is taking her own road by not following the world, and we are so very, very proud of her.  Over the years, we saved enough money for both girls to have a 2 year college education-debt free.  Cort and I have carried debt in the past and we know what it’s like to be weighted with that burden.  We have since become debt free and even though we are debt free-it is still not easy to manage a house and family on one income, but we do because that’s the way God has led us to do it.  Corynn has made  a choice to follow that example starting with her college education. 

This painting says it all and I know her Daddy is beaming inside!  We are so proud of you and love you bunches! 

Glory to God!


America…HIS beautiful




What a journey this has been…

Hubby and I went on a motorcycle vacation last week and I began to see this land through God’s eyes.  He has filled me with a passionate message of one of a soldier at war.  I looked down at my boots one day and saw a soldier’s boots.  Living water was flowing from them.  That’s what we are-you and I.  Soldiers for Christ.  You may have never looked at yourself that way before, but it’s true.

Since the beginning of time, as we know it, we have been in a war with the enemy of God.  That enemy has been busy stealing our families, our children, our bodies, our finances,  our homes, our communities, our churches, our government and our world.  No matter where you live or what country you reside in-we are all in the same battle.  The enemy has been busy trying to divide God’s people.  He started in the Garden with Adam and Eve.  He tempted them through their senses by tasting the apple.  He used his cunning ways to deceive man’s mind and steal what was and STILL IS God’s.

When Cain killed Abel the enemy stole a brother from a brother.  

( Genesis 4:8-10) The Lord saw it and said,

“ Where is your brother?  Where is Abel?”

Cain said, “ I don’t know! Am I supposed to keep track of him wherever he goes?”

But the LORD said,





THIS is what I have been hearing for two weeks.  The blood of those we have lost crying out to us from the ground. Soldiers, farmers, fathers, mothers, children, sons &  daughters.  God wants His family back into the fold of His arms and embrace.  He wants THIS COUNTRY BACK. 

As I rode over the back roads of Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky I began seeing images that God was giving me to paint and declare over this land.  HIS LAND.  America HIS beautiful.  It’s not ours, it’s not the government’s, it is HIS.  He is calling us to take a stand and be bold in proclaiming HIS NAME over our homes, our families, our communities, our states, our capitols, and our nation.  We must stop standing still and start speaking HIS WORD into the world.  Not OURS-but HIS.  We must take back what belongs to GOD for GOD. 

WE ARE HIS.  I refuse to speak anything less.  I refuse to buy into the lies any longer.  I long to live for GOD in all my ways.  HE is the ONLY way. 

His own Son, and many, many, sons and daughters,  have spilled their blood on the land that He created so that we might BE FREE to live in HIS LIGHT-IN HIS GLORY.   He has given us the weapons of warfare- unity, prayer, love, mercy, grace, faith and hope.  These are mixed with forgiveness, patience, perseverance and persistence.  We are not a people who give in or up.  HOPE is NOT LOST and God is calling us to rally around the flagpole-where Christ IS the center.  He is calling us to TURN AROUND, throw down our crowns and run back to HIM and HIM alone, to give HIM the glory and honor that He so deserves.  It’s not about us.  It’s about HIM. 

Revelation 4:8-11

Day after day and night after night they keep on saying,

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty—
the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come.”

9 Whenever the living beings give glory and honor and thanks to the one sitting on the throne (the one who lives forever and ever), 10 the twenty-four elders fall down and worship the one sitting on the throne (the one who lives forever and ever). And they lay their crowns before the throne and say,

11 “You are worthy, O Lord our God,
to receive glory and honor and power.
For you created all things,
and they exist because you created what you pleased.”



The flag flies over our nation and makes a statement of freedom.  Christ lives in our hearts and makes us bold to live IN that FREEDOM.  He fills us with love for His people.  His banner over us is love.  He is the God who see’s all, knows all and loves ALL. 

The blood of His people cries out from the ground.  I hear it, feel it, see it and dream about it.  God has overwhelmed me by answering my prayers to see with His eyes, hear with His ears and to be filled with love, mercy, compassion and grace.  When I go out of the house now I don’t see people- I see soldiers, blood, sweat, tears, pain, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, sad eyes, tired faces, depression, cancer, chemo, divorce, debt, abuse, alcoholism, drugs, tired daddy’s, worried mommy’s and children who just want to be kids for a little while longer.  I hear heartbeats, feel pain, and smell death.

