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Prayers of the people



This is the Christmas tree at OOTBWC.  Hanging on the tree are glass balls that hold little pieces of paper inside.  The prayers of the people are written on these pieces of paper.  No one will see them-only God knows the request.  For the month of January there will be someone praying over this tree and these requests.  If you have a prayer request you’d like to make-stop by and put it on the tree.  I think this is a beautiful representation of the prayers of the people and of the prayer warriors in the Body of Christ.

Every prayer uttered, unspoken, groaned, thought and screamed is heard by God.    He knows our every need and he is always faithful to send people to help us in times of need.  God has brought each of you to OOTBWC for a specific reason and only He knows that reason.  We are here to help you in anyway that we can.   We love you and we are glad that you have joined us!  We are all excited to see how God is at work in your life!  Please consider this your home-a place of refuge, a shelter from the storm.  Welcome….


OOTBWC Christmas Eve in pictures


Merry Christmas!

Last night we celebrated our first Christmas Eve service at OOTBWC.   Ronnie said that the gift is for us- and it is- Jesus came to this earth for US.  HE IS the gift.   We are to unwrap that gift of love in our lives everyday.   OOTBWC is helping us to do that!   Thank you conference, church and prayer warriors!   118 folks joined us for worship last night!  An outstanding number and it won’t take long to outgrow our space.  The air was filled with HOPE as Pastor Ronnie preached from his heart about God’s unconditional love and his persistent pursuit on our lives.  The message was timely and people were hungry for it.  I saw so many new faces!  God is drawing people into OOTBWC and I believe that God is working in hearts-right now-to transform Hillsville one person at a time.   I hear it, I see it,  and I feel it!  God’s PRESENCE abounds!

Merry Christmas Hillsville!

OOTBWC in pictures….ALL are WELCOME here!


A warm hug…

A smiling face and friendly wave….


Jammies and grins….

Maybe even a little tired…Mom’s in jammies too and Dad’s drinkin’ coffee!


A devoted prayer warrior…with the heart of Jesus….


and a rap star…( Blake was our “rapper” in our Christmas play!)

Santa’s elf?

Spirit filled praise music!

Grace filled preaching…



Jesus loves us no matter what we’ve done…no matter what!

Do YOU believe in LOVE?


This man does and he loves singing about  it!



and these guys love having fun in it!


and this family has the twinkle of  Jesus in their eyes….see it?


It may be cold outside…

but it’s warm in here!

Come and see us again!  We can’t wait!

Our next service is January 2, 2011 at 9:30 am….come early for coffee and fellowship!

Joseph’s Lullaby


This is for all you Dad’s out there…a beautiful lullaby about baby Jesus.  I love the piano in this piece.  I found my “piano bear” drawing I did back in 1998.  Wow!  Time flies!  Anyway- enjoy the art and the music!  ( pretend the bear is Ray….he is a phenomenal pianist who plays by ear!  A true gift from God!)

It will help you fall in love with our Creator…

Merry Christmas!


11 pm Christmas Eve service at Out of the Box Worship Center



Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we will have a service from 11 pm until midnight!    We are all very excited about this service and we are praying for the snow to hold off until AFTER the service!

Christmas is about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He was born in a new way-through a virgin who was just a child herself.  She was holy and pure, unblemished- just as Jesus is.  That was planned.    There was a lot of speculation, accusations, and unbelief around this “new thing” that God was doing.    How in the world could a young woman have a child and still be a virgin?  Only by the power of God!  It was unbelievable!  It took great faith from Joseph to follow God’s calling.  Following God is never easy and it takes great sacrifice, commitment, and devotion mixed with a passionate love for Christ.   Mary knew her calling was of God.  She could feel the Savior kicking in her belly, alive and full of compassion.

