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This is our friend Greg.  Some of you  have prayed for Greg’s healing.   You may remember that Greg was very sick with cancer and had to go through stem cell replacement treatments at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.    In October of 2010 I stood in as Greg’s proxy and was anointed for healing by Pastor Ty.  The next day I traveled to Georgia to help Sandy and Greg for a week.   It was the most grace filled week of my life.  No words can describe it.  Sandy is Greg’s wife and she and I have been friends for 30 years!

This past week we were blessed to spend 5 days with them and when I saw Greg for the first time after 8 months I couldn’t believe how healthy he looked!  I was amazed!     This morning I was so thankful to be able to hand Greg the anointing cloth that Pastor Ty had given me to give him.   I couldn’t hold back the tears and by the time I was done- we were all in tears in the Flapjack parking lot.    This is a story of healing-one of God and not of man.  It is a story of how God brings the goodness out of the bad.  You see God not only healed Greg-but He healed my relationship with Sandy.   I won’t go into details but just know this- that God IS THE ALMIGHTY HEALER and He does purpose ALL things for HIS glory!     So, if you are having relationship issues-let God do the work and you do the listening and obeying-no matter how hard it is.  It’s not about us- it’s about God’s work in us, through us, around us, and over us.

I am thankful and humbled by what God has done and continues to do everyday of our lives.  See, some people think that God isn’t real or that he doesn’t heal anymore, but I do.    We need to be plugged in to see it-it’s all around us.

Thank you Lord….

Paintings, wooden churches and God


( all art by Donna Godwin)


We can’t wait to go on vacation and then we can’t wait to get back home!  We are a funny bunch aren’t we?  Ah-humans!  Getting away from our comfortable and familiar surroundings can be good for our overall perspective on life.  It can refresh & revive us and it can also cause us to grab onto the things that are truly important and hold them ever so tightly-never wanting to let them go.    Things like grace, compassion, love, faith, strength and hope.   It can force our eyes open to see the world and all that is in it and not just what is in our own backyard.   It can also remind us of our dreams and passions-those things that we have forgotten along the way while we have been living.

Mmmm…As I was perusing along the arts and crafts trail in Gatlinburg this week, I was ever so gently reminded of my love for old wooden church buildings.  Several shops that I went into the day before had some church paintings.  I looked at them and felt my heart stir at each one.  The next day I went back out again only to feel my heart leaping out of my chest.   In several more galleries there were church photos, paintings, & drawings.  The very last shop I went into, I was alone.  I looked around and when I turned around there was this beautiful painting of an old wooden church with the light just so and all the colors were exactly as they should have been.  As I stood there and gazed at it, I felt my emotions well up inside of me and tears came to my eyes.   I thought ” am I crazy to cry over a painting? what is wrong with me? ”   I couldn’t help myself.  The tears gently slid down my cheeks and I tried to gather my composure only to hear myself thinking, ” Donna- one of your dreams has been to draw all the little wooden churches in Virginia and compile them into a book with their history and locations….remember?”   I texted a friend while I was standing in the store looking at this painting and told her that when I got home I was going to take a weekend sabbatical in the woods, by myself, to work.   How crazy is that?    Then I gathered myself together and finished looking around.

I didn’t buy the painting but I will always remember the moment and the reminder.

This evening, after getting home from vacation,  I got a text from a Pastor friend of mine so I called her.  She asked me if I would go with her to her newly appointed church and take some pictures and do a drawing of it for the bulletin cover.  What do you think I said?


Jeremiah 29 :11-13

“I know the plans I have for you,” announces the Lord. “I want you to enjoy success. I do not plan to harm you. I will give you hope for the years to come. 12 Then you will call out to me. You will come and pray to me. And I will listen to you. 13 When you look for me with all your heart, you will find me.