Daily Archives: December 20, 2010

A cuppa joe



Everyone who knows me knows how much I love coffee!  Today, my coffee and I had a totally new experience!  But let me back up for a minute…on Saturday we helped clean and get the worship center ready for the service on Sunday.  Emily, my 9 year old, had a big cup of hot cocoa in her hands in the sanctuary.  I told her to take her cocoa to the front of the building and off of the new carpet.  Who wouldn’t tell a kid that, right?   Well, it seems that I have it all wrong and she has it all right.  It’s funny how these things work out sometimes, isn’t it?


Tonight, I am still pulling my foot out of my mouth concerning the hot cocoa.  Why?  Because coffee and hot cocoa are welcome additions in our sanctuary at OOTBWC.  Can you imagine sitting in your pew sipping a nice hot cuppa joe?  Well, if you can’t- stop by OOTBWC and try it out!   You know, I am 49 years old and some might say I am set in my ways and others might say I am a little rebellious.  Well, there’s a balance there someplace and when you find it- will you let me know?  I was brought up in church and we never, ever drank anything in the sanctuary.  We just didn’t do it.  So, I am accustomed to that mindset.   Understandable I suppose.

Pastor Ronnie said that he wanted to teach us why we do the things we do and we may do some things in a new way.  Today was that day and for me it was the simple little cup of coffee.



I know it’s just a little cup of coffee, but is it really?   It’s a conversation starter,

” Hi!  Would you like a cup of coffee?”

” Sure.”

“What would you like in it?”

“Cream, no sugar.”

“Gee thanks, this is good.”

“What kind of coffee is it?”

“It’s…. “

” By the way, my name is…. what’s yours?”


And so it goes…a relationship is started over a cup of coffee!


Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on what YOU put in it!


I like my coffee piping hot with creamer in it.  Sometimes I like it flavored, others I don’t.  It just depends.  This morning I drank it while sitting in my seat, next to my hubby and daughter, while listening to Pastor Ronnie speak the Word of God.  I have to admit at first it was a little strange, drinking that coffee in a church service.  But then I remembered that this isn’t your NoRmAl church service!  Why, I even got my phone out and texted my daughter- who was across the room with her friends.  I saw people with Ipod touch’s, Blackberries, and even an Ipad!  I am sure someone was tweeting and twittering-not me though- I was taking pictures.  I heard every word and felt the presence of God while drinking coffee, texting and photographing.  Not all at once though!  That would take several more arms!    I must say that I enjoyed the experience very much.   I hope that one day I will be set up to just draw to my heart’s content while Ronnie preaches.  No clocks, no limitations and who knows, maybe it could be a drawing or painting that continues over time.  That would be sweet.  What would be even sweeter would be to have the entire congregation have a hand in it!  A true masterpiece!

My teenage daughter told me today that this is the most comfortable she has ever been in church and she felt free to worship God and raise her arms in praise.  She also said that we didn’t need to go to the altar to pray because God was in our seats with us!  I have realized today that I need to “chillax” ( relax and chill out) about things like hot cocoa and new carpeting and be more concerned with things of eternal significance.

When I was taking pictures of empty coffee cups in the trash, Jason asked me what I was doing.  I told him that my mind was whirling and I was being creative.   The coffee cups may have been empty but our hearts were full!  I am glad those cups were empty!  Aren’t you?  Let’s keep that coffee hot and flowing!  ( BTW- thanks LORI!!!)

Praise be to God!