Daily Archives: December 11, 2011



You never know when God is going to bring someone new into your life or take someone out.  These past few months have been rather rollercoaster-ish with a lot to process and pray about .  I really can’t put it all into words. 

crosswith light

Life has gone from being in a rut to full on passion for God.  God placed someone in my life who has inspired me to see beyond myself and  has challenged me to be all that I can for Christ.  She has taught me, hands on,  how to hear, how to see, how to react , how to comfort, soothe others and be accountable.   This woman has taught me more in 3 months than I could ever learn in a class.  I am learning how to let go of the little stuff in order to get to the big stuff-loving people the way THEY need to be loved.  Meeting people where they are at, not where I am.  


In order to do this I have given up a lot of my time wasters-like Facebook, email and tv.  I have replaced those things with face to face contact, bible study, prayer and spending time in the wood shed.   It’s amazing how much clearer you hear God when you turn your focus toward him and serving others!  I’m still working on it!  I have been able to hear the same messages through bible study, sermons and time spent with several friends. 


I’m a little sad tonight – for many reasons.  Not boo hoo sad-but sad for God.  His people are hurting and desperate.  They need somebody to love them back toward God.  I’ve watched my friend do this.  I’ve watched her spend herself on God, get rejected, and go home.  The next day she would get up and do it all over again…and again…and again.   She has taught me that people aren’t rejecting her and to not take things so personally.  In their pain they are really rejecting God.  Some of them don’t even know it.  They are blind.  I pray for their blindness to be healed and for my friend to be revived. 

I was blessed to be able to accompany my friend as she baptized someone this week.  In that moment I immediately understood why she does what she does.  People are desperate for love and she cradles them with it unconditionally. 


I’ve been exhausted today.  It’s been a draining week, but even more so for my friend.  Tonight she is traveling back to her home state-a long way off to the west.  I’ll probably never see her again, but only God knows those plans.  I hope I do.  She has been like an angel sent here to encourage me.  An angel who whispered in my ear…you have worth, you are worthy and you can do this.  You are going in the wrong direction-let me help turn you around so you can get over the mountain this time. 

This is why I am exhausted.  I’ve been climbing that mountain-in the wrong direction-for years.  Tonight I am finally over it.  I think I will rest well.  I thank God for sending his angel.  He truly does bring something good out of something bad. 

Thank you my dear friend.  Happy travels and I hope God will cross our paths again and you may even have something on a hanger to hand me when we see each other again!