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No Other Name by Miracle Made


These are some friends I met awhile back-one time- at the Lion’s Den in Mt. Airy.  It is a Christian coffee house where people can go and worship God.  Some of the folks in the band, Miracle Made- were there the night I was there.  They sing prophetically-meaning it just comes out-no planning.  My art is like that too so I totally understand it.  You can’t explain it.  God has given us a connection through His HS and today I am humbled to know that some art I have done is in this video….God is up to things that only God can do…wow.

thank you Lord for making me your instrument.  Thank you for giving me the pencil, pens, and paper to do Your work.  May it always bless you…

humbled by your love and forever yours,





Drawing near to God



It doesn’t get any better than this….

frescoe casey

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you….


The first time I saw the Frescoes( several years ago)  I cried like a baby….

but not today-

my heart was skipping to a tune of joy….


frescoe casey 4

Casey was very relaxed in her Father’s house…

so much so she laid right down and started to draw…


frescoe casey 3

took her shoes off….

prayed on her knees….


casey praying

preached a sermon at the tree about teaching children about Jesus…

casey 2

falling asleep with a pencil in her hand….

frescoe caseysleep

I wonder what she was dreaming about?


frescoe caseyart

Casey was drawing “lights”

“ God’s house”


“grape vines…”


I love you casey alexis and I cant wait for our special tea party time in December! 

Hello Mr. Wooly Worm…..



In this photo you see a little girl…what you might not see is the wooly worm perched on the edge of the rock to the left.   Note the position of her hands-one on top of the other-gentle, tender and serving.  This child has a servants heart-one that is endearing to God.  She talks to God all the time-almost as if He were right there next to her. 

Scripture says, “ and a child shall lead them…”

Today I felt like I was being led by the Spirit of God through this child-all day long- everywhere we went.  She was joyful, happy and encouraging.  She held my hand, she told me she loved me and we even laid in the grass and said prayers to God while watching the cloud roll by!  Why we even stopped at the store where some men were working on the roof and she took the time to back up, and she look up at them and ask what they were doing and with her caring heart she told them to

“ be careful.”

She is an observer.  She is tenderhearted.  She is a lover of God.   


She calls me DONNA GODWIN and she likes to draw when we get together.   Today I watched her draw at the feet of Jesus and can I just say how that warmed my heart?  I got to see God through her eyes and I am always reminded to “lighten up” and be more like a child.  Her worship to God is in and through her JOY for life! 

When we arrived at Grayson Highlands today- this scene was my first photo of her-she knelt down- spotted the wooly worm and said,

“ Hello Mr. Wooly Worm, where is your family?”

My mind went haywire….I thought??? Where is your family????  WHAT???   As a Pastor I was reminded of how important family is through a child’s eyes and a simple caterpillar.  I was reminded that we must continually see the needs of others-over and above our own needs-even a caterpillar.  Some might say I am silly but I say that God was teaching me a lesson through the eyes of a 4 year old. 

She said, “ where is your family?”  I heard….” they are lost…”



( Casey- pointing the way home…) 


Jesus wants us all to come home and live with Him one day.  We are all His children.  He does not want anyone lost. 

  Her concern over one caterpillar had me hanging on for more and more I received-all throughout the day! 

I don’t think there will be caterpillars in heaven-but then you never know-I’ve never been there so I can’t really say, can I?  But what I do know is that God wants all of His children to one day come home and live with him in His house- not one child lost.  We are all called to be a part of God’s family-you included.  I don’t know where you,  my reader’s,  are at with God -but it is my prayer that you and your family are connected to Christ.  It is my prayer that if you are not-that God will send someone to you who will unwaveringly love you into the family.

We love others because Christ loved us first. 

It’s not fun being lost or being away from a family who loves you.  It’s not fun for you or for your parents!  No matter where you are in life- you can always go back to your family- the family of God.  God loves you right where you are today, in this moment and second. 

I hope you will believe that….


