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Blind but not deaf


help me unbelief


This scribble tells what is on my heart, and it’s just that- a page of scribbles that has evolved into a story.  It started out with the blindfolded man holding up his arms, sort of saying, “ huh?  I don’t see anything. Where are you?  “

Then I added the words in his hands…

“help my unbelief”

“Give me Christ.”

Sometimes we are searching for things and we have no idea what they are-this man is searching for Christ-but he doesn’t know it.  Christ is right there in the palms of his hands…

Christ is just waiting for a word from him…”help me Lord.”

At the bottom of the man it says, “ blind but not deaf.”

People may not see Christ- but they can hear about Christ.  Maybe this is why we have so many senses?  Have you ever thought about that?  God wants us to experience him in a multitude of ways-hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling.  An all encompassing experience.

He is standing in front of the word TRUTH.  God is TRUTH.  Along the wall of TRUTH are the words “ wake up O sleeper…” over and over again.  How do we get people to wake up?  We speak the truth in love- God’s Holy and infallible Word.  It never comes back void.  We must speak it over and over and over again and then we must be patient.


I’m not very good at that, but I am learning.

The trumpet is blowing the Word of God out into the atmosphere.  We are called to be trumpet blowers, “Watchmen.” 

The man is listening –he hears love…

Behind the man is a city of churches.  Yep, that’s right, a city of church buildings.  Some old, some new, but all preaching the Word of God.  I have learned in my own life that it might take my going to many churches to hear what God wants me to hear.  I don’t mean church hopping-I mean being led by God from one to go to another for His purpose.   This has happened to me and it has probably happened to you too. 

It’s interesting though that’s there’s only one preacher. 

This preacher represents ALL Pastors who preach the Word of God.  I was thinking of John Wesley as I was sketching.  I had actually been watching a movie about the history of revival.  John Wesley went from preaching in a pulpit to open air preaching with his bible in hand.  He spoke the TRUTH into the air and it did not come back void.

The Methodist Church today is proof of that.

I am proof of that.

and YOU are proof of that!

Wesley’s words are still heard today…

”do no harm, do good and stay in love with God.” 

So let me ask you….

are you IN LOVE with God?

Do you need help falling back in love with God?

Do you need help finding love?

Love is here…

Lost in the maze of life?



This is a maze.

The maze of life.

Many roads to lead to nowhere with no way out.

It takes people to lead and guide us in the right direction.

There’s only one way.

Jesus  says, “ I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  “Follow me…”

So,  what are waiting for?   Let’s go!

When we reach out in love, people slowly begin to find their way out of the maze

and into the light!


Note-there are more people IN the maze than out.


The workers are few.

Will you commit yourself to being a worker for Christ?

Will you commit to lending a helping hand UP and OUT of the maze of life?

See the arrow? 

It’s on the outside of the maze.

See the people running toward the cross?

That’s US!

The cross is quaking….

time is short.

Don’t wait.

“Let there be Light!”

Genesis 1 

1-2First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.



Just as the ocean is deep

it is also dark.

( from the internet: a deep abyss fanfin sea devil)

Creatures live there that cannot withstand the light.

The depth of darkness is unknown to man

but not to God.

It is a “bottomless emptiness,”

An “inky blackness.”

God did not create the darkness

it was already there…

e  m  p  t  y






holy spirit dove

“God’s spirit brooded like a bird

above the watery abyss.”


Definition of brood ( as a verb) : to cover, loom,

or seem to fill the atmosphere or scene,

to ponder persistently.


God swooped  in,

moving to and fro over the earth

causing it to change,

bringing light and life where there was once none.

The Spirit of God is the Bringer of Life.

It turned chaos and confusion

into His beautiful, vibrant, creation.


God is a mover and a shaker.

He is the only One

who can,

(will and does)

bring about change.

His Spirit is always hovering

and His eyes are always

searching to and fro

over the earth

looking for those

who love Him.


Do you love Him?


2 Chronicles 16:9

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.


It is GOD who governs the world

It is GOD who watches over our every action.

God doesn’t stand around tapping his toe,



to and fro





He is a soul seeker

and He desires to fill

His creation with the Lifelight of His Son,


Jesus Christ.