I have met a lot of people in my 49 years but never anyone as devoted and focused on God as our Pastor Ronnie and his wife Misty.   I have seen the Holy Spirit fall upon Ronnie again and again and again.  I have felt the presence of God in my own life by studying, praying and building Godly relationships with Pastor Ronnie and Misty.  They have both taken me by the hand and have served me grace, compassion and an all consuming love for Christ.  They have taught me how to pray, how to fast, how to seek God, how to lay down things like guilt, the past, and prejudices.  They have helped me pick up unconditional love, forgiveness,  and grace for ALL people.  Not just those I like, but those that I find that are hard to love.   They have taught me what “community” means and what it truly means to serve God in every area of my life.  (I’m still working on that! )

I have also seen and felt the hand of God on my family through these two faithful servants.  I thank God for HIS presence in the lives of our children through Ronnie and Misty and their family.   Our daughters have a solid foundation because of the devotion and commitment that God has instilled inside of Ronnie and Misty.  This unbelievable love keeps growing in our children and for us, that is the best gift of all.  The gift of Jesus Christ in their lives and hearts.

Thank you Lord, for what you are doing through Pastor Ronnie and Misty.

The baby Jesus grew inside of Mary for 9 months so that he could be born inside of each of us.  In turn we give our lives to tell that story.  Out of the Box Worship Center is one way that we tell our story.  We tell it when we hold our hand out and say, ” Welcome, come inside where it’s warm.  Can I get you a cup of coffee?”  That cup of coffee could change a life.  You just never know.  Hard to believe isn’t it?   It’s no different today than it was 2000 years ago.  God is still at work trying to save His people.  He doesn’t give up.

It is God’s timing that the Worship Center is being “birthed” during the most important season in our lives- CHRISTmas.  Christ came to be with us then and He is still coming to be with us today.  This is not new- but it is being done in a new way.   No perfect people allowed.  Jesus will meet you where YOU are and not anywhere else.    After all He met Mary and Joseph in a barn didn’t he?

We would love to have you join us, check it out, stop in and say hi!  We want to meet you but more importantly we want you to meet Jesus!  Come and celebrate this CHRISTmas with us!

11 pm, December 24, 2010…you’ll never forget it!


A cuppa joe



Everyone who knows me knows how much I love coffee!  Today, my coffee and I had a totally new experience!  But let me back up for a minute…on Saturday we helped clean and get the worship center ready for the service on Sunday.  Emily, my 9 year old, had a big cup of hot cocoa in her hands in the sanctuary.  I told her to take her cocoa to the front of the building and off of the new carpet.  Who wouldn’t tell a kid that, right?   Well, it seems that I have it all wrong and she has it all right.  It’s funny how these things work out sometimes, isn’t it?


Tonight, I am still pulling my foot out of my mouth concerning the hot cocoa.  Why?  Because coffee and hot cocoa are welcome additions in our sanctuary at OOTBWC.  Can you imagine sitting in your pew sipping a nice hot cuppa joe?  Well, if you can’t- stop by OOTBWC and try it out!   You know, I am 49 years old and some might say I am set in my ways and others might say I am a little rebellious.  Well, there’s a balance there someplace and when you find it- will you let me know?  I was brought up in church and we never, ever drank anything in the sanctuary.  We just didn’t do it.  So, I am accustomed to that mindset.   Understandable I suppose.

Pastor Ronnie said that he wanted to teach us why we do the things we do and we may do some things in a new way.  Today was that day and for me it was the simple little cup of coffee.



I know it’s just a little cup of coffee, but is it really?   It’s a conversation starter,

” Hi!  Would you like a cup of coffee?”

” Sure.”

“What would you like in it?”

“Cream, no sugar.”

“Gee thanks, this is good.”

“What kind of coffee is it?”

“It’s…. “

” By the way, my name is…. what’s yours?”


And so it goes…a relationship is started over a cup of coffee!


Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on what YOU put in it!