So, Mr. Wooly Worm- I hope you have found your family tonight and that you are all cuddly and warm under that rock where we found you…not one lost.

Thank you Lord for children who feel free enough to pray out loud and look for you in all things!  Thanks for Mommy’s who share their children and make time to spend time with friends.


Relationships are important.  We all need them .  When given the opportunity-they can lead us to a deeper love for Christ-but we have to be willing to accept the opportunity and make the time to build the relationship in love. 

That’s what it is all about-loving God first and then loving others.

Thank you Lord for loving me.

I love YOU back.  Now YOU are it- go love someone else and show them who Jesus is!

joy for your journey-d.

xoxoxox to casey and mommy

Bread, coffee, art and bible study




I made bread.

It reminds me of Jesus- the Bread of Life.

This bread is sweet-just like our Savior.



What a wonder filled day!


I had coffee with my pastor buddy, met with my art kids and then had bible study!


We talked about creation. 

We drew lemons and learned that lemons were created on the 3rd day when God made seed being plants. 



We talked about grapes being used in art to show the fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5.

( also communion) 



Then we drew trucks and roads taking these things to different places. 


At our study we talked about the meaning of a “call….”

A great way to end the day with people you love and who love you….

What a blessing…

Thank you Lord! 

Granny Jewel's Jesus Painting

A Masterpiece!


Ephesians 2: 10 For we are God’s ( workmanship ) masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.


The word WORKMANSHIP means “ Work of Art” in the greek. Have you thought of yourself as God’s masterpiece in the making? Well you are! You are a work of art! When I draw, I add a line here, a scribble there, some shading a little color and POW! God is the same way with us- we are the work of His hands! When we come to this knowledge and we claim that we are HIS then the world will know God and stand in awe of Him! To God be the glory!

images (4)


Think of it like planting a flower garden. We put seeds in the dirt, we water, we fertilize and we WAIT! What else do we do while we wait? We fret, we tend and we watch and pray that our crop will produce a harvest.


One day we see the tendrils of the young plant poke through the soil and we get down as close as we can to inspect the new life-to see what’s coming up and to stand in awe of the workings of nature and man through God.

We say, “ what will it look like? I wonder what color it will be-it said pink-but there may be a pink waiting inside that we’ve never seen! “ We wait in great anticipation- don’t we?


God is the same way with us. He has put us here to be HIS-to care for the earth and all that is in it. As we tend and nurture the earth and others we become closer to God. He feeds our tender shoots and makes our roots grow deeper when we dig into the rich soil of His Word. And guess what?


Just as we peer at the tender shoots of new life- God does the same with us! He waits in great anticipation for us to bloom and when we do- HE comes a little closer to inspect His own work and then he encourages us to keep going toward perfection. The closer we get to perfection- the closer our walk is with Him. We begin to learn to abide in Him by walking and talking with Him there in the garden. His garden. This is HIS desire –for us to walk with him- to rest in His presence. We don’t have to DO anything but be still and know that He is God.


Remember when Adam and Eve walked with God? They could hear Him coming. One day they walked out of obedience and that walk took them right out of the garden. What heartache that must have been for them. And what about Enoch? You could say that God and Enoch were pretty tight-so tight that God decided to take him home forever. What a friend we have in God!

I love the words to the song “ In the Garden”

walking in the garden

“I come to the garden alone-while the dew is still on the roses, and the voice I hear falling on my ear-the Son of God-discloses. He walks with me and talks with me and tells me I am his own….”

So today I want to encourage you to walk in God’s garden of grace-to pray for yourself and others and to eat the fruit of God- love, joy, peace, patience, kindess and humility.

YOU are a masterpiece in God’s garden!

HummerPetunias 003

Here’s an afterthought- do you see yourself as a “weed” in the garden of life…or a “flower?”

Your perspective of yourself can change everything about you…how you see others-how you walk, talk and even dance!    When you begin to fall deeper in love with God-you see yourself and others in a whole new light.  God’s light.  Light changes everything. 

