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First Sunday



Some of you have been asking how my first Sunday of preaching went…

God gets all the glory because I could not have done any of it without the help of the Holy Spirit! 

All I can say is this:

“There’s a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place…”




God sent us ( the congregation and myself)  many encouragers and prayer warriors…thank you ALL! 

….and a lot of laughter!  

A few months ago someone told me to “expect the unexpected”  and that God wanted to fill

me with joy-well He certainly has and yesterday was just the beginning! 

A complete stranger visited the church-and he was actually a Pastor from the NC conference!  Now, why do you suppose he was there this particular Sunday? Smile   God sent us an angel that’s why!  After the service, he told me that there was a sweet spirit in this place and that we were a great fit and we would be a blessing to each other!   Isn’t that just like God? 

I stand in awe of what God is doing here….


I was reminded of my sweet Granny Marie when I saw this porcelain change bucket!  Why, I laughed out loud and the sound that the coins made was heavenly!  So, from here on out, I will be reminded of my Granny every Sunday!  Granny would be happy to know that this porcelain pot catches change to help children in the community!   What a blessing!



I thank Tony Carrico for the use of his slingshot!  It was a helpful visual!


This is outside of the church- a beautiful spot to sit and pray.


Thank you Lord, for leading me here and for giving me Your people to love, a place to share Your Word and rest in Your presence…you are my all in all…amen.

Here we go!


This Sunday, June 24th, is my first Sunday at Glenwood.  I have fallen in love with a “child” I didn’t even know I had…the people of this beautiful country church.   I was recently moved when I watched a friend scoop up his child and embrace the him in his arms.  God allowed me to see an expression of love through this moment that I’ll never forget.  The child was tired and hungry and a little grumpy, and when Dad picked him up I saw a change come over his expression.  He snuggled in close and Dad held him a little tighter.  Both comfortable where they were at.  All was well.  What I saw in my mind’s eye was a Pastor who was embracing his congregation ( the child) with all the love he had to give.  Comforting, soothing and gentle.  An unconditional love that surpasses all words.  It was a powerful moment for me and one that I have selfishly been holding onto.  This is how I feel about my congregation.  While I have not met all of them , I have grown to love them through my prayers.  They are like the baby that a mother carries in her womb for 9 months.  She loves that child even though she has not seen it’s face yet.  This is how I love my people at Glenwood and I am looking forward to meeting the newest additions to my family this Sunday! 


Love. God is like that.  When we open our hearts to whatever HIS plans are- He always surprises us with an outpouring of love.  This morning I stand in awe of all that God has done, is doing and will do in this world.  May heaven reign on earth as we follow our Father in obedience. We each have a plan, a path and a purpose that has been designed by Him, especially for us.  When we make that discovery-of WHO GOD is and what He wants us to do- well…all I can say is be ready for springs of joy to bubble up and overflow from a place inside of you that you didn’t even know was there…that’s the JOY place of God. 



This Sunday evening, Pam Sutherland and I will be commissioned to “go out into the world” by our Pastors and our church family.  I would like to invite you to join us in this special time.  Corynn and Joye will be singing, along with the adult praise band.  All I can say is that you know when it’s right and this is right.  I have a peace inside of me that is unexplainable.  A month ago I was told that the Lord wanted to fill me with joy…

                                                                                                              ….and He has.

If you can’t make it-please send up some prayers for Pam and I.  Pam has been sent to Hillsville for such a time as this and for me leaving Hillsville is bittersweet, but oh so right.  Thank you my family…thank you for your love, your strength, your guidance, your prayers, leadership and most of all for who you are IN CHRIST.  Always remember WHOSE you are!

Hope to see you Sunday night at 6:30 pm , June 24th at FUMC Hillsville!   Here by the grace of God, go I.  Smile 


Corynn and Joye will be singing this….

New Life!

John 15:1-8
Jesus, the True Vine

15 Then Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my Father takes care of the vineyard. 2 He removes every one of my branches that doesn’t produce fruit. He also prunes every branch that does produce fruit to make it produce more fruit.