He IS the Lover of our souls

and he does not want one lost…

not one.

It’s all about you Jesus…








Marvelous Light color


On Sunday mornings I love to watch the little kids dance and worship our Creator without inhibition.  Oh, that we could all be four years old again! Last week my heart leapt as I saw a young boy worshipping his “Daddy” in heaven through dance, song and prayer.  He was singing like he meant it and he knew every word.  His body language was one of pure praise and it was like he was the only one in the room.  Then at the end he fell to his knees in prayer.  


I love these kids-they teach me how to be like a child again.  Oh Lord, I ask that you would renew our hearts and minds to that of a four year old, so that we may lose our inhibitions and worship you, as you catch us up into your glorious and marvelous light! 

Thank you Lord for children and for catching me up in your marvelous Light!

I love you….


The TEELE family bible


‎”A Bible that’s falling apart, usually belongs to a person that isn’t.”

borrowed from FB

Old Family Bible 001



Old Family Bible 002


Old Family Bible 004Old Family Bible 007Old Family Bible 008Old Family Bible 009

A picture says a thousand words.

I watched the Book of Eli tonight.  It’s about a man named Eli who lives in the post apocalyptic period.  He heard a call from God to go on a mission to save the last known KJV bible in the world.  He guards this bible with his very life.  He has traveled by foot for 30 years.  He goes to great lengths to keep the Word of God safe.  He has spent 30 years reading it every night-hiding the Word of God in his heart.

It’s a good thing he does.

You’ll have to watch the movie to see what happens.

When I checked my mail tonight- my mother had sent me these photos of the family bible she has at home.  It is written here on the last page: Mrs. Joseph Teele, died January 16th, 1919 leaving behind 8 children.  ( 93 years ago)  I don’t know much about her but after seeing the condition of this bible I think it would be safe to say that she was a praying woman.   Our character reflects who lives inside of us.  The condition of our bible does to.

I thank God for praying Great Grandmothers, Grandmothers and Mothers. 

P.S. This was also the date ( January 16, 1919) that Prohibition began…I wonder if Great Granny sent that prayer up…while I will never know for sure, I have a feeling she did….

Pastor Pam’s cross and my photo edits….


I love making things for people-especially crosses.  Today is Pastor Pam’s “welcome to Hillsville” party!    I spent a few hours making her a gift.


The wood from the cross is from the stable that Pastor Ty built for the Christmas service.  This wood came from the Harmon farm off of route 100.  The Harmon’s are church members at Hillsville. 


I really like to make things extra special so I thought that was the perfect choice of wood for Pam’s cross.  It shows life, death, persistence, perseverance and family.   The life is from the farm animals that this wood has kept corralled and safe.  It is also from the stable that Ty built for the Christmas Eve service.  A baby was born and His name was Jesus.  It was also Pam’s first Christmas with us-one that she is not likely to forget very soon-nor shall we. 

The shape of the wood is weathered and old.  It has held up well over all of these years-showing persistence and perseverance in it’s grain.  We have to be like this too-to be able to stand the test of time.  I have a feeling that Pam will be with us for a long time.  She has a great sense of love and grace in her countenance.  ( Of course I am not saying that Pam is weathered or old either- she is a beautiful representation of the love of Christ.) 

The cross itself represents the death of our sins-but not of a man.  He was resurrected and lives again!  Finally there’s family…Pam has become part of this big church family here at Hillsville and we already love her like she’s been here for years!

Welcome to the family Pam and Lyndon!

We love you!


This is the message that Pam shares….


Be a light!

There’s this girl….


rocker girl

I love this girl!!!  Her Daddy and I are very thankful that God gave her to us to nurture, grow and care for.  We are very proud of her.  Her sisters , Auntie, Uncle and Grandparents are too!  This past weekend was a huge milestone in her life and in our own.  I thank our GOD for pouring out his blessings over our family and I can’t wait to see what He will do next!

Life is an adventure and God is the roller-coaster driver-so take a deep breath, get in, sit down, buckle up, hang on and let ‘er rip!  ( and whatever you do- scream-it releases those endorphins!    Don’t hold it in!) 


ILY Roo!