Do you remember when Jesus wept at Lazarus’ tomb?  He wasn’t crying for Lazarus- he was crying because the people had no vision.  WE, you and I,  must have the vision for the people.  We must weep for their blindness and then ask God to part the veil.  He can and he does!  Ask God to change your perspective from the inside out and then watch what happens inside of you, then outside and all around your world-one person at a time.

It isn’t what we do, but GOD who makes us WHO we are!

I choose to be a flower…how about you?

In the garden……


in the garden2

God is sooooooooooooo good….he affirms what we are hearing through other people so that we know we are right on track and today he did that for me…for little old unworthy me…wow!

We had a pastor meeting this morning and the devotion was about being in the garden…

haha!  I had started this drawing long before that meeting!  I have been reading a book about abiding in Christ.  The past 3 chapters have caused me to hunger for more and more  of God’s presence.

The Secret of Clinging, The Secret of Walking and the Secret of Buying Oil.

“I cling to your testimonies: O Lord, do not put me to shame!” Psalm 119:31

The author says this:  “During crisis season, the secret place becomes our source of survival as we come aside to cling to Him and cry out for help.” 

Are you in a crisis?  Do you long for more of God?   God longs-yearns-for YOUR presence.  Did you know that?  You won’t learn how to do this in seminary-it is something that cannot be taught or bought.  You have to practice it on a daily basis-spend time with God in His Word- ask God to show you what He wants you to know as you read through the Holy scriptures.  Have a conversation with Him as you walk through ,the “garden,” the Word of God.  God desires for us to be clingy-to cling to HIM alone! 

Listen to this scripture from Song of Solomon 8:5:

“ Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?”

Let me ask you- who is your beloved?

Do you know that you are God’s?  That he loves you with a fiery, jealous, passion and that He desires all of the time you can possibly give him?  When we aren’t clinging to Christ we are clinging to other things-let me encourage you to drop those things and pick up the things of eternity. 

This picture is all about me leaning on my beloved Jesus, walking through the garden of grace.  While there we walk, we talk, we cry, he holds me up and I am His Bride.  The Living Waters refresh my soul as I commune with my Creator God.  The pottery vessels are full of refreshing water and the communion elements await as we approach the throne of grace. The Body-the Living Bread and the Blood of Christ.   Jesus gently guides me through the garden- which is His Word.  We walk upon the Holy Scrolls and they permeate me from the inside out.  As I am filled with His manna-the light of my heart burns ever higher, hotter and more passionate.  The Lampstand of my heart is lit and burning high.  My cup runneth over.  The oil of gladness is spilled and seeps into my being…I weep with joy as my night turns to day.  I cannot get enough of this Living bread…God has caused me to hunger for more and to yearn to go to deeper into the garden…to dig, to smell the soil and to simply spend some time there, on the face of the earth with Him. 

My heart skips a few beats and my hands shake at the thought of this going deeper into the forest-it is there that I know I will find my heart’s deepest desires….to be ONE with my beloved…

So…I ask for the help of the Holy Spirit-to make me strong when I am weak, to hold me up when I am wobbly and to take me ever deeper into the garden of God’s redeeming grace…

…it is here that the honeymoon begins and we dance to the tune of the angels trumpets…and the Lord rejoices over me with singing! 

I can finally breathe again.

( the funny thing is…I didn’t even know I was holding my breath…)  * sigh.

Running Ever After promo video



Running Ever After is the band that Corynn plays in…they are getting ready to release a CD –  here is their promo video for it…

Can’t wait to hear it all!  They have been working hard on this all summer long-I am so proud of these guys and gals!!!!!

Thank the Lord for what HE is doing in their lives!

One proud MOMMA…


Social Media Schmedia



This morning I was on FB sending a friend a message.  While there I read an inspiring post from a FB friend whom I have never met.  It was from John 1. 

