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Bling or No Bling?



Bling or No Bling”

By Donna Godwin

I have a buddy who has a beautiful, shiny, cherry red, big and awesome sounding motorcycle.It has the chrome, the studs, the leather, the look and the loud pipes.

It is a beautiful bike! As a motorcycle rider I see a lot of BLING.

It’s all for looks, show and tell.

Recently my buddy had an accident, right in front of me. It happened in a split second and before I knew it he was weaving & bobbing, flipping & rolling, and bouncing on the pavement. The whole time the big beautiful bike followed him with every weave and bob, flip and roll. It landed on his chest.

All I could see was my buddy’s face and his eyes WIDE with fear and shock.

When the chaos stopped, he just laid there.

In the middle of the road.


All of a sudden the BLING wasn’t so important anymore.

The BLING was broken, dented and inoperable.

So was my buddy.

As he lay there, everyone rushed to his rescue. Some other riders picked the motorcycle up and off of him. They tried to talk to him and get him to wake up.

His life was at stake.

The police came, the fire trucks arrived,

and strangers stopped asking if they could help,

Was there anything they could do?”

When the ambulance came they checked my buddy over and he suffered some scratches and a broken shoulder.

But what he does NOT suffer from is a lost soul.

This BIG BAD BIKER DUDE has the real BLING…


He carries Him in his heart, wears Him on his leather and

rides with God’s saving hand upon him.

God spared his life.

I asked myself this…

Do I rush in like the police, firemen, and EMT’s to rescue a lost soul?

Do I ask what I can do to help?

Do I offer the Living Water to the homeless, poor and needy?


In this material world that we live in, it is easy to forget what is really important.

Our lives contain the BLING that clothes our bodies,

but that won’t get us to heaven.

Will it?

The only BLING that will get us there is Jesus Christ.


We can only enter heaven through Jesus.

We have to let him be our RESCUER, Our SAVIOR, and OUR BUDDY.

It is up to you and me to share the THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE with people.

We need to rush out into the world, just as the rescue people did with my buddy and tell people about Jesus.

The true BLING, The only BLING and the BLING that brings eternal LIFE.

Life happens in a split second.

Are you ready?