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Enter Into Worship



We are all so excited!!!!  OOTBWC is 16 hours away from the first preview service!  This morning we gathered together downtown  to move things, clean, wash windows, decorate, sweep, mop, vacuum, put together, rearrange, arrange and even paint!  My first glance said, ” hmmm…there’s a lot that needs to be done here before morning.”  But God is in the plan and He is the Master Engineer!  When many hands come together to do God’s work, with the right talents, tools, gifts and wisdom, a LOT of work can be done in a little amount of time!  Here are some pictures to show you what I mean!

Footsteps….”Where you go, I will follow you…”



Downtown Hillsville.


As you can see from the picture it was snowing!  Snow is cleansing.  How appropriate for this day!  We were cleaning God’s House!

Here we are, waiting for directions on what to do first.  You have to have a plan!

You have to have the right tools too!

Without the proper tools you can’t get the work done!


This jumble of tools are a lot like all of us…we each have a specific purpose in God’s plan.  Some cut wire, some turn bolts and some remove screws.  We can’t use a wire cutter to remove a bolt or a screwdriver to cut a wire.  In order to get the job done we need a lot of different tools.  Just like us- each persona has a unique purpose in God’s plan and He has brought us all together at OOTBWC to reveal that plan to the world.  The plan is all GOD’s- not ours.  We are told to “follow Him” and that’s what we are all doing.



Here are some of the workers taking care of the stage area.


This is the hallway entering into the sanctuary.  You know I am reminded of the Tabernacle as I write this.  In the OT you couldn’t just enter the Tabernacle without being a Priest and without going through many rituals.  One of those rituals was a sacrifice.   The first born.  Everything had to be performed to a certain standard, or else.  Then Jesus came.  He changed all of that when He died on the cross.  He was the first born, pure and Holy, unblemished.  When he died the veil was torn and the power of God was revealed through Christ’s amazing transformation in His Resurrection.   It is because of that sacrifice that we can enter into worship with God without going through all of those rituals and sacrifices.   All we have to do is ENTER IN.  That’s it.  Just come on in and fellowship with us!  God is anxious to meet you where you are at.  He loves you the way you are.

Come on in….




We’ll help you find your way around and get you a great seat!  We can’t wait to meet you!


Our impromptu/recycled signage.  haha.  Hey- it works….like I said the right tools for the right job….just don’t take a ruler to it because we didn’t have one!  We used a pool stick as our yardstick!  LOL

Merry CHRISTmas Hillsville!


I will follow you…

Thanks for all the hard work, prayers and dedication!  ALso- to the Holston Conference and Wytheville District- THANK YOU for your support and prayers!

We are blessed to be a blessing to others!

Thank you Lord Jesus!