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Love me for me



Love me for me….

You know,  this world is full of the curse of sin and it just plain hurts to live in it sometimes.   We see war, destruction, natural tragedies and man made tragedies.  People say, ” why does God do this to us?”  Other people say that it isn’t God doing it, it is the curse of sin.  A lot of people don’t understand that term, ” the curse of sin.”    What in the world does that mean anyway?    God made the world perfect and he gave us a choice to live in this world of perfection.  When Adam and Eve ( the first created people) chose to go against what God wanted-for them to live in perfection- they brought the consequences of sin onto themselves and the world.  Disobedience.  Let’s look at it this way, you tell your child not to touch a hot stove and they do it anyway and get burned.  Same thing.  Now they suffer the consequence of touching the hot stove- the owwie of a burn on their skin.   It leaves a scar.  Tells a story.   Our choices determine the consequences and they can be good ones or bad ones.  So it isn’t God doing it to us-it’s us!

The bible tells a story of good vs evil.  Right from the beginning to the end.  All throughout it God uses people who are not perfect to do his work.  He uses murderers, adulterers, drunks, lepers, blind, deaf and lame people.  He uses the worst of the worst to tell his story-to get our attention.  It can be a hard read and it can be heart wrenching and radical.  Sometimes it is even unbelievable to the human mind.  I mean how could a gang of soldiers nail a human being to a cross and then watch him die?   But that’s not the unbelievable part-this is: that that sinless, perfect man died and was resurrected and today he lives!  He is just waiting for you to call out to him so he can show you what love is.  He promises us all throughout the bible that he will never leave us and that he will always love us-no matter what.  We must seek him out and build a relationship with him.  Your mom can’t do it for you, your Dad can’t save you, and your friends might make fun of you.  But youk now what?  None of that matters-because Jesus loves you for you and he will be with you forever.  Call on him and He will be there.  No matter what you have done and I mean that- He wants you!    He will take that tragedy in your life and turn it around into something beautiful that will glorify HIM!   God loves you for just who you are…right now, today.

This song says it well….