Yet I have this glorious HOPE in my heart that has been placed there by the One who died to bring GLORY to the Father.  It is this HOPE that compels me ( and countless others) to pray, to bless and to speak life and light into the world and to see the GLORY that lies just over the horizon.  It is so bright it blots out everything my natural eyes and ears see and hear. 

I can see it now….

This is what I paint and this is why Jesus came to the world-to show us His glory so that we might live in it forever with Him. 

John 1:14

So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.


This painting has moved me to pray for our country and to a holy weeping for those we have lost to war and to injury from war.  I had a dream this past week of two old veterans beside a campfire.  It was dark outside and they were in a desert.  Behind them was an old green camper trailer-like from the 50’s.  They were bearded, stooped and sad.  The whole scene was one of great sorrow.  They were praying.  I could not hear the words they were praying, but I heard them praying and then I heard the prayers of many others joining in with them.  I woke up in a start and I asked God what I just saw.  I saw a picture of the lost and forgotten sons and daughters of God Almighty.  The ones who have gone before us to take back this land for God, for freedom and for mercy and justice.  I have thought of nothing else since and I now know I will spend the rest of the days of my life painting and writing about God’s glory for us-for you, for me, and for those men in my dream.  Somewhere out there are two men sitting beside a campfire praying to their Almighty God for this country and for us.  Sweet Jesus, come soon…

This painting represents the American flag turning around to bow down to our Creator-the author of FREEDOM.  It is HIS hand that writes our story.  It is HIS blood that flows through our veins and it is HIS glory that we will see when throw down our crowns and put Him first in all that we do.  The flag is throwing down her crowns ( stars)  and jumping into the Glory of God Almighty.  The stripes are filled with the blood and tears of the saints who have gone before us.  As I painted the stripes I began hearing “ purple mountain majesty” and “amber waves of grain” along with “Onward Christian Soldiers…”  The flag is ripped open to reveal the Glory of God.  It is saying, “come a little closer and enter in and see Me…”

The stars are re-aligning themselves in unity with Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. ( all the swirls) 

This is my prayer for this country and for each of us.  To live IN and under the King of all creation.  We have been blessed to be a blessing and God only wants to bless our brokenness.  We must have willing hearts and hands that are in unity with His. 

I pray that you will join me in prayer for our country to turn back to God and God alone.  It is the most powerful weapon we have…

peace and grace to you and yours,


Water the soul



Last week we visited Kathy and Don Hershman who run the prayer center in Princeton, Kentucky.  While there Don and I were talking about painting.  Don explained to me that he is a messy painter.  I can relate.  He was talking about cleaning his brush and needing to be close to a sink so he could just turn, dip, swish and get back to the paint.  We talked about using a bucket to do that ( because I don’t have a sink.)  I am constantly changing my water because it gets dirty so fast and I wish I had a sink too. 


I woke up that morning at 3:33.  I heard Don speaking to me in my spirit.  He said, “ Donna continually water your soul.”

Jeremiah 33:3 says this:

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.




God has a sense of humor and it cracks me up that He gave me Jeremiah 33:3 through a conversation with a friend a few days ago.  You see I kept seeing the number 333 that week and when I woke up at 3:33 it struck me as odd.  Now it makes sense when you look at Jeremiah 33:3.  I had been on a prayer ride and I was in a place of prayer and God was calling me to Him in the wee hours of the morning to talk.  Not only did He talk to me, He was using the Hershman’s to speak to me also.  Both Kathy and Don said things to me that God knew I needed to hear.  He was calling me to come to Him in the night and I did.  He sent me there to be watered.


Last night I was prepping things in the studio and I have to tell you that I have had no formal training in any of this.  God has been my teacher.  I have never taken a painting class and have just ‘figured it out” along the way.  God and me- we play together.  That’s all He requires-is for me ( us) to sit with Him and listen.  That’s what I do when I paint- I listen.  I have come to realize that my true love is to sit with God and paint in the privacy of my studio.  Just us. This is where I have fallen in love with Him.  It is an act of intimacy. 


Anyway-somebody needed to hear that.  I found a bucket last night and filled it with soapy water and straightened everything up.  For some reason before I start a new painting I have to have things in order-just like I do when I am baking.  Isn’t that funny?  Baking reminds me of Jesus too. . . I got it all ready so I could begin painting this morning fresh.  God has given me some vivid images to paint and I am dedicating today to starting one of them.


