My friend, Amanda….



God works in mysterious ways-Amen? Amen!

I met Amanda about 4 months ago give or take-gosh-it seems like longer!  Anyway- we met at this little coffee place in Mt. Airy where she was singing and playing for the Lord.  We’ve only seen each other once, but because we have technology and we are both Facebooker’s-we have built this beautiful relationship together with God as our guide.   As the Holy Spirit leads us, we share our thoughts, ideas concerns and prayers with each other.  I think we have each learned a lot about WHO God is by the other.  Amanda has taught me what it means to live by faith in her daily walk.  She has led by example and by love. 

A few days ago she was on mind and I began praying for her.  Isn’t it funny how God can place someone, who you have only met one time,on your mind to pray for?   When a person pops in your thoughts-just take a minute and send up a prayer for them.  You may not know why-but God does.  Then let them know you’ve prayed for them.  This is what happened to us.   When I got home that evening I sent her a FB message and told her she was in my thoughts and prayers earlier in the day.  She sent me a message back telling me she had needed them and why.  While I had no idea that Amanda was in the middle of one of the hardest things she has ever had to do-God did.   I can’t share that with you-but please believe and know in your heart of hearts-that God truly does put people in our thoughts so we will pray for them.  We are someone else’s intercessor-someone who steps in and says “hey God, I hear the cry, I’m lifting Amanda up to you right now.”  You don’t need a lengthy dissertation filled with Thees and Thous to talk to God.  Just TALK.  He longs to know that we hear Him.  He is jealous and furious for our love. 

It works both ways. Amanda has prayed for me many times and I have felt the power of God working through her prayers and I give thanks for ears that hear and mouths that speak. 

Amanda is a prophetic singer and plays with the band “ Miracle-Made” and if you haven’t heard them- find out where they are playing and GO!  I am praying for an opportunity for us to work together through music and art.  I see God working through both of us- to bring us together to do something for Him. 

This morning I got the sweetest drawing from Amanda on FB.

Amanda Leonard

From Amanda:  This is for you- It’s been forever since I’ve drawn, I can tell I haven’t drawn in a long time….like years but I want to start again. Thanks for your inspiration. I saw these drops coming from heaven and filling this vessel, and flowing around this vessel….infilled, entwined, overflowing with glory….giving life to this heart and producing ENORMOUS fruit! Praise God!!!

God is doing a work!

I want to give GOD the GLORY for what I see Him doing via technology.  He has brought two people together ( and thousands of others) to give testimony to His great works.  He has brought two people together to learn from each other, to grow and to share HIM with the world and we are able to do this through FB.  In the past 6 months I have met people from around the world and my friend list has grown tremendously.  Some of these people I may never “see” in person-but I see them here and we talk about God.   They teach me how to walk this road to redemption, they teach me WHO God is and they PRAY with me and for me and I do the same for them.  We have all witnessed the working of the Holy Spirit.  Technology is a tool for people to get to know each other, keep in touch, and just share our lives.  We are the ones who CHOOSE how to use it and when we choose to use it for God- then more of the world will see, hear and know WHO God is.  We are here to make the invisible God VISIBLE.  We are called to be a HOLY and LIVING sacrifice and when we choose to keep our “stuff” Holy- God will be glorified.

So this morning I give thanks for friends on FB and I give thanks to God for Amanda for sharing her artwork with me.  God truly wants to touch our hearts, but sometimes the soil around it needs to be prepared before the seed will take, and you see in this drawing the seed/roots are wrapped up in love.   So I pray this morning that your soil is fertile and ready and for planting so that you can FEEL the touch of God…He’s right there…



About godw1nz

I am the mom of three beautiful daughters, wife to a genius, sister to a teacher, sis-in-law to an engineer, daughter to a yankee and a rebel, and a woman chasing God. I love to read, draw and be with my family. If the reading inspires me, then I draw what I read. Almost everything I draw is based around or about Jesus Christ. I attend church at First United Methodist Hillsville. Ronnie Collins is my associate pastor, also a blogger here. I love the Lord with all my heart and I hope what you see here will inspire your heart.

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