I like my coffee piping hot with creamer in it.  Sometimes I like it flavored, others I don’t.  It just depends.  This morning I drank it while sitting in my seat, next to my hubby and daughter, while listening to Pastor Ronnie speak the Word of God.  I have to admit at first it was a little strange, drinking that coffee in a church service.  But then I remembered that this isn’t your NoRmAl church service!  Why, I even got my phone out and texted my daughter- who was across the room with her friends.  I saw people with Ipod touch’s, Blackberries, and even an Ipad!  I am sure someone was tweeting and twittering-not me though- I was taking pictures.  I heard every word and felt the presence of God while drinking coffee, texting and photographing.  Not all at once though!  That would take several more arms!    I must say that I enjoyed the experience very much.   I hope that one day I will be set up to just draw to my heart’s content while Ronnie preaches.  No clocks, no limitations and who knows, maybe it could be a drawing or painting that continues over time.  That would be sweet.  What would be even sweeter would be to have the entire congregation have a hand in it!  A true masterpiece!

My teenage daughter told me today that this is the most comfortable she has ever been in church and she felt free to worship God and raise her arms in praise.  She also said that we didn’t need to go to the altar to pray because God was in our seats with us!  I have realized today that I need to “chillax” ( relax and chill out) about things like hot cocoa and new carpeting and be more concerned with things of eternal significance.

When I was taking pictures of empty coffee cups in the trash, Jason asked me what I was doing.  I told him that my mind was whirling and I was being creative.   The coffee cups may have been empty but our hearts were full!  I am glad those cups were empty!  Aren’t you?  Let’s keep that coffee hot and flowing!  ( BTW- thanks LORI!!!)

Praise be to God!






OOTBWC Preview Service 12/19/10




This has been an exciting year for our church.  We have many new ministries that have started and are flourishing-Wheatland SS Ministry, The new Spanish ministry and now OOTBWC.  I know that God has received several new converts into His ever expanding family here on earth. Hallelujah!   I also know that we have several who have expressed a desire to join OOTBWC.   God is at work among us!  It’s not the work of one- but the work of many, many, many hands, hearts and prayers.  The Body of Christ.  YOU!


As I was making Christmas goodies with the girls this afternoon my mind raced back the Evangelism conference earlier in 2010.  It seems like years ago-but it was really only 10 months ago!  I told Corynn that the preview service this morning reminded me of the conference.  She agreed.  In my mind I see Hillsville hosting an evangelism conference in the future.   For those who were there, I know you remember the excitement and anticipation we all felt that weekend.  It was exactly like today.  Arms raised, hearts and mouths praising God Almighty.  The WORD of God was being spoken and was LIVING in each person there.  I know it took a lot of work, prayers, and commitment to get that conference off the ground…just like it has with OOTBWC.


A tree comes out of it’s box…to be lit up and shared with all…this evening it holds the precious prayers of the people.



As one of the team members I can say that this morning was like the icing and the ice cream on the cake!  We have seen the walls come down, things stop, start, and stop again.  We have experienced bad weather and other things that are too numerous to count.  We have all had to re-focus ourselves from time to time and remind each other to look to GOD in ALL things.  God is large and in charge and he controls the stops and starts.  We will never know his reasons for why things have happened the way they have-we have to continue to walk by faith and not by sight, at all times.    This morning He made a huge start!

As I walked into OOTBWC I was greeted by team members who were waiting outside on the sidewalk.  They were there to greet and guide people into the building.  As I went through the doors I could smell the aroma of coffee and hot cocoa inside and I was greeted with these big grins from other team members.  Those smiles said to me, ” JOY!”


I walked down the hall that leads to the sanctuary and opened the door….I was taken aback by what I saw……


Pretty crazy, huh?  A first preview service with this many people!    100!!!!!!!!!    The night before we spent time cleaning and setting up chairs.  I wondered how many people would be there the next day.  Well, this morning,  when I opened the door all I saw were full seats!  The place was packed!  My heart jumped right out of my chest.  There were quite a lot of people there I didn’t know and had never met.  I could feel the emotions rising up in my throat and right to my tear ducts, but I held it in.

