Daily Archives: December 17, 2011

Peeling the Onion



Onions contain many layers and peeling them will often make one cry. 

Well, human beings are the same way.  When we begin to peel back our issues ,with ourselves, in truth and love and one layer at a time- it will often make us cry.   We cry because we know we have grieved God and how much!  Ouch! 

One thing about onions is that it takes a really sharp knife to cut them and if you know how to take the sting out then you are ahead of me.  Peeling back the layers of self can be very cleansing and freeing.  You get all of that stinging, stinky stuff out of the way.

When you get down to sautéing the onion in butter-it softens and begins to sweeten.  It takes a  patient chef, who peels and  cuts with precision to get the onion cooked just right. 

When we peel ourselves back we get down to the nitty gritty and we find out what is underneath all of that stuff-the sweet aroma of Christ.  Pure love.  Just as an onion cooks and the smell wafts through the house, Christ is the same way.  When we cleanse ourselves with truth, honesty and repentance-then we can become a sweet smell too.  God doesn’t do it for you though.  It requires work on your part.  A willingness to be peeled and then to do the peeling.  Coming clean with self is a freeing experience.  The sooner it’s done- the better off things will be. 

Sometimes it takes another person to help us peel those layers.  It’s not just anyone-but the person that God sends.  Sometimes he will send one, two or three.  But if you aren’t willing to get real with yourself-it will never work.  The sooner we quit hiding under those stinky layers, the better off we will be.

THEN God can work through us!