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For I know the plans I have for you…..


Our daughter has found her love…

to be in the mission field…

with God…through the people of Nicaragua.

It is the answer to her parents  hearts…

to stand back and watch their child find her wings and fly….

The child that you never knew you were going to have…

The child that God surprised you with in 1994 …

The child that you gave birth to,  ( and I will refrain from describing THAT! LOL )

The child that you taught to walk, talk, read, write and create…

( and sometimes on the walls!!) 

The child who brought joy unspeakable into your heart when you saw her face for the first time and held her in your arms…this little precious piece of joy that came from heaven….

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were dropping her off at preschool? 

Then Kindergarten, on the big yellow bus, then middle school and high school.

Youth group…mission trips…Resurrection….ALABAMA…( what a defining trip THAT was-thanks church!) 

A truck…

A job..

college apps..


…and last week we were dropping her off for her first international mission trip to Nicaragua….

…and  *** sigh***  today…reading her blogpost from Nica with love…

A picture tells a thousand words….

                          ….the JOY of the LORD has fallen upon our little “roo…” 

this mother’s heart is full…….of thanks to God,  full of praises and worship for what HE is doing in, to and through her heart! 

Thank you ALL for this moment.  You know who you are….*******sigh*********








Nica Prayers


Welp….this about says it all…I sketched this early as part of my prayer time and finished it later with color.  This was not an intentional drawing- just came out as I was praying for our Nica Team at 4 am!    It is our daughter, Corynn,  facing the Father, and receiving power from on High during this fabulous trip she is on!  I know God is doing a work in her heart and she is experiencing the Father’s Heart in a whole new way.  Father is giving her strength through the Holy Spirit-which you can see evidence of the HS in flight in her robe-soaring into the waters that she is standing in. 

John 7:38 “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. 38 For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from the heart of anyone who believes in me.’”

She is consumed by the life that runs over her, in her, and through her.   She is standing in the life of Christ-exactly where He has purposed her to be for this time in her young life. 

My mother’s heart says…***sigh**** take a deep breath this is just the beginning mom….


She has entered a new dimension with God and I am sooo excited for her!  The Glory of God has gone before her and it surrounds her and the rest of the team.  


Nica prayer corynn

We give all glory, honor and praise to our Father in Heaven for the work He is doing through her and the whole team.  Please keep them in your prayers and listen for God calling you in the wee hours of the morning to pray and Be Still and Know that He is the Great I am and to know that He is sitting on the throne, watching over and protecting our children as they do His work.  Amen.

I am humbled to be her mother…

I love you Corynn!


Streaming into heaven….


I’ve been reading about and hearing God tell me to get back to being a child.  I guess this shows I was listening.  Maybe my ears aren’t stopped up after all and maybe, just maybe, I have found that something I have been looking for in the middle of the night.  This is so out of my norm-yet it was so freeing and fun.  No, I’m not on an LSD trip but from the looks of this some might think I was.  Let them wonder!

I had this dream the other tonight that God was holding His heart and inside His heart was the world.  From the center of the world the children who have gone on before us ( Newtown and others) were flowing, streaming, into His hands and heart. Hundreds of them.   The whole scene was happy, bright and joyous. 

children in heaven

I heard this song in my head…I’ve got the whole world in My hands…” 

and He does……

The Father’s Heart 2


Father's heart color

Today’s piece.  Colored pencil along with a lot of prayers over our daughter and the mission team.  From the Inflow comes the out flow…in and out, round and round.  The radiating , flowing, invading,  healing love of Christ.  Whooosh!  There is no containing it….

Flowing IN and Flowing OUT. What we put into our hearts will come out.  Goodness, grace, mercy, peace, love, hope, faith, patience, kindness, forgiveness, endurance, thankfulness, and joy unspeakable. 

I am deeply thankful for what God has poured into us and I know our lives will be spent pouring it back out into others….the youth of today amaze me…thank you Papa. 

There are no words.

I have mixed emotions, a fullness of heart, an explosion of the soul, and a sense of needing to be still and KNOW that God IS with US. 

The Father’s Heart




John 1: 12-14

12 But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. 13 They are reborn—not with a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God. 14 So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.


All things flow from within the Father’s Heart.

This is my representation of the Father’s Heart-how I see, feel and hear it today.  His love is overflowing and His mercies are new everyday.  As I was painting this I was thinking about a lot of things. But mostly I was thinking about approaching God with the wonder and imagination of a child.  God is teaching me how to let go of my desire to keep things straight and in order on the canvas.  He’s telling me to let go of my outlines and to take a hold of what is IN my heart and just take my brushes and dip them INTO His heart, the Father’s Heart and paint from there.   His heart is like a fountain.

I pray for the mighty rushing winds of healing to flow from this piece.  I pray for the restorative healing waters of Our Living God to consume us, to drown us, so that we might , in turn, love others with this same unfailing love that God loves us with day in and day out.    