The Word (Jesus) became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.-John 1:14a

When we love our neighbor as our self we get to become the Word of God made flesh living in the neighborhood!

Be a blessing!  ( SC)

THIS is why I enjoy FB.  My friend’s post-the friend whom I have never met-has lifted me up, encouraged and affirmed what is going on in my own heart, head,  and life.  Thanks friend!

I have been called a FB addict and rightly so.  I have been trying to be more diligent in not being there so much and one of the things I have realized in doing this-is that people miss what you post and what you post does matter.  There are people out there reading it that you may never know and in my experience this week-they DO read and when you are gone they miss hearing God’s Word or that bit of encouragement you share through your posts.   I use my FB as a ministry tool to post encouragement and scripture.  In today’s world people need to hear more about encouragement, love and grace than they do the other stuff.  We hear so much junk all day long- in our jobs, the news, tv, politics-  is it no wonder our minds are condemning and judging of others?   Condemnation seems to rule the world.  We cannot let negativity ( which is from the darkness-satan) rule our world. 

What we fill ourselves with matters. 

What we listen to matters. 

What we read matters

and what we speak and say matters and what we post to FB matters to someone else. 

That might be the ONLY bit of encouragement that person sees in a week.  We might be the only bible or Word of God that people see or come in contact with that day, week or month.  When we put on the Word, people see the Word and that includes putting it on our FB page.


God has given me the gift of encouragement and I intend to use it as much as possible. We need air to live and air keeps our lungs full of life. Encouragement is like air.  People crave encouragement and when we don’t get it- we deflate and become mean and ornery and we feel unloved.   Been there, done that.   It happens to all of us, it’s a part of life.  But the really cool thing is that God loves US for who we are right now- mean or nice. I didn’t say he liked our meanness-but that he does love us despite ourselves.

It’s sort of like the dog that bites you out of pain-you know the dog is hurting and that’s his way of expressing pain-he bites.  He didn’t bite you because of anything you did, but because of his injury.   You don’t bite back-you don’t shoot him and you don’t kick a dog when he’s down.   You find out what is causing his pain and then you carefully take care of his wound by getting him the help he needs.  


Now replace the word DOG with the name of someone you might know who is hurting…

Then make a commitment to God to encourage, to pray, to help them heal and then watch them come back to life.  God’s grace can heal all wounds…if we choose to let it.  It takes time, patience, prayer and a whole lotta love…


  None of us deserve it, but we get it anyway.  When we receive God’s grace to the fullest that we can, here on earth -it prompts us to pour it out here and there and everywhere.  Like a drink offering.  We fill up with the grace of God so we can pour it out over dry, thirsty, hot, and hurting souls.  Then we watch them come back to life.  It takes time, it takes patience and it takes being a prayer warrior who is wearing blinders.    We can’t fix other people-only God can do that-but we can serve them grace.

Going into ministry has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. ( besides being married and having my beautiful kids!)  Also the hardest, most spiritually demanding, draining, emotional and JOYOUS!!!!!   I can’t imagine doing it without a call on your life from God to GO and one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given was from a dear friend…

she looked at me and she said…” Donna, love them…just love them…” 

I recall those words as they ring in my ears and I feel God’s encouragement quicken my own heart…love them as I have loved you…just love-even when it hurts…one day it will stop hurting…I promise…

THIS is what I am called to do-not only be a hearer of the word-but a doer also.  FB is a part of our world-it’s where we meet people we may never see and we minister to their hearts through the Word, encouragement, counseling and prayer.  This past week I was blessed to have the opportunity to pray for a young man in Sudan through FB.  I have shared photos of where our missionaries were in Sudan, as well as prayed for them.  I have invited people to church and a few weeks ago I was blessed to be at the baptism of that family.   Those are just a few things of many.  There IS a ministry here and what you do with it is up to you. 

Be encouraged to share God’s Word through social media!

We can change the world one post at a time.