Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

Boone- here we come!



In about 10 hours we will be traveling to Boone, NC to work in the Shoebox Distribution Center for the afternoon.  While there we will be checking the contents of the boxes for things like chocolate and bubbles-things we all love but things that don’t travel well in a box going thousands of miles across the world.  It is an amazing time of fellowship and celebration.  For all of us it has become an important part of our Christmas.

I would like to take a minute to give thanks for the heart that God put into our very own  “Shoebox Lady”  for leading this ministry of ” love in a Shoebox”  at our church.   Her motto is ” It’s all about the baby” and it is!  God came down from heaven, as a baby in a manger to show us how to love one another all those years ago.  He was THE gift to the world, wrapped in cloth,  and smelling like straw-just waiting to be unwrapped!  That was thousands of years ago!

Here we are today, in 2010, sending Jesus across this great earth in a box.  A box waiting to be unwrapped by little children all over the world.  There are many other things in the box, such as socks, crayons and baby dolls.  But the most important item in the box is something we can’t even see.  It is the Spirit of God- alive and well between the pages of a gospel tract written in their language.  The love of Christ is offered inside each box.  God knows where every little box is going before we ever begin packing it.   I beleive this with all of my heart because of the stories that come back to us.  Like the story of a person packing a box with nothing but socks in it.  They listened to the Holy Spirit and sent it just as it was.  The person checking the box in also listened and left the box as it was.  Many months later that box arrived to it’s destination.  Where?  To a child who was having problems with his feet and was in need of socks!!!!!!!!  People don’t do that- GOD DOES!  We listen, obey and act.

My friend, the Shoebox Lady,  does this well.  She puts her heart and soul into the work that we do all year long for the Shoebox Ministry.  She has taught me much about what a commitment means and what passion is.  She IS older than me- so she does have a little more wisdom under her belt than I do! ( Teehee)  So, as we depart from Hillsville to Boone and Charlotte this week, please send up prayers of thanks for this ministry and for every child that receives a box,  because inside that box is the greatest gift of all- the love of Jesus Christ.

I thank God for you, Shoebox Lady and I thank God for enlarging my heart through this ministry!  Thank you Church for your support!  Now let’s go out and “Give this Christmas Away!”