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Remembering Marta


Good Morning!  Today the OOTBWC Launch Team will be commissioned as missionaries to Hillsville.  My family and I are a part of this team.  Last year I went on my first international mission trip and it changed my life.  It has given me a passion for missions everywhere.  While on that trip I received a gift.  Here is a picture of that gift.  I have never met the artisan in person, but I have met her heart through her work, and have felt her faith through her story.


Her is what I know of her story….

Her name is Marta and as this was given to me I was told of a story about Pastor Ty and Marta.

Pastor Ty was on his first mission trip to Slovakia and he was asked to preach.

Pastor Ty was preaching and Marta accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior through that message.   Hallelujah!

Today Marta makes these beautiful “fish” necklaces by sewing very fine wire onto a stone.  When she is done she sells them.  This one was given to me on the last evening we were in Slovakia.   We each received one.  To me this beautiful necklace represents Pastor Ty’s obedience in going on the trip and preaching the message, as well as Marta’s obedience in hearing the call of Jesus on her life.  It is a beautiful representation of what we are called to do everyday, everywhere.

Matthew 4:19 NIV

19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

So, as the team is being commissioned today, I would like to take a moment and thank God for Marta and for Pastor Ty.   The wire is carefully knit together over the rock, held in place by the love that God put into Marta’s heart through the message of His faithful servant.  We are the wire- carefully sewn together as a team for God to go and share His beautiful message of Love to the world.

Please pray for us as we leave our comfortable surroundings, friends, and church family to begin a new journey downtown.  Pray also for those who are already coming to fill our seats.  Pray for OOTBWC to be filled with hungry converts!  Pray for Hillsville to be turned upside down, one person at a time.  God is at work.  Let us embrace that work with a passion for Him.

Humbly His,



Ideas for murals, etc..



These are a few drawings that I did, over the holiday weekend, as ideas for the new worship center children’s area.

Each picture tells a story and it is my passion to tell the story of God’s love, mercy and grace through my work.    I hope that what the kids see will inspire them to  draw closer to God and to tell God’s story through the gifts He has given them.


Tree of Life with heart shaped apples.  River of Life flowing from base with a bible .  A heart carved in the bark to show that God loves us.  Our names are engraved on His hands.


If you have any ideas for paintings, murals, etc., let me know!  I’d love to hear them!

I am thinking about doing the sun as a 3-D wall hanging to be used wherever.   My brain is working overtime on this one.  I love the colors-they POP!


We have a lot of work to do and I covet your prayers.




A day in pictures and music


Our weekend in a few  photos…

massive yardwork!



We painted the stairs with music notes…Corynn did a great job!


The girls played a little “geetar…”


Em is eager to learn from sissy!

sissy is teaching em finger positions….


Em is jammin…bada bing, bada boom!

A sweet gift came in the mail from BIG sissy!  Thanks sissy!

And the old, but never forgotten Wizard of Oz was on the tube.   ” We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!”  Let’s go Dorothy!

Oh and if you haven’t met “Bruce Almighty” yet- here he is.  Can you guess which one is Bruce?



Playing tunes for Betsy and Bruce…

Putting something together…” Dad are you SURE that’s right?”

Who? Me?  I didn’t do it!

Finally…home…reading a wonderful book by David Jeremiah.  Beautiful, awesome and his writing will make your heart do somersaults!  Mine has flipped it’s lid!

A Heart of Stewardship


The heart:  this represents God’s heart and the fact that he wants our hearts to match his in our attitude of giving WILLINGLY.  He will not force this on us, but he does give us help.
Dove: That help comes in the form of the Holy Spirit-which is represented by the dove.   The dove is carrying our offerings to heaven.

Acts 1:8 says:  8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

When we each look to the HS for help in the way we are to give, tithe, and serve we can be better stewards. Better stewardship equals better witnessing.