It is  from the Father’s Heart that all things flow… forgiveness, goodness, mercy, compassion, love, kindness, patience, hope, joy, faith, peace and eternal life.   It’s like a river that never dries up, never stops flowing and is all consuming and life giving to any and all who are willing to receive what it offers. 

I pray that we are each able to kneel into the river and drink deep and long.  Some of us might desire to just jump in and splash around for awhile…and that’s good too.  Whatever you do-just don’t ignore it-it’s free for taking, so spread your arms and dive deep! 

Surrender yourself to the Living God, the Creator of YOUR HEART….then get ready for what He will do inside of you!!!! 

Nicaragua countdown!



corynn wedding pic


Corynn will be leaving next week on her first international mission trip. I can’t believe the date is nearly here!  We are all really excited for her and for the team and we are anxious to hear all that God will do through them, in them and to their hearts! 

Laura and EMily

I remember the first time Laura went and she returned home saying  “the trip completely wrecked my life…”  and it has…today Laura works for Samaritan’s Purse-one of the biggest international relief agencies in the world.  I believe that God had it all planned out and Laura’s obedience brought her to a new place with God.  I also believe this will happen for Corynn.  I believe she will leave with a child’s heart and come home with the heart of God-wrecked, torn, filled and flamed with passion for  GOD and the kids she will meet on this trip.  Corynn has a heart for children and as I have watched her grow in God this past year, it has been amazing to watch her bloom.  She is a kid magnet.  She can pull a smile out of a bully and she can coax the alphabet out of a bug on the wall.  She amazes me!  She has been interning with Lucy Nottingham and Amy Hash this year at Laurel Elementary school.  Both have commented on her apparent teacher skills and gifts.  When she comes home from being in their classes she is full of funny stories and antics and I love hearing all about them!  She is zany, wild and full of life!  I know the kids of NICA will tug her heart strings hard and she will theirs. 

corynn bday

Her Daddy, Emily and I love her to the moon and back and she will be missed everyday! 

( no tears… LOL)


hard to believe…..


corynn bday 2

Please be in prayer for the team as they prepare to leave and while they are there.  Here is a link to the blog about the trip.  You can go here to read their stories each day and keep up with what they are doing.

Thank you ALL for helping to get Corynn here…she is such a blessing to all of us and we will miss her!

casey and corynn


This Casey Harmon- her Momma is going on the trip too.  Brenda will be taking care of my baby while I will be helping with hers… Alex and Casey.  Please lift up Kerry, Brenda, Alex and Casey while Momma is gone.    God has great plans for this family! 

Send up those prayers!

Blessings for your day!


( This is one of Corynn’s favorite Christian groups…)

The JOY of Christmas!


Last night we celebrated Christmas at Glenwood UMC through music, song and art.  It was a wonderful evening filled with rejoicing, joy, and laughter! 

Dave Morgan and his wife D.K. gave us this wonderful evening as a gift.  Gifts come in many shapes and forms and this one was from the heart and full of passion! 

Dave plays the vibraphone and the marimba! ( among other things) and D.K. was on her keyboard.




When the kids came in and saw everything they wanted to play too!  So, Dave, being the gracious man that he is, gave them a lesson!  It was so fun to watch this man share his passion with these kids and to watch them take it in!

God gives us gifts and when we use them for Him it can help change the world.



Dave is showing the kids how to hold the instruments.  It was fascinating to watch him play and I hope that I can see him again soon!

I cannot tell you how much of a treat this evening was for everyone! 

God is good!



Look at the kids faces….precious!



I think Brian likes it….






Joy! Joy! Joy!



D.K. on the keyboard


Dave singing…wow!


Dave playing Linus and Lucy…( Snoopy theme song)






The kids and I got out the chalk….



We started a drawing together with the angels under the stars and baby Jesus in the barn.


The kids took over….


When you give kids an opportunity to be a part of the service you receive a HUGE blessing by their obedience. 

Here we have hearts with angel wings being drawn by the beautiful hands of a 7 year old.  She loves Jesus, her mommy, her daddy, her grandparents, her brothers, and her church.  I know because she sang a song about it one day! 




Here is one of her brothers placing stars in the sky.

  He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the chalk! 



…and I have to tell you that when he placed these little hearts over the angels head I got tears in my eyes…these kids love their Lord and they showed it right here in this drawing.  This was not rehearsed, it was not even talked about-a few minutes before the evening festivities started I asked one of the kids if they wanted to draw.  The reply was, “ I’ve never done it like that before but if you help me, I’ll do it.” 

Don’t you love the honesty and willingness of a child?

God tells us to be like children too….


This is what was in their heart last night…

JOY-Life-Light and Jesus! 


