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A Day to Make a Difference 2011

I am so proud of the kids in our youth group!  They have come together to bring this wonderful event to their school.  They have faced adversity and overcome it too!  God is good!  They are collecting shoes for the kids in Nica.  They would like to see the shoes circle the track at the high school!  So, let’s all join in and take a pair, or two, of shoes and show the kids in NICA how much they are loved by Carroll County!
So bring some shoes and help break the cycle.

Monday, March 28 at 12:00am – April 6 at 6:00pm

***This event is for the entire shoe collection week, not just the drop off day.

Less than 50% of Nicaraguan children will graduate from High School. On average, Nicaraguans complete less than 5 years of schooling. Many children don’t receive the most minimal education because they are ashamed to attend school in their bare feet.

You can help.
Break the cycle.
Join us: March 28 – April 1st by collecting new or gently used shoes for children in Nicaragua. (please no shoes larger than size 11)

**Community drop off Wed. April 6th, 6pm, CCHS Football Field****

more info: www.fumcmissionsinnicaragua.com


The VOICE of Truth



I did this at the Layspeaker training a few weeks ago.  Plugged in!  When we plug into God we get turned on!  When we don’t- we are empty-no light.

Where are you?




This is a drawing I did at the end of last year-2010.

The drug usage in our country is overwhelming.  It is in every neighborhood-including my own.  Meth is rampant and our children are faced with drugs in our schools.  It is too easy to “get.” As a parent we have to hyper vigilant, know where our kids are and what they are doing.  We may even have to choose their friends.   These are steps we all take and at the same time they are not a guarantee that nothing will happen by taking these steps.    At the time I did this I had found out about a drug situation very near to home.  It makes very uncomfortable.  The year before this there was a kid on the bus who was huffing and it was very scary to hear about, much less witness.  My oldest daughter was a witness to it and actually tried to stop it.   It could have easily have been her and I am thankful that it wasn’t.  Our kids need guidance, they need love, kindness and compassion. They need Jesus.  Some even need tough love.  The hardest kind.  We must be vigilant in praying for our communities, schools and children to be drug free.

This drawing depicts a syringe-not something we see everyday and it is shocking.  It says ADDICTED.  But look what’s coming out of it.  God’s Word, love, hope, compassion and healing.  Each drop has a scripture on it. We are to be so covered up in God that we want to inject him into our veins.  Isaiah was told to “EAT THIS SCROLL.”  What was on the scroll?  The words of God.   We are to get God into every fiber of our being.  This means bible study, finding a church, fellowship with other Christians, teaching, preaching and yes, even drawing.  God can be found in everything if we will just take the time to LOOK.  We need to be in constant prayer and listening at all times.  Even when it seems weird-like this drawing.    When I am drawing in my studio- it is a time of worship and a time of concentrated listening to what God is trying to say through the art.  I may understand it totally but that doesn’t mean others do, just like scripture.  It is deep.  This is how I get to share God with people, by telling them what the picture says.  God uses teachers, speakers and Pastors to explain His Word to us.   He uses artist’s in the same way- to tell His story in a different way.  Each artist uses their own style to get this across.  We have many bible versions-all written in a different form-all saying the same thing.  Each one speaks to people differently.  Art is like this too.

I am taking the Bethel bible study course and in this course there are “concepts and artist renderings” to help us remember what that scripture means.  A picture goes with a concept/ scripture.  Each picture has an explanation.  Without the explanation it is hard to understand the picture.  Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Picasso all need interpreting too.    Sure, you can look at the painting without it but you are missing the deeper meaning if you do.  If you are like me, you want to know the  deeper meaning so you can understand the artist’s goal.   Many artist’s are misinterpreted, much in the same way scripture is.  You have to understand the heart to understand the art.  You must know the heart of God to hear what the scriptures say too.  You can skim them over and think you know what they mean-I do this a lot-and I don’t take the time to dig deeper, but I am learning.  It’s in the digging that we find the Truth and God always speaks Truth, we are the ones who misinterpret, not God.   This is why I am taking the Bethel Bible study course- to dig deeper and to have the active, living Word of God living inside of my heart and my veins so that when I speak, move or draw-He comes out.  Being able to do that requires commitment, time and devotion.  It also requires a fellowship with other believers and a Godly leader.  You cannot do it alone.   I love my Bethel class and it has been the most amazing journey of the heart ever.  In fact, I am considering retaking it again at a later date.  I have another year to go with my classmates and I am looking forward to what God has in store for us individually and collectively-as a body of Believers.  He has put us together for a reason and we have learned much from one another.  I think the biggest mistake I made was thinking that it was going to be boring and no fun.  I was soooooo wrong!  We laugh and cut up and have fun!  We have also cried and prayed together.  Each of has seen God in a new light, in a new area and in a new way.   For me it has been glorious to see how God uses art to teach.  I was made for this class.

If you are interested in taking Bethel in 2012, please contact me and I will be glad to discuss this with you.  If you feel even the slightest twinge or thought about it- start praying about it now.  I will be happy to pray with you and for you.   We have been blessed so that we can BE a blessing!  I guarantee you that you meet the voice of Truth in this class.  I did.

Blessings for your journey,




What do you see?




I was looking through some old sketchbooks this past week and I came across this card that I had drawn back in January.  I had slipped it inside the sketch pocket and forgot about it.  I do that a lot.   I remember Evan telling me, right after we first met, that I should do a drawing of a hand with a hole in it and then a scene inside the hole.  I haven’t attempted that one yet-but it did lead me to doing this eye with a scene in it.


The first time I really saw what Jesus went through was when I watched the “Passion”.  I cried like a baby and it has forever altered my own eyesight.  I started seeing many things differently after that.  One of them was communion.  I have not taken communion the same way since then.  When I look into that cup I see this scene.  I can’t bring myself to paint a bloodied Jesus-it’s just not pretty.  I may one day though. I see the perfect love of God hanging on the cross-purity and obedience.  There is a tear drop inside a teardrop-this is my weeping for our Savior, my yearning to be with him forever.  Today the cross is EMPTY and I am humbled to know that God would love even me, an unworthy sinner who has been covered by the blood of Jesus.  Maybe that’s why the blood isn’t on the drawing-because it’s on me!

Now that’s something to think about…

Where are you in your walk?  Have you SEEN Jesus with your spiritual eyes?  I pray that you will if you haven’t and if you have I pray that you will share Jesus with someone today.  Be the Jesus that people need to feel, see, touch, hear and experience.  He died for each of us and his command is for us to tell the world.

Who are you telling today?

You can use your blog, your FB, your twitter, your Youtube, you cell phone, your voice, your actions, your compassion, your love and your life to do this.

Just don’t NOT do it.

Obedience always brings blessings.  We were created to BE A BLESSING!