Ribbon: represents our giving.  The HS brings us each to a place of giving.  We cannot do this alone and God never leaves us alone to do this work.  The open ends of the ribbon getting wider represents our spirit of giving- reaching out to a needy world.

Drop of blood:  Jesus gave much and requires little.  10% is all He asks of us.  This represents our obedience and faithfulness.

Colors:  RED:   represents the blood of Jesus – shows that Jesus gave it all…all to Him we owe….  It is the blood that freely flowed on the day he died.

BLUE:  represents  where we store our treasures- in heaven.  Blue is the color of heaven.

White- pure, giving, hearts, purity, faithfulness.

Here is the poster that goes with the logo.

I wonder…



I am thankful to GOD for creating us out of nothing.

I wonder if he was lonely?

I am thankful for a Creator who never gives up on his people.

I wonder if he is frustrated?

I am thankful for a Father who cries over His children.

I wonder if he is sad?

I am thankful for the wonder working power of God, who worked through a precious baby boy, who was  born in  manger on a dark and lonely night.  A baby who would soon save the world.

I wonder what he was thinking.

I am thankful for the love that I feel in my heart that was placed there by His finger.  I am thankful for the touch of  life.  My heart flutters.

I wonder if His heart is beating as fast as mine?

I am thankful for that heartbeat and for the life giving blood that flows through my veins.   It is the same blood that flowed from His side and His hands and feet.  It is abundant grace.  It is life.  It is necessary in order to live and we are covered by it.

There is life in the blood.

Just ask Jesus…He knows.

Thank you Lord for your Son…for your love, mercy and grace upon my life.   My heart cannot beat in time with you….without you.  I thank you for that timing in my life and in the lives of my children and husband.  I see you more and more everyday- IN them.  You are so beautiful,  so very alive and  ever joyful.  You fill my heart with peace-the peace that passes all understanding.

I am so thankful for YOU.


Happy Thanksgiving!





Wow….The wonder of God never ceases to amaze me!  Last night was  such a beautiful night and after such a Spirit filled day it was like the icing on the cake!  We had such a wonderful day of anointed worship and celebration that I didn’t think it could get any better!  God surprises us when we least expect it!

Sunday afternoon is dedicated to my Bethel studies and we have class from 4-6 pm at church.  Now that Daylight savings is in effect it is dark when we leave the church.  The moon was gorgeous last night, but what was even more spectacular were the clouds surrounding it.  They were like this ripply, cosmic looking painting from outer space.  Only God could do that.  No paintbrush could imitate them.  So, when I got home I ran in the house, got my camera and yelled at Corynn to “come on, let’s go take some moon pictures!”  Of course she was game- she drove!  It’s great having her driving now because we can do these little crazy things like taking pictures at night!

So we drive all around Mitchell’s Crossroads trying to get the “perfect moon photo” from different places.  I’m afraid my camera isn’t the one I need to do this.  Taking moon pictures is hard!  Anyway- Corynn had this spot she wanted to take me to, so we drove there.  I was fiddling with my camera along the way, not paying much attention to where we were.  For some reason I looked up and there before us was this beautiful view of the light streaming out of the windows of Omega Coalition Church, lighting up the dark night sky.   I shouted, ” STOP!  Right here!  I’ve got to get this picture!”  My heart was racing as I fumbled with my camera in the darkness of the car.  Corynn pulled over and I jumped out….I knew I just had to get the picture because it was sooooooo beautiful!

I took about 20 pictures-none of them coming out to my satisfaction.  The windows on the church are stained glass and I could see the many colors from the road, but my camera was not picking them up the way my eyes were seeing them.  I finally decided that maybe that was just for me to see in that moment.  Some things are just too beautiful to replicate.  This was one of those things.  I saw the beauty of God in the light streaming from the windows.  The light pierced the darkness-slicing through the night.  It took my breath away.

God is here.

He is at work all around us-even in our darkest hours.

He comes in with His light and He fills up our hearts.




The Light of His grace fills up our hearts.

