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Uncle Harold


As a child my sister and I  spent many hours and miles in the back seat of the family car traveling back and forth from NY to Virginia to Granny’s house in Fauquier County.   “ Mooommmmm…she’s on my side…tell her to move over…”  We would count the colors of cars and play silly word games.       I can remember groaning from my side of the back seat as we listened to Johnny Cash ( and others) on the radio for those 365 miles!  My mother would sing and Dad would drive.  ( They thought we weren’t paying attention, but we were…. LOL)  I forgot how much I loved Johnny Cash until a friend posted something about him earlier tonight.  Johnny Cash reminds me of my Uncle Harold.  He loved Johnny Cash and I loved my Uncle! 

me as a kid254555_2135060097112_1264364311_32565318_6441298_n

I sat here the other night and listened to Corynn tell my parents her Nicaragua stories and I thought of Uncle Harold.  I even said to my Mom, “ Uncle Harold would have gotten a big kick out Corynn- she’s just like him!”  Isn’t that amazing how someone your child has never known can be such a big part of who they are?  That’s God for ya….

Anyway- this one’s for Mom and her favorite brother Harold….they used to ride around in the car and talk.  She’d eat twinkies and drink Pepsi and he would drink a can of Budweiser in a brown paper bag and smoke Marlboro cigarettes.  I loved hearing his stories and my heart misses my Uncle Harold.   

This one’s for you Bones…can’t wait to see you again….


Color Burst



It’s a rainy day but it’s not Monday. LOL  It’s Tuesday and more rain is coming.

Thank God for rain!

I met some friends today for coffee and breakfast.  It’s always good to be with friends on rainy days because they have a way of bringing the color out of the gray clouds!

We circled the globe through color…

fabric 4

We ended up in several places…the Garden of Eden…

fabric 6

the shores of a tropical island…

fabric 3

picking wild flowers filled with color…

fabric 9

and looking at brightly colored trees with leaves filled with life…

fabric 10

We went through the color wheel in the fabric shop…

fabric 8

Color is everywhere…

seek to find it!  ( Especially on rainy days!)