Daily Archives: October 18, 2010

What is HOPE?


Yesterday morning during Sunday School, one of my friends was talking about the “Hostel of the Good Shepherd” in Galax.  She explained that the hostel was much, much more than a place to stay for a night.  She said it was a place that brings people the love of Christ through it’s many services.   She said that all who enter there are covered by the wings of God.

So those few words led to this drawing.  As Jerry taught the class I was busy sketching.  I know he must get tired of me “not paying attention” but when God gives me an idea I’ve got to get on it!

This is pretty simple- a house with a doorway that looks like a cross.  Follow the path, enter in and you are covered by the wings of God.  Our refuge and strength in times of trouble.

I love you Lord and today I lift up the Hostel of the Good Shepherd to you.  May your wing covering provide many with warmth, grace and love.  You are doing a mighty work there and I thank you for providing a place of shelter for those who find themselves needing a hand up.  You, God Almighty, Father in Heaven ARE the hand up we all need.    I thank you, praise you and lift this ministry and it’s workers up to you today.  May all who enter here receive your blessings over their lives.   It’s in your Holy and precious name I pray,