This morning, before getting out of bed,  I saw my paint rinsing cups in my mind.  One of them is an old coffee mug that I dropped and busted the handle off it, the other is a mason jelly jar. Both have significant meaning for me and when I see them I think of the people who gave them to me.  The mug was a gift from a dear friend and the mason jar used to have black raspberry jam in it that my mom made.  Now I have a bucket, thanks to Don’s suggestion to use one.  LOL


I jumped out of bed and had one of those “ding ding ding” moments!  That’s it!  We need more water!  I saw the cups and how small they are versus the bucket and how big it is and I realized that in order to really get my brushes clean I need more water and a bigger vessel to hold the water. ( Thanks Don!)   That’s what God has been telling me, calling me to and teaching me.  More of ME, Donna , more, more, more.  He IS the water that cleanses our souls.  You can’t clean 10 brushes in one little cup of water.  You need MORE water to swish, to stir, to rinse and clean.  Don’t just dip your brush in- take the PLUNGE! 


YOU are the brush. Jesus is the water-the Living Water.  Jump IN and let Him wash over your soul and water you.  Do it through the Word, prayer, anointing, music, painting, singing, however he speaks to you- meet Him in that place.  Just GO THERE with HIM as much as you can. 



I had a dream last night that many are seeking the One true God.  I heard people crying out to Him for His mercy, His grace, His comfort.  Time feels short to me.  Let’s not waste another second telling God we “can’t” and let’s start telling Him, “ Here I am, take me, all of me. I trust you with my whole heart.  Do with me what you will. I don’t need to understand, I just need to trust. So I trust you Jesus to show me every step of the way.  ”  Someone out there needs to meet the Jesus in YOU.  It’s as simple as a hello, a smile, a phone call.  It’s not about us.  It never has been, never will be.  It’s about HIM.  He lives in YOU so that you can BE HIM to the world you live in.

Now go do it.

Glory to God and thanks Don and Kathy! Smile


Painting Freedom



God took His time with me this past week to show me what he wants me to paint.  I have never been so filled with a message as I have this one. He has risen up inside of me in a way that I have never experienced before.  It is overwhelming at times and other times I just sit in awe of what he is showing me.

Cort and I rode 1832 miles on our bikes this past week.  It started out as a motorcycling vacation and ended up as a “Freedom Ride.”   I even heard myself using that term when we met Dave Ramsey.  Uh, yeah, we met the guru himself, and shook his hand and had a conversation and were even ON THE SHOW!  LOL  ( more on that later!) 

I can’t explain God so I won’t even try.  I will say that ride turned into a heavy duty prayer ride for this nation.  Mile after mile I found myself praying over the land, the people, the crops, the storehouses, the workers on the roads, people passing in cars, families in homes, truck drivers and cattle in the fields.  We got off one exit and there standing in a circle was one very large flag surrounded by half a dozen smaller ones.  It took my breath away.  What I saw was Christ standing in the midst of the USA-taking back His land- our hearts.  It moved me to the core. 

As the week passed and things happened Cort and I began to see our ministries apart and together.  We have both been filled with a desire to help “set the captives free.”  His is through helping families get out of debt by taking care of their money the way God intended.   Mine is creating an encounter with Jesus through worship and art- to make God visible. It is our life’s work.  God used this trip to give us both a vision and a plan to do all that we can right here.

I am the most unpolitical person you could meet.  I do not want to hear about politics or argue about them.  But God has been speaking to me over the past few months about this land. HIS LAND.   We all know that our nation is in the deepest debt it has ever been in.  Financially and spiritually.  When we get our houses in order by getting back to GOD then the nation will shift.   But it won’t happen without devotion and loyalty to God and God alone.  We have to quit buying the lies and start listening to the Truth.  We need to turn away from the world and turn to the Word of the Lord.  God has given me some powerful images to paint and I covet your prayers as I work through these images.  Some artists paint the curses of the land and the government-the pain of reality.  It is a wake up call to all of us.   I feel the same pain, but my call is to be a blessing and for me that means painting a blessing.   Painting God’s blessed Word into the world.  To PROCLAIM GOD OVER THE LAND. That’s what prophetic art does- it paints a blessing into the realm of heaven-bringing the Kingdom to earth.  

