Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

Keep looking up….




Hokie TREE



I’ve lived here for 12 years, never been to a Hokie game, yet I have a Hokie Tree in my yard!  My kids are consumed with Hokie Land and one of them has been to a game and they both want to go to VT when they graduate.  Imagine that!  The closest I have been to a game is what you see in the next clips.  Watching them makes me want to attend a game…just ONCE.  I love the energy, excitement and commitment level of our Hokies!  I especially love the marching band!

I hope you enjoy the clips and our Hokie Tree!  And maybe….just maybe…I’ll get to a game one day….hint…hint…hint….  :):)


This is so weird…



Hi!  I took these pictures this morning as the kids were waiting on the bus….brrrrrrr…it was cold!  I thought the sky was beautiful with it’s red hues and pink tones.  Emily said “Mom that’s not pretty, it looks the earth is on fire…”  Hmmmm….a little scary for an early morning thought.  Anyway- Our Bradford Pear trees are finally turning color and here are a few of them.  Beautiful colors.   You will note in the 4th picture that trees across the road are orange at the top.  I thought they were gorgeous and I hadn’t noticed them before.  Well, I took the picture and walked around a bit and then went back a few minutes later and took the last picture.  See anything weird there?  NO COLOR!  Same spot, same day, same yard.  3 minutes later.  How weird is that?    It is a mystery to me.  Corynn said I was nuts.  But the proof is in the pictures!  So if you have any scientific or supernatural explanation for this please share!