No crying today.


You see today is proof that GOD exists!  That there IS JOY in this  broken world and it’s in knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

I saw people who were hungry for God and who were being fed by hearing Ronnie’s beautiful, heartfelt message on JOY.    I didn’t just see it- I felt it to the core of my soul.   The atmosphere in the room was one of excitement and anticipation- just like at the Evangelism conference.  THIS WAS God’s “evangelism conference in Hillsville! “




The praise band was fueled with passion for Jesus Christ and they got us up out of our seats and worshiping God.  It was a beautiful thing.

Look!  These teens are having fun worshiping God!  I love these crazy kids!  They’ve “got it!”


They are even taking notes!

I know that God’s heart was jumping for JOY because my own was beating right out of my skin.   I was sort of busy with my camera and I took a lot of photo’s to mark this day.  This is just the beginning.   Cort said, ” we are going to need a bigger building!”  AMEN!

Wow!  What an awesome God we serve!  In these next pictures you will see the Glory of the Lord shining on the face of His precious child, our Pastor Ronnie.

We love you Ronnie and Misty!




Mary-Emma Reitzel-Christmas Play 2



This is Emma-she played Mary, Mother of Jesus in last night’s Christmas play.  Emma is 13.  I have read that Mary was 14 when she carried our sweet Savior in her womb.    I don’t know how many people thought about that last night and some may not have realized that she was a young teen when God called her to be the Mother of His precious Son.

As Emma began to sing I thought about my own daughters-one is 9 and the other is 16.  I cannot imagine…

Mary was a virgin, young, pure, holy and obedient.  I see Mary in Emma’s face.  Soft, tender and looking to her Father in heaven as she began her beautiful song of love to Him.  She sang ” Breath of Heaven.”     The song you will hear on the post is done by Amy Grant.  Emma’s was even more beautiful.  Close your eyes as you listen.  When you get done- watch and listen again and think about how young Mary was.  Think about the words she is singing.

I know that God was with us last night because I could feel Him, hear Him and see Him all over this beautiful young woman.  Words can’t really describe it-it was more of a fullness of the heart, a beauty of the spirit and a sense of the presence of God in Emma.  As she sang she kept looking up and out just as if she were singing her song TO God.   To her true love.  I do believe she was.  It was like there was no one else in the room except her and God.  She didn’t appear to see us, she didn’t seem the least bit nervous and I know that the breath of heaven is IN this child.  Sure, she played a part, but did she really?  She played it so well that I felt like she was Mary.   I can’t wait to see what God is going to do next in this young woman!

Thank you sweet Emma!    Thank you Mom and Dad Reitzel!

Love you all!

This has been the best Christmas yet!

Merry Christmas



Christmas Play 2010



Directed by Cindy Jackson


Awesome pick! Last night was the Christmas play at FUMC Hillsville.  It was one of the best plays I have ever been to!   It was funny, sassy, cute, twangy, city slickerish and it pointed us all to the beautiful birth of Jesus Christ.   It left me in awe of God.

This is the Sunbeam Choir led by Vivian McBride and Kim Harrison.  They played the bells beautifully!  “Child of the Poor/What Child Is This,  and Hurry, Hurry.”

City Slickers and Country Cousins

Emily and Elizabeth and Jenny!

Uncle YULE- played by Jerry Varn

Granny-played by Shirley Varn

The Jingle Rap by Blake Crim

Some of the Jingle Rappers

“Uncle Yule- tell me the story one more time…please????”

Ally Brown- a Country Cousin telling her part of the story

Joseph and Mary ( Kyle Collins and Emma Reitzel)


Emma as Mary- breathtaking!

The finale….

What an awesome way to share God’s LOVE with our community!  What a great play kids!  Awesome job!  You’re the best!  I love you all!

For more on the play…see my next post concerning “Mary…”