“ Thy KINGDOM COME, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven…” 

There are only blessings in heaven…

My paintings are like painted prayers.  We all know that our prayers go up and that God hears them all.  They cause a shift in the heavenlies.  It is the desire of His heart- to hear our voices speaking, singing and yes, painting to Him.  Our worship is like a melody to His heart. 


As we rolled through the fields of TN and KY the images just came like a floodwater in my soul.  In fact, the night we spent with the Hershman’s-I woke up and heard Don’s voice talking to me in my spirit.   HS said, “ Donna, constantly water your soul.”  When I got up I asked Don if he had anything to tell me but he didn’t.  I believe he will though-it was that strong. 

One of the things that happened has left me a little undone.  I met an army chaplain in the Nashville Cracker barrel.  I thanked him for his service to our country. I left the Cracker barrel and discovered we needed directions. So I went back inside.  Guess who I ran into again? Yep, the chaplain.  We talked about “directions” and then ‘Directions.”  It was a divine appointment from the Lord.  Pretty soon I was handing him my card and explaining my ministry to him.  He asked me if I traveled and I said, “yes” and he said he would “be calling me.”  Whether he calls me by phone or not is up to him, but God has definitely been calling me to see through His eyes in our meeting.  I believe that as the Chaplain and I embraced and said goodbye that something of God was transferred to my spirit from his.  It was a marker moment.  I didn’t realize it until later but after meeting him I began seeing things with the eyes of a Chaplain.  The flags, the land, freedom ride, taking back the land, my boots became his boots and they were filled with the Living Water of Jesus Christ.  I saw a picture of an army boot walking through the desert sands and I heard God say, “  I will give you every place you set your foot down for Me.”  Joshua.  As the boot hit the sand, and the heel lifted , it left behind the beautiful Living Water of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

A soldier in a barren land carrying a message of Hope.  Isn’t this what we all are?   Foot soldiers for Christ?  That’s what I saw and felt in that meeting with the Chaplain.  I pray that God will cross our paths again and that he will allow me to find him on FB. Smile  I want to share this moment with him.  He needs to hear it. 

And this is what we shall paint… Freedom.  Thank you Lord, you have blessed my soul.  It is an honor and a privilege to serve you with my all.  I give these brushes back to you and ask that you guide every stroke, every color, and every blessing.  I give them to you and I know that you will use them to do what only YOU can do…more of you and less of me Lord.  Lead me, guide me, carry me and convict me.  Deeper, wider, higher, longer, stronger, more, more, more. 

It’s about Freedom… in Christ Jesus and none other.

Glory to God in the highest! 


The Ride


cort lightbulb


I love my hubster.  He takes such good care of us.  His motto is “home first” everything else later.  He is a man of great integrity and faith.  He doesn’t push it down your throat and he mixes it up with a lot of humor, gentleness, kindness and patience. 

I thank GOD for that patience!  He has needed it with me!  It’s no wonder his hair is nearly gone!  LOL  I have to admit that he does drive me crazy from time to time and one of those ways is when we ride!  Haha!

You see, whenever we ride our motorcycles he always wants me to lead.  I always thought this was because he didn’t want to decide where we were going to go but this week I realized it was for a different reason.  God is good to show us things when we ask to see with His eyes.



Let me share…

We were cruising down I-40 in TN and I was riding behind a tractor trailer.  Not close.  Just staying in my lane and cruising at a steady speed with the traffic. 

Oh, before I tell you this story let me just share with you that in the past month God has taken my fear away.  I knew he had taken it away for public speaking and a few other things but I didn’t realize that he took away my fear of motorcycle interstate driving until I got out there this week.  You see I have never been comfortable riding on the interstate at 65-70 mph.  I have never enjoyed passing cars or the big trucks.  In fact when coming upon a tractor trailer my stomach would always lurch, fear would grip my heart and I would wind up the throttle just to get past the trucks.  If I could close my eyes I would do that too!  It was pretty bad.  It’s not something you share or readily admit to.  I like to stay on the back roads and travel at 45 or 50 mph.  Fear often kept me from completely enjoying this time with my husband.  God took care of it.

In my last post I wrote about being anointed and prayed over.  During this time God was removing things from me and one of those things was fear.  Scripture is very clear about this spiritual discipline. James 5:14 Are you hurting? Pray. Do you feel great? Sing. Are you sick? Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. Believing-prayer will heal you, and Jesus will put you on your feet. And if you’ve sinned, you’ll be forgiven—healed inside and out. I believe this should be a daily part of our walk of faith.  If you desire prayer and anointing please contact me.  It is an honor to anoint and pray for you in His Mighty Name.   It is part of our calling as Christians. 