3 “You are already clean[a] because of what I have told you. 4 Live in me, and I will live in you. A branch cannot produce any fruit by itself. It has to stay attached to the vine. In the same way, you cannot produce fruit unless you live in me.

5 “I am the vine. You are the branches. Those who live in me while I live in them will produce a lot of fruit. But you can’t produce anything without me. 6 Whoever doesn’t live in me is thrown away like a branch and dries up. Branches like this are gathered, thrown into a fire, and burned. 7 If you live in me and what I say lives in you, then ask for anything you want, and it will be yours. 8 You give glory to my Father when you produce a lot of fruit and therefore show that you are my disciples.

Bookcase in liv. rm. clouds 010


More fruit for thought from my Mom…

“That which was once thought dead, now lives.  Dad trimmed the old
grape vines back and they eventually died.  This one I told him to
keep for art’s sake and lo and behold one day I noticed a tiny leaf
bud on it and this is what is happening !!  Love it !!”


2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!


Twisted Faith


I got this photo and email from my mom today( see below.)  I love my mother-she makes hard things seem so simple sometimes.  Corynn is like that too! 

So, this is Granny’s twisted willow- AKA- “Twisted Faith”

Bookcase in liv. rm. clouds 012

“This is the top of our twisted willow out back we transplanted a few
years ago from down front.  Our Feb. wet snow storm broke the top off
and I stuck it in the ground for the birds to roost in near the feeder
and I thought it may root as all the others did but this one was
really big. Dad said “it is too big to root” but I left it there
anyway and last week I saw all these leaf buds on it, see what happens
when you have faith.”

So, for anyone in need of a little hope-my motto for today is this:  “Just try and see what happens.”  This broken branch is producing greenery because of a little faith.  I wonder what each of us could do produce if we would just TRY?

Thanks Mom!  Look what you produced!  Smile   Love you!


Beams of Heaven

I entered the sanctuary.  I sat down in the back row.  I listened to the silence.  My heart skipped a beat as I saw the light shining through the windows near the front of the sanctuary.  The light was beckoning me to move closer.  So I did.  All the way to the front.  I sat there, in the beam of light, and listened to what most would hear as silence. 
I opened a hymnal.
The page fell to this hymn…


Beams of heaven as I go,

through the wilderness below,

guide my feet in peaceful ways,

turn my midnights into days.

When in the darkness I would grope,

faith always sees a star of hope,

and soon from all life’s grief and danger

I shall be free someday.


I do not know how long ’twill be,

nor what the future holds for me,

but this I know: if Jesus leads me,

I shall get home someday.

Oftentimes my sky is clear,

joy abounds without a tear;

though a day so bright begun,

clouds may hide tomorrow’s sun.

There’ll be a day that’s always bright,

a day that never yields to night,

and in its light the streets of glory

I shall behold someday.


Harder yet may be the fight;

right may often yield to might;

wickedness a while may reign;

Satan’s cause may seem to gain.

There is a God that rules above,

with hand of power and heart of love;

if I am right, he’ll fight my battle,

I shall have peace someday.


Burdens now may crush me down,

disappointments all around;

troubles speak in mournful sigh,

sorrow through a tear-stained eye.

There is a world where pleasure reigns,

no mourning soul shall roam its plains,

and to that land of peace and glory

I shall want to go someday.

( I had never heard this song until today…you gotta love Aretha!  )

so, I read and wept – a bible on one knee and a hymnal on the other. Pages flipping, turning, words jumping off the pages and tears falling. Scripture after scripture God was speaking to me in His unique way. I had to get quiet to hear Him. This was the place.

My tears are not of sadness, nor are they a weakness. They are necessary. They are evidence of a heart that is in tune with God. They show love, passion, repentance, humility and compassion. God wants to wipe our tears away…and sometimes we have to get in our quiet spot in order for Him to do just that!

So please  be encouraged and always know that GOD ALMIGHTY is there and He wants to catch your tears and hear your words-no matter what they are.  Take some time, alone, and talk to God today. 


Today I am thankful for a God who listens,

who wipes away tears and who renews our JOY!