Discover the Water


Today I was part of a women’s event at Randolph UMC in Pulaski with Rev. Sharon Bowers.  Sharon and I met a few years back and became fast friends.  I have always admired her and she has inspired me to follow God  and to believe the plan He has for me.  She is a mighty prayer warrior, an encourager, and a woman who has fire in her feet for the Lord.  

Sharon's church

My friend, Carol and I were both speakers and we were the “salt” in the “pepper.”  We were the only two white women in the room and I felt like we had been welcomed “home.”   The love and hospitality were overwhelming!  Little did we know the blessing we were about to receive! 

There was a room full of women saying “Amen, Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.”  Audience participation was at the maximum level and that made it all the more fun and exciting!  It was a blessing to be a part of this wonderful event! 

The theme for the event was all about water. It was called ,  “ Discover the Water” based on the woman at the well.  I spoke to John 7:37-39.  Rivers of Living water!  I am a water worshipper and my art clearly says, “ water.”  LOL

When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit last year I felt a filling up from my toes all the way to ends of my hair!  It felt like rivers of living water were flowing from heaven into me and they were!  I haven’t been the same since- GLORY to GOD!  It’s no wonder I can’t stop painting things with the living water in them!  haha!



Sharon did not ask me to do this and I was led by the Spirit of the LIVING God to create a piece of art for this event. I call it “come to the water.” This is what happens to me…I study God’s Word, hear a song or see something and I get an idea and I sketch it out-sometimes it’s a scribble and sometimes it’s very detailed. As I was preparing for this, an idea began forming so I began to paint. What you see here is a tree filled with heart shaped blossoms and leaves. In the middle of the tree is a waterfall with a pool at the bottom. What you think you see is really not what you see at all. What we see in the earthly realm is not what is in the spirit realm, is it? You see, that’s how God is. Invisible, yet very much alive. And doesn’t it take other people to show us the invisible God-to help us see the Living God that is right before our eyes? My motto is this: To make the invisible God visible through art.

Here is what you really see in the painting.

All of the hearts are each of you. Pink, blue, purple, red, yellow, orange. All colors, all shapes and sizes. I would say this represents us pretty well-wouldn’t you? Jesus invites ALL who are thirsty to come to him and DRINK. In the tree we are leaning on each other, as sisters do, and we are holding each other up, as mothers do, and we are lifting each other up as the body of Christ does. Our hearts are vibrant and full of life-the Spirit of the Living God dwells inside of us. Amen! Our leaves are green and our lives are filled with the beautiful details of God. We are princesses and daughters of the Most High God and we walk in royalty! Our clothes are clean and shining because of what Christ has done for us. He has washed us anew with His living, breathing, refreshing waters of life! They spill from the depths of who we are! He is most gracious and kind. Our hearts are filled to overflowing with His abundant love.

In the middle you see a heart with a waterfall coming from it. This is the Father’s heart spilling over into yours. The waterfall is frothy and bubbly and it has overtaken you- picture the little red heart that is bobbing in the water as yourself. You are consumed, but not drowned. You are overtaken, revived, refreshed and renewed. You come to the water and leave your afflictions behind. It is the affliction that BRINGS you to the water in the first place. God is always working out the goodness in everything. There are other people in the water with you-floating downstream. The flowers along the side of the river are your encouragers-your friends, your sisters, your mothers, your daughters. We need each other to get to the water, don’t we?

And what about those details? God says we are His beloved. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and that he knows the plans he has for us even when we don’t understand them. He tells us to walk by faith and not by sight and to trust in HIM with all of mind, soul, strength and to lean not on our own understanding. When we try to figure it out and do things on our own-then we do it without Him. That’s never His plan. He leads us beside still waters, He leads us through the seas of life, and He crosses the Jordan ahead of us. He is always there. Where we are- He is for it is HE who dwells in us.

When I was painting the details onto this I took it off the easel and I laid it on the table to work on it easier. As I was laying over it, paintbrush in hand and tears in my eyes, I saw myself in the water, taking a big deep drink. Then I recalled the scripture in 1 Kings where Elijah was with the widow and her son died.

Give me your son.” And he took the child’s body from her arms, carried him up the stairs to the room where he was staying, and laid the body on his bed. 20 Then Elijah cried out to the Lord, “O Lord my God, why have you brought tragedy to this widow who has opened her home to me, causing her son to die?”21 And he stretched himself out over the child three times and cried out to the Lord, “O Lord my God, please let this child’s life return to him.” 22 The Lord heard Elijah’s prayer, and the life of the child returned, and he revived! 23 Then Elijah brought him down from the upper room and gave him to his mother. “Look!” he said. “Your son is alive!24 Then the woman told Elijah, “Now I know for sure that you are a man of God, and that the Lord truly speaks through you.”

Elijah took the boys body to his own room and then he laid himself over the boy three times and he asked for God to return the life to the child. He asked in total submission, surrender and faith. As I recalled these words I thought about how I was laying over the artwork, crying and praying and praising God for all that he was showing me through it and I knew that someone here today needed to hear that God brings dead things back to life. Someone needs to hear that they have been stretched over and prayed for and someone needs to hear that they truly are alive inside when they come to the water and take a drink of the most precious , living, running, moving water that can be found on earth and in heaven.

Will you come? Will you come and take a deep, long drink from the Lord of the Living Water?


Thank you Randolph UMC and Rev. Sharon Bowers….you are in my prayers…God is pouring His blessings over you in abundance…


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I am the mom of three beautiful daughters, wife to a genius, sister to a teacher, sis-in-law to an engineer, daughter to a yankee and a rebel, and a woman chasing God. I love to read, draw and be with my family. If the reading inspires me, then I draw what I read. Almost everything I draw is based around or about Jesus Christ. I attend church at First United Methodist Hillsville. Ronnie Collins is my associate pastor, also a blogger here. I love the Lord with all my heart and I hope what you see here will inspire your heart.

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