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Father God, Creator of all,

This morning I am praying for everyone who has been touched by cancer.  Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers, Families, children, animals, Pastors, congregations, EMT workers, you name it. May God give you strength for the journey, may He be your refuge when you need it most, may He always be the guiding Light in the darkness and may you always see the Light- no matter how dim it may get.  It’s always there.   May He give you healing, hope and peace.  You are precious and loved by the One who gave you life.

Sometimes Lord, it takes one to have faith for another. May you increase my faith so that I may have it, know it and share it for those who are weak.  May I share it in compassion, in love, in LIFE and with GRACE.  May you strengthen my hands, my heart, my mind, body and soul to do this work that you have called me to do.  You have shown me many ways to do it this week and I am learning that GRACE is the key to success.  Thank you Lord, for pouring it on me and those around me.  May you be with us all, in all things.  I love you Lord and I lift these things up to you this morning.

Thank you for your presence here and in my life this week.  Thank you for giving us your Grace- your own flesh and blood- Jesus Christ- your one and only Son.  I’ll never be able to comprehend the depth or width of your love, so just let me humbly say, “thank you.”

It’s in your Holy and Precious Name I pray,


Rise, love, laugh, LIVE!


Good Morning Friends!

I am on my last day here in Georgia.  I will be heading back to those beautiful blue mountains in the morning.  I can’t wait!  I am not a city gal-I love those country roads!  I’ve driven everywhere this week-but mostly back and forth to the hospital.  It’s funny how I can’t remember all the turns it takes to get there-even after a week of doing it- but then-maybe I don’t want to remember them or why we are going there.

I’ve seen a lot of things this week, have experienced all emotions in some form or another.  I can’t wait to get home and rest in the arms of my family.  I want to soak up their love like a sponge and pour my own over them like sticky maple syrup.  You know the kind- when it gets on your fingers you lick it off and your hands are still sticky!  That kind of love.

The one thing that God keeps showing me this week is that sweet bond of love.  When God created the world he did it out of love for us.  He wanted us to have the very best of Him-that’s why He breathed His life into us.  A friend of mine says when we inhale we are taking God in and when we exhale we should exhale God out into the world.   I have taken God in this week through the sweet, loving breaths of those around me and I hope and pray that I have done the same for them.  Life is short folks.  We don’t have a minute to spare.  We might think we do- but do we really?  It is full of surprises!  Mama Gump always said, ” Life’s a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you’re gonna get.”  and I say that God is the center-sweet, sticky and full of surprises!  You don’t ever know what you’re “gonna” get-but God does.  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Our future is in God.

God is love.




Soothing to the soul.

Grab onto it and never let go.

Blessings for your journey,


The Broken Road that leads to Grace



God is so good!  As I sit here this morning, I am reflecting over the last year or so of my own journey towards God.  It is hard to put into words.  As I look back I see how God has continually filled me with grace.  At the beginning of this year I remember how God pointed my judging heart to a new direction-toward Him.  He did that through our bible study “Experiencing God.”  It seems so long ago that we took this study- but it really was this year.  A lot of things have happened since that study and my own heart has become de-cluttered and filled with an unconditional love that only comes from God.

God has recently put me in a place where I have been able to experience that unconditional love more fully.  I feel like the “Prodigal Son” who has finally come home from his long journey.  He ran into the outstretched arms of his waiting father, a father who set the past behind and lived in the present and for the future.  Always looking over the horizon, always seeking to see his son’s face.  He anxiously awaited the arrival of his long lost son.   Finally.  He came.  The father never gave up hope.  Our Father doesn’t either.

I have spent this week at the cancer center.   It has been a difficult week to process.  I still cannot put it all into words and that’s okay.  As I go to the center everyday, with my friend, I see life, pain, sadness, healing, recovery and love.  Oh…the love….it is indescribable.  I see husbands and wives rallying around each other, encouraging one another, and helping each other cling to life and hope.  I see tubes nourishing bodies back to life, I see bodies recovering in sleep, I see pain slipping out the back door and I see life entering in again.  But the thing that covers it all is LOVE.  The love is all consuming, patient, kind, humble, gentle, and oh so sweet.   It is a love that only comes from God.  It comes in many forms.  A kind word, a touch, a deed, adjusting a pillow, getting someone a drink, wiping their brow, cooking, cleaning and just being quiet.  It also comes in laughter, silliness, togetherness, and just being goofy.  Love covers us like a gentle rain-it soothes our aching souls and it brings relief from the struggles of life.

It has been raining here this week and God has drenched my soul with His love through situations, people and circumstances.   My cup is full and overflowing and quite honestly I am finding it hard to write.  The words come slowly, carefully and even painfully.  I have seen love in a new light.  One that cannot be explained in words…only felt and lived.

A dear sweet friend gave me some advice before I left…

“LIVE”  just “LIVE.”

So as I close- I pray that when you read this you will live the life that God has planned for you-live it to it’s fullest and always, always, always reflect the Light that is inside – to the outside.   You are precious and loved,