Anyway- once we got out on the road and had ridden for awhile I realized that I was actually enjoying the highway that I once disliked!  I had passed many trucks and had not had that lurching, I wanna puke feeling in my gut. It was GONE!!   Once I realized it I shouted HALLELUJAH!!!!!!  It really was a big deal because I thoroughly enjoyed every mile of this ride with my husband and God KNEW I NEEDED FOR THAT TO HAPPEN!  The thing I began to realize is that my position in Christ has changed.  I’ve always believed and knew where I was going when I died.  This trip was different.  I was seated in HIS position, not mine.  I was in HIS hands, not mine.  This was HIS trip, not mine and I knew it.

I began to see it through His eyes as I watched my husband take over the lead on I-40.  You see my husband is a mechanic.  Some might say “grease monkey” but I say “GENIUS.”  The man can fix anything he lays his hands on.  People call him from all over to ask how to fix things.  Strangers stop by the garage to ask him how to do things and I stand in awe of the knowledge that God has given this man to minister to people with.  He is always thorough, where some might say slow, I say “perfectionist.”  He will never let a vehicle leave the garage that he is not willing to drive himself.  He has the highest integrity of anyone I know. 

He pulls up next to me and waves me over into the passing lane with him.  I give him a puzzled look and then just shrug and follow his lead.  We go around the truck and then get off at the next exit.  He began to share what he saw with me and as he did I bowed my heart before God and gave thanks for this man.  You see, I was following a UPS truck and as I said, I am married to a mechanic and they notice things most people don’t.  Even though he was riding behind me he saw something I didn’t-because my eyes aren’t trained to see like his are.  He saw that the truck had a flat rear tire on the double inside tire.  He knew it would eventually blow and he didn’t want me behind it when it happened.  That would have been a disaster.  So as we passed the truck he slowed down by the driver’s window and tried to signal the guy to pull over, but the driver didn’t quite get the message-so he kept going and we got off. 

We got off, gassed up and he shared what he saw with me.  In those moments I realized that he wants me to lead so he can watch out for me….keep an eye on me from behind-like a rear guard.  God humbled me in these moments and I fell in love with my husband again.  He see’s with the eyes of God-our Protector, Guardian, and Friend.  He is ever faithful and his love endures forever.  Thank you God,  for Cort Godwin! 

When we got back on- a few miles up the road the UPS truck was pulled over to the side of the road….need I say more?

I thank GOD for my husband who has eyes to see and ears to hear!

Glory to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Forever His….


Donna and Cort August


This past week I took a journey with my amazing hubster on our motorcycles across the states of Tennessee,  Kentucky, and Virginia.  I watched God guide every mile ( all 1832 of them!) of our ride out of His faithfulness.  There were many people who were interceding for us all over the world through their call to faithful prayer.   Your prayers were heard and we  thank you!! Glory to GOD!    Our walk with God has been stretched to the heavens and pulled through the universe, like a comet,  this week.  My own FAITH has increased a hundred fold.  I will share some of those things with you in the blogs to come.

This week I “entered in” to a deeper walk with Jesus.  Just as I painted a few weeks ago-it has happened.  GLORY TO GOD!  There is power in prophetic art.  I do not understand it, I just KNOW IT.  You cannot explain the things of God and as a dear friend has said to me this week- “let go of the understanding” and quit trying to figure Him out.” LOL ( I have control issues. LOL)   So, I am doing that one step at a time.  God has been kind and gentle to meet me where I am at.  He has exposed things to me that I needed to see in order to move in a little closer.  He has drawn me close and hugged me up-just like a friend does.  He IS our Friend.  Sometimes we forget that-don’t we?  Like John, we should take time to lean in and lean on our best friend, Jesus,  and when we do we will have an ENCOUNTER and an EXPERIENCE with Him. 

Those two words have been ringing in my ears all week.

He sends people into our lives-many, many, many people to give us the same message over and over again.  In the past several months the message I have been getting is to “see with His eyes.”  I always thought I did and I never really asked to see with His eyes until a friend said to me, ‘ Donna, ask God to give you His eyes.”  Say it out loud. It’s so simple we miss it sometimes. LOL

So I did.

Things started to change.

