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Prayers of the people



This is the Christmas tree at OOTBWC.  Hanging on the tree are glass balls that hold little pieces of paper inside.  The prayers of the people are written on these pieces of paper.  No one will see them-only God knows the request.  For the month of January there will be someone praying over this tree and these requests.  If you have a prayer request you’d like to make-stop by and put it on the tree.  I think this is a beautiful representation of the prayers of the people and of the prayer warriors in the Body of Christ.

Every prayer uttered, unspoken, groaned, thought and screamed is heard by God.    He knows our every need and he is always faithful to send people to help us in times of need.  God has brought each of you to OOTBWC for a specific reason and only He knows that reason.  We are here to help you in anyway that we can.   We love you and we are glad that you have joined us!  We are all excited to see how God is at work in your life!  Please consider this your home-a place of refuge, a shelter from the storm.  Welcome….


OOTBWC Christmas Eve in pictures


Merry Christmas!

Last night we celebrated our first Christmas Eve service at OOTBWC.   Ronnie said that the gift is for us- and it is- Jesus came to this earth for US.  HE IS the gift.   We are to unwrap that gift of love in our lives everyday.   OOTBWC is helping us to do that!   Thank you conference, church and prayer warriors!   118 folks joined us for worship last night!  An outstanding number and it won’t take long to outgrow our space.  The air was filled with HOPE as Pastor Ronnie preached from his heart about God’s unconditional love and his persistent pursuit on our lives.  The message was timely and people were hungry for it.  I saw so many new faces!  God is drawing people into OOTBWC and I believe that God is working in hearts-right now-to transform Hillsville one person at a time.   I hear it, I see it,  and I feel it!  God’s PRESENCE abounds!

Merry Christmas Hillsville!

OOTBWC in pictures….ALL are WELCOME here!


A warm hug…

A smiling face and friendly wave….


Jammies and grins….

Maybe even a little tired…Mom’s in jammies too and Dad’s drinkin’ coffee!


A devoted prayer warrior…with the heart of Jesus….


and a rap star…( Blake was our “rapper” in our Christmas play!)

Santa’s elf?

Spirit filled praise music!

Grace filled preaching…



Jesus loves us no matter what we’ve done…no matter what!

Do YOU believe in LOVE?


This man does and he loves singing about  it!



and these guys love having fun in it!


and this family has the twinkle of  Jesus in their eyes….see it?


It may be cold outside…

but it’s warm in here!

Come and see us again!  We can’t wait!

Our next service is January 2, 2011 at 9:30 am….come early for coffee and fellowship!