Daily Archives: April 2, 2011

Who said dogs can’t talk?



Today is Art day at OOTBWC!  We will be talking about Day 6 of creation and what God did on that day!  One of the things he did was to create animals of every kind- including dogs!  He also created human beings on the same day!  Did you ever realize that?   Well, today we will talk about how God gave us animals to take care of and how they love us.  Dogs love us unconditionally.  What does that mean?  That they love us no matter what we do, or don’t do.  Does that sound familiar to you?  Who else loves us like this?  God.  It is my personal opinion that it was all in God’s plan when He created dogs and humans on the same day!    I can see how a dog’s love for his master compares to God’s love for His children. (us)  No matter what we do-God loves us anyway!

So, if you can’t make it to Art today- here is a coloring sheet for you to print and color and bring to me!  We are going to have our very first art show at “Goin’ 2 the Dogs” Pet Resort in Woodlawn, Va..  This is a new business that lovingly cares for your pets.  My friend, Donna McIver, and her son, Russell, co-own this new business.  They have been long time friends and neighbors and they have a passion for God’s animal kingdom.   The Art ministry has been invited to come and paint paw prints on the walls at the kennel.  We will arrange a day, with your parents, to do this very soon!   We will also be having our very first art show in the lobby of “Goin’ 2 the Dogs” Pet Resort.    I hope you are excited!  I am!

Here is your coloring sheet!  ( right click, save and print)   Have fun and don’t forget to sign the back!!!!!!!!!  Watch this cute video at the end….Blessings! Donna