Corynn and I have this favorite song called ” Your Love is a Song” by Switchfoot.  It is beautiful.  In the song they sing about our “eyes being wide open.”  Last night my eyes were wide open.  I sincerely hope your eyes are open wide too.  Why? Because God is all around us, in us, over us, before us, behind us.  His eyes are searching the earth to and fro-looking for those who are seeking Him.  He wants to knock your socks off with His grace and love.

God created the heavens and earth out of His great love for us.  He has spent His every moment trying to love, teach, discipline, and warn us about who He is, what He can do, what He will do, what He has done and what is to come.  Are we awake?   Are we listening?  Seeking, searching and discerning?  Are we allowing God to “knock our socks off?”  I hope you are!  If you aren’t and you want to know how-just ask me.  I’ll help you find your way to the Light.

The Great Light of the world.

Now listen to this….

May you fall head over heels in love and into the loving and precious arms of your Savior- Jesus Christ,  the Light of the world.

Thank you Omega Coalition Church for keeping the ” Light”  on!  Bless you!




I love drawing cartoon dogs and cats.  This one is cute.  Who knows what he is up to!  Only the pencil knows the rest of the story!  haha!   My friend is planning to open a boarding and grooming kennel and has asked me to work on some mural designs for some of the different areas in the kennel.  In my doodling I came up with this frisky fella…. we’ll see where he lands!

Spiritual Warfare





This has been a crazy week!  A good, busy and productive week.  God has planned many things to happen over the next several weeks.   Tonight is one of the first events for Out Of The Box Worship Center.  We are meeting for a time of fellowship and sharing God’s vision with the community.  From 6 pm until 7:30 pm there will be finger foods, music and fellowship.  Please join us!

Tomorrow is Shoebox Blessing Sunday.  We will have a big parade with the children pulling wagon loads of FULL Shoeboxes to go around the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with other children.   This is such a fun and joyous time for our church family to come together and celebrate what God has done and will continue doing through this ministry.  Every year I am completely knocked out of my shoes at the awesomeness of God!  I look forward to this time of celebration every year.

After the Shoebox Blessing and worship there will be a dinner held in the fellowship hall.  This dinner is a time to celebrate and fellowship together.  Our cluster churches will be joining us with their families as well as their Shoeboxes!   This is the first year we have done the Shoebox Ministry as a cluster!  It is exciting to see what God can do when HIS people come together!  I know that Oakland FUMC had never done the Shoeboxes until this year.  Thier goal was 30 boxes- they doubled that amount on the first Sunday!  Folks-that is exciting!  So, the dinner is accomplishing two things…the first is that we are breaking bread together in God’s House-to celebrate the Shoebox Ministry as well as to eat lunch before heading to Joy Ranch to pack more boxes!

Secondly it is also a fundraiser for our NICARAGUA MISSION TEAM.  They have spent many hours of prayer and much energy raising all the funds to go on this trip.  They have come together as God’s Team and I am blown away by the dedication of these people who feel called to be on this trip in July 2011.  I have watched God take one, then two, three, four, until He has formed a team of  committed young adults  to be on mission together in the country of Nicaragua. People don’t do that on their own- that’s GOD.  The team is halfway to the goal of raising $12,000.  I think that is phenomenal for this group of young people and adults.  Some of the teenagers, who are still in school,  and are going on this trip  have gone out and gotten jobs so they can raise money on their own.  They have all made many sacrifices of all sizes to see this trip come to life.  They are doing it.  I am so proud of all of them for stepping up and saying ” yes” to God.  They are putting feet on their prayers.

As a church family we are doing a lot of work in our community and around the world.  This work is just part of what our church is doing.  I haven’t even mentioned the many other ministries going on.   These are just the ones I am involved in.  All are important and God needs many workers to accomplish these things.   I see our church family growing by leaps and bounds and there are always new faces in Sunday worship.  The amount of new people coming to join us in fellowship is amazing to me.    This is all God’s plan.    He is bringing people to our church for a reason.  Divine intentions are never evident to us but we are told to TRUST in GOD as He brings them about.  We don’t have all the answers- but we know He does!

