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Mary-Emma Reitzel-Christmas Play 2



This is Emma-she played Mary, Mother of Jesus in last night’s Christmas play.  Emma is 13.  I have read that Mary was 14 when she carried our sweet Savior in her womb.    I don’t know how many people thought about that last night and some may not have realized that she was a young teen when God called her to be the Mother of His precious Son.

As Emma began to sing I thought about my own daughters-one is 9 and the other is 16.  I cannot imagine…

Mary was a virgin, young, pure, holy and obedient.  I see Mary in Emma’s face.  Soft, tender and looking to her Father in heaven as she began her beautiful song of love to Him.  She sang ” Breath of Heaven.”     The song you will hear on the post is done by Amy Grant.  Emma’s was even more beautiful.  Close your eyes as you listen.  When you get done- watch and listen again and think about how young Mary was.  Think about the words she is singing.

I know that God was with us last night because I could feel Him, hear Him and see Him all over this beautiful young woman.  Words can’t really describe it-it was more of a fullness of the heart, a beauty of the spirit and a sense of the presence of God in Emma.  As she sang she kept looking up and out just as if she were singing her song TO God.   To her true love.  I do believe she was.  It was like there was no one else in the room except her and God.  She didn’t appear to see us, she didn’t seem the least bit nervous and I know that the breath of heaven is IN this child.  Sure, she played a part, but did she really?  She played it so well that I felt like she was Mary.   I can’t wait to see what God is going to do next in this young woman!

Thank you sweet Emma!    Thank you Mom and Dad Reitzel!

Love you all!

This has been the best Christmas yet!

Merry Christmas



Christmas Play 2010



Directed by Cindy Jackson


Awesome pick! Last night was the Christmas play at FUMC Hillsville.  It was one of the best plays I have ever been to!   It was funny, sassy, cute, twangy, city slickerish and it pointed us all to the beautiful birth of Jesus Christ.   It left me in awe of God.

This is the Sunbeam Choir led by Vivian McBride and Kim Harrison.  They played the bells beautifully!  “Child of the Poor/What Child Is This,  and Hurry, Hurry.”

City Slickers and Country Cousins

Emily and Elizabeth and Jenny!

Uncle YULE- played by Jerry Varn

Granny-played by Shirley Varn

The Jingle Rap by Blake Crim

Some of the Jingle Rappers

“Uncle Yule- tell me the story one more time…please????”

Ally Brown- a Country Cousin telling her part of the story

Joseph and Mary ( Kyle Collins and Emma Reitzel)


Emma as Mary- breathtaking!

The finale….

What an awesome way to share God’s LOVE with our community!  What a great play kids!  Awesome job!  You’re the best!  I love you all!

For more on the play…see my next post concerning “Mary…”