Daily Archives: January 23, 2013

The Broom tree





Over the weekend we attended Rez 2013.  While there we heard the story of Elijah pouting under the broom tree.  ( 1 Kings 19)  Since being home I have heard about Elijah half a dozen times through other people.  It’s amazing when God wants you to “get” His message-he never relents.  I’m not done with this painting yet and it actually started out as something totally different.  No surprise there, right?  God always gets His way when I surrender.  I’m still learning how to do that.  Even with the paintbrush.  It’s harder than you might think.  There are times when I want to whip it all across the room because I don’t “get” what God is trying to say through what I am creating.  A lot of times I don’t even like it, but those are the times that I am reminded that I am making it about me and not Him.  THAT’S the tough part. 

Here you see the fire, the whirlwind, the cave entrance (use your imagination) the broom tree, Elijah, the angel, bread, water and God’s small voice.  The tree and angel are small to show the BIGness of God.  As I was painting I felt like God was saying to me, “  Donna, Elijah couldn’t see the life but I know you can.  It’s in the tree-in the leaves and the colors.  Those are my people.  Go get them.”   I began to weep as I painted and then I heard God say

“ Donna, I am with you always…be of good courage and do not fear the world.”

I think Elijah and I are a lot alike.  He was moping and saying he was the only one left doing the work and he just wanted to die.  I don’t want to die and I know I’m not the only doing the work, but I do want to quit on a daily basis.  It would be easier to stay home and paint all day long-but if I didn’t have the passion of the message in my heart then what would I paint about ?   It’s my life.   So, there you have it.  Just embrace it and rise to the challenge.  God told Elijah to ARISE and He’s telling us the same thing.

The other thing is that we all want to hear from God and we imagine Him speaking in a big booming voice that is audible and easy to hear.  ( At least I do!)  But that’s not the case either.   Elijah was looking for him everywhere EXCEPT in the stillness.  Honestly- that is when I hear God the most-in the quiet hours of the morning before the world awakes and things get noisy.  For instance this morning I was asking God what to do about a certain situation and he told me.  He brought the scripture from Luke 10:30-40 to my mind.  So I looked it up.  My answer was in verse 37:  ( the Good Samaritan)

37 The expert said, “The one who was kind enough to help him.”

Jesus told him, “Go and imitate his example!”

I was also made aware that I needed to be more like Mary and less like Martha. Martha was worried about all the work she had to do ALONE because Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet.   It’s not about the work-but about WHOSE Presence we host.  When we sit with Jesus we become like Him.  I want to be just like Him- don’t you?  We spend time with Him so that we CAN ARISE and serve mercy to those in need around us.   WE can’t do it- but HE can through us. 

Do you know the story of Elijah?  If not, maybe it’s time to read it.  Just as Elijah stood in the cave entrance and waited for God- I am waiting also.  My arms are stretched to the heavens ( and this will be my next painting)  and my body is straining and trembling to reach as high as I am able. ( I really need to relax)    My voice is saying, “ take me higher, Lord….”    He’s going to come when I least expect it and when He does it will be like a ride on a whirlwind. 

Maybe I’ll get to meet Elijah…

I can’t wait.