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What a weeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!


These are my new friends Maria and Joel.  They live in Pakistan and are doing the work of the Lord there.  We met through FB and I found out that Maria, Joel’s sister, is an artist.  So I began sharing my artwork with her via FB.  In this picture is a drawing that Maria drew from one of my drawings.  I am blown away at how God works when we share what God has put in us to share with others.  This is a picture of children receiving communion from Christ.  I am praying that Maria and Joel will use it in service to teach the children in Pakistan about what it means to not only receive communion but to be IN COMMUNION with Christ in their daily walk. 

Maria 2

This was my drawing. 

colorful communion 2012

I am amazed.

This is only the beginning of something that God is blossoming in my heart.  He is also using the members of my church to share God with folks that I would never meet.

Here is how….

Many years ago a friend of mine started making deer antler crosses.  He gave me one that I cherished.  I went on a mission trip and gave mine away to a woman who was making glass bead fish necklaces for missionaries.  She was my pastor’s first Slovakian convert.  Her name was Marta.  My friend who makes the deer antler crosses name is Martin.  Funny huh?  Anyway- I wanted another necklace and he didn’t have anymore antlers to make any.  So, I had antlers and figured out how to make one for myself.  Well, once a few people saw the one I made- it grew from there.  Pretty soon I was making more.  The last bunch went to Israel with a group of people who were visiting the Holy Land. 

Well, I have always given away the things that I make-it just comes natural for me.  I don’t feel like I am supposed to hang onto things too long.  I always pray over things as I am working on them.  The HS is always speaking- even in the middle of the cutting, sanding and cleaning up.  We just have to tune in.  At Christmas I gave one of my church members an antler cross and he loved it.  So he brought me antlers to make more.  Well, he works in a lumber mill and during lunch he reads his bible.  All the guys know this.  He has started showing and giving away these deer antler crosses to the guys he works with.  He told me that the guys know he reads his bible and who he is in God- a man of faith.  But he said what is happening with the crosses are that they are opening a door for conversation that a bible wasn’t able to.  It is sharing your faith-what is in your heart- through the act of creating something and then giving it away in the name of the Lord.  Here is a picture of one of the crosses.  Now the guys are asking for more so they can share and conversations about God are being had that weren’t being had before.  These are big, burly lumber men that I would never meet.  But my church member works with them everyday and He is making disciples in a new way.  It’s exciting and it is something to shout a praise to God for! 


deer cross


My church member also brought me some freshly cut lumber last week.  Hickory.  It is beautiful.  Yesterday I made this cross for his boss.  ( see below)

The cross is hickory and the base piece is wormy chestnut.  The wormy chestnut came from the church member’s home-actually from his wife’s father’s home.

Well, I gave the piece to him today to give to his boss.  I told him where each piece came from because he didn’t recognize the wormy chestnut since it had been cut and sanded.  When he heard what I said, his eyes got big around and he said, “you just don’t know…”

and I didn’t.

It turns out that the wormy chestnut belonged to his father in law and his father in law had a lot to do with teaching HIS BOSS about who God was and is! 

I didn’t know that when I made it and I actually put the base on as an afterthought…or was that the work of the Holy Spirit?   So the circle continues through these pieces of wood.

Call me crazy, but whatever it is- it’s all about GOD and I love how He works in the mysterious and how He always AFFIRMS the visions he gives us and when we listen, obey, and walk-He does the rest. 

hickory cross

I have seen a man come to life and get excited about going to work and sharing God through the giving of deer antlers and wooden crosses.  It tickles me to watch and I know that God is smiling and cheering us on because I can feel His Spirit with us. 

Through reading the book BORN to CREATE by Theresa Dedmon I have had my eyes opened to something spectacular that God wants to do through our the use of our talents and gifts.   He IS our creative spirit.  We ALL Have one.  Some of you are saying “ I can’t, I don’t, I don’t know how.”  But here’s the thing – “you DO, you CAN and let me SHOW you how!”  This isn’t about me-it’s about the Holy Spirit working in and through the Body of Christ to get God’s message out to the world in a new and creative way.  Jesus gave of Himself- and we are called to do the same when we use our talents and work in the gifts of the spirit to share them with the world.  We are not hang onto them- they are given to build up the body and this is what I see happening.  God’s WORD is TRUTH.