Then another friend encouraged me to see HIS GLORY in all things and as I have asked for His eyes I started to see His glory in a new way ( because I asked for it) and it began to come out in the paint.  This friend has also been teaching me about oil and I even painted it for her.  I had a powerful experience through the painting of this piece.  God showed me that He IS the OIL,  ( Rev. 22:13 – I am the Alpha and the Omega)  the WATER  ( John 7:38 – Whoever believes in ME shall have rivers of Living Water coming from deep within) and the BLOOD. ( Lev. 17:11 & Matt 26:28  There is LIFE in the blood- HIS LIFE. )   That He is in all things ( Col 1:17 ) and His desire for us is to be UNIFIED  ( Ephesians 4) in HIM just as this painting shows the water, oil and blood coming together as one. 


A few weeks later another friend anointed me from head to toe-including my eyes, ears, and mouth.  I started seeing Jesus in ways that I never thought about before and now I am beginning to see Him in everything and as everything-in a deeper way that is hard to put into words. 

As Rita Springer sings in her song ‘Come In  ”   “I stand undone and I’m amazed
My heart to give, all you to gain I’m open wide, walk on inside, Come in…”

I have fallen deeper in love with the Lord through the music of Rita Springer. I listened to her all last week as I rode over the highways and biways of TN and KY.   She sings to my soul and I do believe that WHEN we meet ( no if’s) our creative spirits will collide and deep will speak to deep. 

Below are the lyrics to her song ‘Come In”

When I sing this,  I see the painting I just did.

This is the place we enter into…His heart.

…..and He enters into ours…

UNITY, One in Christ.  This is the place I will spend the rest of my life painting about.  This is a place of rest, a place of wisdom, a place of gentleness and a place of passionate love-Him for us and us for Him. 

“Come in, come in, come in… my Jesus come in…” 



Lord, You require these things I’ve lost
Lost in the fire
As they burn away I see you
All of my sin, all of my ache
My spirit moves, my heart awake
You stand and knock
I turn the key
Come in
In everything, in all I sing  ( all I paint!)
In every way, in all I say
All that it cost, I count it a loss
To see you
I stand undone, and I’m amazed
My heart to give, all you to gain
I’m open wide, walk on inside
Come in
In everything, in all I sing
In every way, in all I say
All that it’s cost, I count it a loss
Just to see you
With every turn, with every breath
with all my life, and thankfulness
My heart your home, call me your own
You open up the sky
Open up the sky and come down
Open up the sky
Open up the sky and come
Open up the sky and come in
Open up the sky and come in
Come in, come in, come in, come in,
Come in, come in, come in
Come in, come in, come in, come in,
Come in, come in, come in, come in,
Come in
My Jesus come in
Jesus come in, come in, come in
My Jesus come in
My Jesus come in
Open up the sky
Oh won’t you come in
My Jesus come in
My Jesus come in

Let me encourage you to Ask the Father to give you His eyes,  to anoint yourself and take time to sit with Jesus and ask Him to ‘Come in…”   He is your Friend- devoted, faithful and forever.  That’s what He wants from you-devotion, faithfulness and your  “forever”  for Him and only Him. 

Take time to fall in love…

                                         He has…

                                                       with you…

                                                                          Smile  I am forever His…..d.

Come a little closer


I love Rita Springer.  A friend introduced me to her this past week and her voice resonates deep inside of my spirit-that place where “deep speaks to deep.”  That sweet spot…thanks friend…I love your heart…

rended heart-sweet spot

I’ve been painting to her music in the studio and God is up to something new!    I can’t explain it but I can see it and feel it.  The word ‘Experience” keeps coming to mind.  When I hear Rita sing I “experience” the heart of God beating inside of me.  It is a deep, “boom,boom, shaboom” sound and He rocks my world with His love. 

He is telling me to create an ‘Experience” for people through the art He gives me to make.  He longs to take us all on a journey through His heart.  He yearns for our hearts to beat in unison with His.  UNITY.  A marriage.   I have found myself painting scene after scene of His heart as mountains, in water, and being crucified so that we might experience His glory!

His love is leaping, bursting forth from every part of creation.  He is right here.  He is saying,

“ look at Me! I’m right here.  Take a moment to see who I AM!  Stop!  Listen! Look! “ 


All of creation is bursting forth the Father’s love for you and when we begin to see it and KNOW WHO HE IS, then we begin to fall in love with our Creator.  That’s what Rita is singing about- “Go ahead and CAPTURE ME, JESUS!” 