JOY for GOD!  Whoop! Whoop!

It makes my heart full and very, very, thankful for my congregation who follow the leading of the Holy Spirit with me.  God is doing so many things through these people and I am blessed to be a part of their lives.  God took me, a mother of two kids, wife of one husband, and lover of her Lord and plopped her in the middle of Coal Creek, Va. to experience the love of God through His people.  Thanks be to God!  Amen!

Garment of Praise


I was studying Mary’s Song today and got caught up in a whirlwind of praise and joy as I read scripture after scripture of praises, rejoicing and VICTORY!  I was also working on this painting though out the day.  It didn’t start out to be what you see. 


I’m glad.

It has actually turned into a prayer and praise painting! 

The girl in the picture has just received CHRIST as her Lord and Savior.

This is a painting of HOPE.

The golden glow over her head is the Glory of the Lord shining down upon her-giving her favor.  Her arms are raised in surrender and she is very reverent and prayerful. 

Mary was too.

Luke 1:46  She said, “ My soul EXALTS the LORD!” 

EXALT means to magnify or make great…so her soul was making GREATNESS for the LORD! 

I hear TRIUMPH and PRAISE!   She was rejoicing in what was to come- the baby in her womb!

This woman in the painting is rejoicing at her salvation!  Maybe she’s Mary, or not.  Whoever she is, she reminds me of someone that I’ve been praying for.  It’s weird how that happened. 

Sometimes…it’s up to us to pray ( and paint) our guts out for those who can’t see their salvation…yet…and then praise God for what is to come!!!!!! 

Mary knew the child in her womb would be an instrument of redemption.  She knew this child was the Messiah and she knew what a gift God had given her.  She knew she was loved and that this child WAS love.


It’s Christmas folks.  The songs of love are playing everywhere-are we listening?  Are we rejoicing?  Do we know what love looks like? 

I went to a Christmas concert at school tonight and I just want to say that my heart was blessed to hear all of the songs that these kids were singing about My Lord and Savior-inside a school with an auditorium full of people.  They were praising the Lord with their every breath and I pray that someone there heard something they have never heard before-because you know what?  Music is the language of love and the gospel was given to us to be sung, painted, preached , lived and shared in any way, shape, fashion, or form. 

God is NOT dead.  He is VERY MUCH ALIVE and it’s time for the world to REJOICE and know WHO it is that gives us a new day, a new breath and new mercies every morning! 

Get up, dance, sing, shout and rejoice in the Lord! 

Our praise silences the enemy!  So let’s shut him up! 

Psalm 35:9

Then I will be full of joy because of what the Lord has done.
I will be glad because he has saved me.

May God’s song dance over your heart today…


( and ps: note the Holy Spirit as part of her garment…V for Victory and the Spirit flies into her life and she’s never the same again…amenamenamen! )


No room at the Inn


Luke 2: 7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.




In this scripture we hear of an order for a census that sends Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem to be counted on a list for taxes. Nazareth is 90 miles from Bethlehem and the trip would have been a long and grueling 3 days for a pregnant woman and her husband.

We are not given any details by Luke about the innkeeper with no feelings and we are not told how long it might have taken to find a place to stay. Luke keeps it simple. She gave birth, she wrapped the baby up and then put him a manger. He spared us the details.

Have you thought about how the baby might have gasped for his first breath of air? Or how he searched for his mothers milk as his arms and legs were flailing in a feed trough? Or how about the earthy breath of the animals blowing on the Prince of Peace?

Or how about the mystery of the King who came to earth as a baby to take on our sins? Do we see the nail scarred hands of the baby as we think about the birth of our Savior? Do we see where the wood of the manger changes into the cross at Calvary? Do we see a baby or a Savior and is there room in our hearts for what lies before us?

Is our own inn full?



Part of how I prepare my sermons is often done in art form.  When this happens-it is like giving birth to twins.  One on paper with words and the other on canvas with paint.  Sometimes I take the paintings to church to share, other times I don’t.  It just depends on the leading of the Holy Spirit.    My original intentions for this painting was much different and this is the end result.

What you see is a heart laying on a bed of hay in a manger.  The manger is rising up out of the city-bigger than life itself.  The guiding star is overhead and two little angels with trumpets.  The heart is vibrant, alive and fat.  That’s how my own heart was feeling at the time….FULL!!!  like I said…it’s like giving birth…God came down as a baby and landed in the middle of a town that was filled with people who were there for other reasons.  But the baby was there for one reason only- to bring us life.  The doors to the inn were closed, as were many others.    No one likes to have a door closed in their face-do they?  I don’t.  It excludes people, keeps people out.  God came down to invite us IN in the strangest way-through a baby in a manger. 

What is in your INN?  Is the door open or closed?  Either way-God is ALWAYS there and He is waiting for you to invite Him in….just don’t wait too long….