God has given me a vision for a new ministry and ever since he laid it on my heart he has been affirming it every step of the way.  Through His Word,  people, dreams and circumstances. 


Thank you Lord.  Forgive me for doubting, forgive me for looking backwards and thank you for showing me more than once.  Let’s do this thing! 


Follow your dreams by chasing GOD



Good Morning!

God is funny, isn’t He?  He gives us dreams and goals to chase after, and then he tells us to dream BIG.  When we do, people look at us like we have 49,069,000 heads!  Sometimes we look at our dream that way ourselves-don’t we?  We say, “ you want me to do what?’  “How am I going to do that?”  You hear a little whisper that says “trust…obey…follow me…forget the crowd…just look at me.” 


So we do, or at least we try.  Life happens, things come and go and we forget the dream.  That brings tears to my eyes-NEVER FORGET YOUR DREAM-EVER.  Listen to me- get piece of paper a BIG piece and draw your dream-write your dream-make it visual and put it in a frame and hang it where you will see it every single day.  Then PRAY to GOD to show you how to make that dream come to life.  We must SEE our goals on a daily basis.  Plaster it behind your eyelids, post in your refrigerator and make it visible to the world.  Talk about it, pray about it and give it to God.  He will guide you.  He is the lamp that lights our way.

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.

Light of the World

Remember good old Joshua?  ( Joshua 1-4) He was given the huge task of blazing a new trail into the Promised Land.  The first thing he did was send out spies to investigate the area.  The second thing he did was at the Jordan River.  He was at the river with all the people and he told them to get ready-or to “sanctify” themselves because God was getting ready to work wonders among them.  He was really telling them “people, get ready!  prepare your hearts for what God is about to do!”  When we sanctify ourselves we get ourselves ready to be used for God’s service.   To me this means we don’t follow the beaten path, we don’t follow the world, and we don’t do what everyone else around us is doing.  This doesn’t mean we are better than anyone else or “holier than thou” because we aren’t.  It just means that we focus all of our energies on GOD and don’t get caught up in the junk of the world. 

God told Joshua to “get going.” 

He’s telling me to “get going”  too.  He’s telling me to BELIEVE just like he did Thomas.   ( John 20)  Thomas didn’t believe that Jesus was alive.  So Jesus said, “ let me prove it to you-stick your fingers in my hands and in my side.”   

Then he said “ Don’t be unbelieving! BELIEVE!”

Thomas said, “My Master! My God!”

29 Jesus said, “So, you believe because you’ve seen with your own eyes.

Even better blessings are in store for those who believe without seeing.”

Isn’t that wonderful news?  Even better blessings are in store for those who believe without seeing…………

heart painting

Right after God told Joshua to get going he told him this: ( Josh 1) 

“  I’ll be with you. I won’t give up on you; I won’t leave you. Strength! Courage! You are going to lead this people to inherit the land that I promised to give their ancestors.

Give it everything you have, heart and soul.

Make sure you carry out The Revelation that Moses commanded you, every bit of it. Don’t get off track, either left or right, so as to make sure you get to where you’re going. “ 

God goes before us.  He is always with us and He knows the plans he has for us-plans to give us a hope and future-plans to PROSPER us-not to harm us.


If there is something that you feel like God is asking you to do and you are having trouble believing it- let me encourage you to look to God.  Write it down, pray over it and then paint a picture of it, plan it out and wait for God to move on it.  Make it visible so that you will believe it.  Pursue it with God as your focus.  He is the light that shows us the way.  Patience is not one of my strong points, but God is teaching me how to listen, how to take notes, how to plan and how to pray.  In doing all of these things He is increasing my belief by sending affirmation through people, circumstances and life and even dreams. ( more on this later)    These are the weavings of the Holy Spirit.  So, be encouraged and KNOW that God is with you-that He has gone before you and has already blazed the trail… He’s just waiting for you to follow…..

Let me encourage you to read and study Joshua and listen for God’s whisper in your ear…

He’s all you need….