Capture me….it is a choice that we make.  We say, “ Yes to the Creator of the Universe!”  That’s all.  Just say ‘Yes, capture my heart Papa…” and then just watch what He does from there…..

When we fall for God-it is HIS great love that compels us to change things in our life.  This life is not about us and when we realize how extravagant His love IS then we will do anything to draw nearer to His heart.  Obedience comes out of LOVE.  Love creates purity and purity,  holiness.  It is an act of the heart. 


  Yesterday we were washing our motorcycles and my husband said, “ get in the crooks and crannies and stuff the rag down in there to get the bugs and dirt off those deep , hard to reach places.  You might have to wash it a few times to get it all. It’s pretty dirty.  I haven’t washed it in a year.”

Now, let me just say that normally I would have been offended that he was telling ME how to wash my bike!  haha!  I would have come back with a “ don’t tell me what to do, I know how to do it.”  LOL  But you see, God has me right where he wants me-teachable, moldable and bowing down to His ways and not my own.  Oh I am by no means perfect, but I am on my way and I am blessed by the patience of the Lord. Smile  I have been praying for an inoffensible heart.  In order to do what God is telling me to do I have to change.  The only person who can change me is me ( by choosing to change)  and GOD.  So, He and I are in agreement-UNITY of mind, body, soul and spirit.  A marriage. 

Well, this is what I heard God say, “ See Donna, I am like that.  When you allow Me to clean you up, I am gentle, kind, loving and I keep coming back to wash you over and over until the dirt is gone. “

It is a process-one that we work at with God as our guide.  Purity, holiness, righteousness= HONORING GOD with all that we are.  No if’s, an’s or but’s.  I am HIS, HE IS MINE. 

I told hubby that I was gaining a new understanding of the depth of God’s great love for us and that God had me doing things differently.  He has had me putting things right and cleaning up my spiritual house.  I have discovered that the more I do that- the closer I get to His heart.  The love becomes deeper-my love for Him and for others.  Cleaning our houses takes work, effort, and lot’s of prayer and devotion to God.  It means saying “NO” to the things not of God and “YES” to the things OF God.  We must ask for His eyes to see and His ears to hear.  He looks on us through eyes of love…pure love.  A love so deep there is not a number to measure it’s depth.  Ask God for His eyes and ears and He will give them to you.  He has me.  He has increased my hearing on many levels so that when I heard hubby say “ do it this way” I was really hearing God say, “ I’m right here Donna…look for ME in this time…focus on ME…hear ME…”

…..and I did

………………and He spoke

……………………………and He was very gentle with me.

Gentle.  My God is very gentle and tender, kind and loving. 

When we rinsed the bikes off hubby said, “ now don’t blast the water on the paint full force, just put it on the gentle spray…”

I heard: “ I AM GENTLE Donna…I will never hurt you, I will never cause you pain and my healing comes like a gentle rain.”  ( no rhyme intended! LOL)

Is it no wonder I am painting hearts and water?  LOL 

I love My God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! 

Think about that-the same God that spoke to them is speaking to YOU and I.

He is right here, right now.  Spend time with His heart…

Let me encourage you to take some time with God today and read what He said to the men of faith and to the prophets.  What a journey they took with Him!  Their journey of faith was done by taking one step at a time.  So is ours.  Let Him speak through them to you…and may God enlighten you as you read….Enjoy Him!  Savor every word and receive His blessings.  They are like treasures from heaven…

We are His and He is ours….

He is mine and I am HIS.

Glory to God!



Intercessor’s Heart



This painting came about through a conversation with a friend.  She shared her heart with me and I began to see the American flag with new eyes.  It is amazing what God will show you WHEN YOU ASK.  We MUST ASK FOR HIS EYES TO SEE.

I was driving through Hillsville last Saturday and it was raining. The street is lined with American flags hanging on the lamp posts.  It was raining.  God began showing me His picture for me to paint…

The flags were wet and hanging and dripping with rain water. 

This is what I saw in my spirit…

Showers of mercy and grace…flowing ….

I saw the American flag dripping with the blood of Christ and those saints that have gone on before us mixed with the healing Living Waters of Jesus Christ.   Mercy. Love. Grace.

That’s my Jesus.

That’s what it is going to take to heal this land- for this country to get back to her foundation- Jesus Christ.

