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Goin’ 2 the Dogs art….



Goin’ 2 the Dogs Pet Resort

These are some of the things I’ve been working on for the kennel.  These are large pieces 3′ by 4′.   I love the colors!

( Pardon me if I have already posted- can’t remember and don’t have time to look!)




This is my hound dog cutout- not finished yet-but I wanted to give you a peek!  He’s going to be fun!

So, be on the lookout for the Grand Opening! It will be here before we know it!


Painting Chairs at OOTBWC




The Art Ministry met Saturday and we watched a short video and talked about creation being the beginning of things!  These old chairs were a donation from Trinity United Methodist Church in Austinville, VA to OOTBWC.  They are starting a “new beginning” with us in the children’s ministry area of OOTBWC.  The kids spent a lot of time painting their ideas of creation on the chairs.   Each chair speaks of the individuality of each child-just as God planned it!   We are each a unique creation of God-made in His image-inhaling and exhaling the breath that God himself breathed into us.

Brandon works intently on painting his chair every color of the rainbow!  The rainbow is God’s promise to us!  If you don’t know what that is- read  Genesis 9.  Studying GOD’S Word is so very important in our daily lives!  I cannot stress this enough!  In my Bethel work I am constantly being amazed at how God has everything all planned out and what He says He’s going to do He does!  Studying God’s Word will take you to another level spiritually and it’s very, very important.

Chase was excited about painting dinosaurs and green grass, clouds and stars on his chair.  He loves dinosaurs and he knows where they came from and how they died!  He can also tell you the name of every dinosaur created!  Just ask him- I dare you!   Read about dinosaurs in Genesis 1:24- “the beasts of the earth….”   Do you know what day in creation that they were created?


Sweet little Eva-( Blake’s cousin) paints about the stars, sun, moon and God’s love on her chair.  She loves the color pink!


Hannah paints her chair “In the beginning…”  flowers, sun, moon, stars.  What? No VT???

And this bright face is Jessica Shank!  Mary’s granddaughter.  I think she had a blast!  Just look at that smile!  I  cut a kitty stencil for Jessica but it turned out more like a squirrel!  hahaha!  That’s the fun of it!

This is Emily’s creation!  Sun, moon, stars, flowers and “Jesus loves you” on the rungs.


Melanie got creative too!  Thanks for joining us!  I hope you will come again!



This is Blake being creative underneath his chair…

I wonder what he put there?  I guess you’ll have to come up and check it out!


We had one more chair and that was Mason- about the time I took the picture my camera died.  So I will be adding that picture at a later date.    Thanks to all the wonderful helpers I had!!!!!!  Thank you for sharing your children with me for this special project!  I look forward to seeing them again next month!

And remember….always study GOD’s Word!  It will change your life!