With all of my passion…


So, this morning I woke up to my alarm and the first words in my head were these:

“ If you were open to me, you could feed me….millions.”  Ok- so it makes no sense written like that but in light of what I have been discussing with God and praying about it makes total sense to me.  The missing word there is “to….millions.” 

“If you were open to me you could feed me to millions.”


The first thing I thought of was food to eat.  Then I thought about my recent prayers and discussions and realized it meant spiritual food.  You see, everywhere I have been in the past month I have met people who are spiritually starving.  I can feel their hunger pangs in our conversations.  I have also met people who are physically hungry.  So, hunger is on my brain.  (Now that I am writing this and thinking about my own healthy eating journey since Easter I see how funny it is that God has taken my physical cravings for food and replaced them with a spiritual craving for Him!! WOW!  )

Ok, so back to the quote…I am an artist and I love doing chalk art on a sheet.  Last weekend we handed out clothing at an apartment complex in town.  As the kids were coming outside and we were talking with parents in the parking lot about how the kids don’t go to church or even get out to play much, I began to visualize myself setting up my easel and chalk right there in the parking lot and doing church!   I could see it all.  Crazy or what? 

Well, that’s not the first time I’ve had that thought.  I’ve often thought of setting up on the sidewalk outside of OOTBWC on Main Street before the Sunday services and just letting the chalk fly. IS it crazy? 

I have wrestled and wrangled with God over this for the past year and I am just tired of it!  At one point I thought I could be a pastor, but today I see that I am to be a minister through art.  Not just on my blog or on paper, but out in the world.  I know, right?  Scary stuff.  I have discovered that the church ( in general) just doesn’t know what to do with the visual artist.  I have been blessed with a church family who has helped me embrace this crazy gift! I have learned to use it to share my love of Christ with the world.   Thank you church fam!!!!  And maybe, just maybe it’s not the church that doesn’t know what to do with the artist,  but maybe it’s just me.   

God has been getting my attention in numerous ways.  This mornings words were powerful to me.  I heard them like this: “Donna-if you were really open to using the gifts I gave you-and I mean really open-you would do anything I asked of you to share the gospel with others. Anything.  Right now you are  dancing and dipping around.  Get over it and get on with the work I have for you to do.  I can use you to show people who I am. A lot of people.  Get over it and get to feeding them- they are hungry and waiting.”  

Following God requires us to get real with ourselves.  It requires us to get over ourselves and get out of God’s way.  It requires us to be BOLD and CRAZY for CHRIST!  I can see the angels now, “will she or won’t she?”  ha.  Push, pull. 

I work in a church as a secretary and when I got to work one of the hymns for Sunday was this:

“ WORK, for night is coming.”

My mind kept saying, “ wake up o sleeper!” 

Then the next song had a line it….

“Come, share the Lord.  His love is burning in our hearts like LIVING flame.” 

Not like A living flame- but THE LIVING FLAME.  Christ’s love in our hearts is weaving and bobbing in the wind and dipping and swaying when we move, it brightens when it is fanned and it lights the way for us to see the Truth.

Disciple FIRE

I did this picture earlier in the week and it has to do with being a disciple.  The cross is really me and my flame has been fanned ever higher in these past few weeks.  So high in fact that I can no longer hide it or hold back.  The little match on the ground is all of you.  Each of you have done something to fan my flame and help me light my fire.  The flames are the passion that I feel in knowing, loving and serving Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. 


What is it?

God’s Holy Word.  When I sat down to read my homework in  2 Maccabees here is what I found in1: 1-7a-  “May he give you all a heart to worship Him and to do his will with a generous mind and a willing spirit. May he open your hearts to his law and his precepts and give you peace.  May he hear your prayers and be reconciled with you and not abandon you in time of evil.  Here we are now praying for you.” 

My spirit is willing. My heart is wide open.  My anxiety is gone.  God has heard my prayers.  My heart is at peace.  God’s prayer warriors are busy tonight. 

This weekend I will be stepping out and sharing this at the flea market.   I hear we are expecting hundreds of thousands of people.  The number doesn’t matter to me-just that I am obedient to what I hear God telling me to do.  All I am required to do is BE OBEDIENT and let God do the rest.  I will be setting up in the parking lot at BB&T to minister through art.   It is crazy. It is bold and I have to do it. 

My friend Ruth Anne said this to me today…

What God lays on our hearts, God blesses.  Go with grace.

So here, by the grace of God go I.



About godw1nz

I am the mom of three beautiful daughters, wife to a genius, sister to a teacher, sis-in-law to an engineer, daughter to a yankee and a rebel, and a woman chasing God. I love to read, draw and be with my family. If the reading inspires me, then I draw what I read. Almost everything I draw is based around or about Jesus Christ. I attend church at First United Methodist Hillsville. Ronnie Collins is my associate pastor, also a blogger here. I love the Lord with all my heart and I hope what you see here will inspire your heart.

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  1. Hi Donna

    Only you can decide with the Lord if what I say now is going to irritate or inspire you further. First a true story from my experience with God. I was up early one morning to pray. About 4.30. Still dark. I walked out onto the Tennis Court of the home where I grew up. The Lord encouraged me, while we were talking to do something unusual. He said I should take a 2 step and then stop. I took a few steps. He said: “I told you to take 2.”

    “IF YOU ARE OPEN TO ME” may be more loaded than you expect. We often think we are open, but when God tries to tell us something (about our art, for example) we can get easily offended. We are not really open to the comment of others into areas of our lives that have become sacred Holy Cows! Not even God is allowed in. Now this could really not apply to you. But then again it could and you would have to afresh give your art to the Lord in order to go to another level with it, which could reach the millions. God sees your passion and loves it I am sure, as do I. What could he do, with us all, if we were more open to being totally obedient and totally receptive, even when the Lord is speaking to us through those whom we particularly do not find easy to listen through. Once God called on me to speak to my then Pastor. I told him, in a service, that God wanted to use him in much greater measure, but if he would not allow God to wash his feet, the increase he desired would fail. Withing about 6 months, he was selling potatoes from what had been the church tent and the plain that had taken the gospel to many was sold. The ministry chapter in his life closed and would not be open for many years. May the Lord increase you and your ability to hear the Lord and may your art be mightily used. This is my prayer for you. May you reach the millions in Jesus name. Though of course his name may not even be that. It may be Yeshua or Yehoshua or maybe Jesus is just fine. But you see. Even if his name were really not Jesus, would we be open to that? Well, either way we are blessed in our Savior, but one things is for sure, he wants to do more with us all.

    Have a lovely day in Christ
    Live in the light, he gives rest at noon, according to the Shulamite
    No shadows at noon!

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