As these Divine Intentions play out I, for one, have felt the awful darkness of spiritual warfare going on around us.  The bible says it is something that we cannot see yet we must fight it.  We MUST put on the armor of God and take a stand, together, to ward off spiritual warfare.


Ephesians 6

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

If you don’t think you are being affected by it- you are wrong.  You may not realize what it is, but it is there.  Satan is busy with his evil minions trying to pit brother against brother and sister against sister.  Do you think Satan wants to see all of this work being done?  NO HE DOESN’T!!!!!!!  The more work we do as a church family, the harder he works to get his toe into the tiniest little crack.  That toehold can turn into a stronghold if we aren’t careful.  We MUST recognize the devil’s schemes.  He creates chaos and confusion, disharmony, untrust and bitterness.     Then who gets to carry all of that around on their shoulders?  Satan?  NO!  We do.  It is heavy and it hurts.   I am reminded of my Bethel concept this week .  It is a picture of a man burdened with the weight of disharmony.  It’s awful.  He is wading in the murky waters of wickedness with this load of ugliness on his back.  He is tired and dirty.   Satan is even trying to get into the Bethel class.  I feel it every day when I sit down to study.  He tempts me with other things because he knows that I am eager to learn.  I desire God’s Word to LIVE inside of me..   The more we desire God the harder Satan works to get us to stumble.  We MUST not fall for these tricks.  I am so grateful and thankful for the leadership of our Bethel teachers and Pastor Ty.  I have been able to put God’s Word at work in my life, my husband’s life and my children’s.   In learning the concepts and seeing the pictures, such as this one, I have experienced a tiny speck of what God must feel at our disharmony with HIM.  It is ugly, it stinks and it is dirty.   When you are convicted by reading God’s Holy Word it is hard to NOT think about it.

The scripture in Ephesians 6  says “WHEN” the day of evil comes….not “if.”    It also says WHEN we put on God’s armor WE WILL BE ABLE to stand our ground.  Not “if.”  There are no “if’s” with God.   WHEN we act- this or that WILL happen depending on HOW we react.    So, HOW are we REACTING to the devil’s schemes?  Believe me, he is at work in places we haven’t even thought about yet.  He never rests and this is why we should never, ever, ever rest from praying for one another.

We are to PRAY on ALL occasions with ALL kinds of prayers.  We are to BE ALERT and ALWAYS keep praying for ALL the Lord’s people. There are people that we find it hard to pray for but we MUST always PRAY for ALL people.   It’s not about US-it’s about following God’s directions.   When we put on God’s armor we WILL be able to stand our ground.   God’s armor is ALL inclusive.  Not part of it, but ALL of it.  Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Feet of Readiness, Shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit.  He has readied us for battle.  Let us battle against the devil’s schemes, not against each other.   Shame on us if we do.  WE are on GOD’S side.  He is our LEADER.  Our COMMANDER.  We are to extinguish every flaming arrow that comes at us with the shield of faith.  Do you have your shield covering you?  I pray that we all do.  I drop mine every now and then and sometimes it takes another person to remind me to pick it back up and fight.    Thank you friend.  I remember the first time I heard you teach from Ephesians 6.  This post is a piece of your fruit.   I am praying for all my readers today-to hear God’s Word.  Not mine.

In this video clip, from the movie 300,  ( and let me warn you:   it is graphic and hard to watch, but it has spoken to me about what our shield of faith can do when we use it properly)  you will see an army of men, forming a unit, together, to extinguish the arrows of the enemy.   As you watch- visualize it this way- We are the men with the shields, the Christians.  The arrows are coming from the evil one.  Watch what happens.  THIS is what are to do. TOGETHER.  IN UNITY.  As ONE with God as our Leader.

I am praying that we are ALL taking up our shields of faith to extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one-together.