The HS has been speaking loudly to me about taking back God’s property-this land that God has given us to care for.  HS has said, “ wherever you set your foot you will take it for Me.”  He has said “ declare this wherever you walk.”  Now He is saying, “ paint it with ME in it.”



So I have done that.  The tears of the intercessor’s are mixed with mine and the paint.  Painting this was not easy and it has blessed me greatly. 

The stars…they are falling, sliding and bursting forth with new life and the GLORY of God!  Living water is covering it all and it is flowing into healing.   This is my prophetic act of prayer and warfare for our country.  It’s really for the whole world.  That we will live in unity in the Presence of the God that dwells within us.  God IS HEALING HIS land, one person at a time, one teardrop at a time and one drop of blood at a time.


We must choose to see it, speak it and walk in it.  I refuse to see or paint anything BUT God.

He has blessed my soul by shedding His own blood so that I may live, speak, paint, write, see, hear and walk in a life of blessing. 

We have been blessed to BE a blessing.

This is the path I choose.

Thank you Lord for all you have done, shown me, whispered to me and walked me through to get me to this sweet spot.  I love you Lord….d.

Wild Heart


This is called the ‘Wild Heart.”


What you are looking at is the center of God’s heart- as a mountain.  ( you might see something else and if you do- please feel free to share if you are led to do that!  One time I had someone tell me they saw the Lion of Judah in the flames of a painting I had done! Awesome!  )

My “ride” with the King of Creation has been a little bit like riding a wild pony!  There’s no taming the Holy Spirit.  Haha!

The swirls are the Holy Spirit and the edges of the water are like a horses mane-wild, free and flowing.   That’s how I feel.  Wild and free!  haha!  My hubby calls me a “free spirit” and He is right! 

God has beckoned me to “come to the paint like a child” and I have. It has been very freeing.  I am learning to live and paint with abandonment and if you have followed me for awhile you have probably noticed a big change in the creativity this year!  That’s the work of that river of life, the Holy Spirit, that comes out of us….He is  pouring, pouring, pouring, pouring! 


The river flows from the center of the heart as Jesus says in John 7

“ Whoever believes in me shall have rivers of Living Water coming from deep within their heart.”

When I began working on the water I took the canvas off the easel, sat back in my armchair and laid the canvas in my lap.  It was time to “sit” with God and listen.  I got my 1 hair brush out and just started the flow going.  As you can tell “we” had fun with it!  Very therapeutic!   LOL



The middle section in the water- where the red is- is the very center of God’s heart- the place of passion.  This is where He wants to meet us.  He is calling each of us in His own special way to “come and sit with Him” for a little while each day.

That’s what He has been whispering to me a lot lately.

“Come and sit with me…I have things to tell you my daughter…”

This is part of our worship and worship is a way of life.  It is not just something you do for a few songs on Sunday morning.  It is an everyday occurrence.  Second to minute to hour.  You choose to worship.  You choose to say, “ Praise the God of all creation” and “Hallelujah!” 

You choose to run to Him as often as you can-He IS the Lover of your soul…

The Song of Solomon says it best for me:

Over the mountains, over the sea
Here You come running, my Lover to me
When I feel the cold of winter
In this cloak of sadness, I need You
Oh the evil things that shake me
All the words that break me I need You
Over the mountains, over the sea
Here You come running, my Lover to me
Do not hide me from Your presence
Pull me from these shadows, I need You
Beauty wrap Your arms around me
Sing Your song of courage, I need You
Over the mountains, over the sea
Here You come running, my Lover to me
Oh, through the valleys, through the dark of night
Here You come running, to hold me till it’s light
I’ll come running, I’ll come running, I’ll come running back to You

This song says it best for me and I was listening to this while I painted.  Smile

God longs for us to speak, sing, cry, whisper and just sit with Him. He is jealous for our love.  Let me encourage you to take a few minutes out of everyday to just sit still and be with Him. You might be amazed at what you hear!    Start with 5 minutes, then it will grow to 10, 20, 30, an hour.  When we make the choice to put God ahead of everything else He will make the time very special and  you will find yourself yearning to meet Him in every moment…

Each of you are a blessing and I ask God to speak to you in His own gentle way and for you to respond….

“Come running, come running back to Him….”

I pray blessings over you and yours on this evening that the Lord has so richly blessed us with…Glory to God in the highest!  amen