Red Sea Crossing


Red Sea Crossing by Justin Gerard

Wow…I just love the depth and colors of this painting.  As the Israelites crossed the rocky bottom of the Red Sea, the book of Exodus says there was a wall of water on either side of them.  God’s wonder was holding it back.  In this picture you can see the whales and sea life watching them as they cross.  Some of the people’s faces are serene, others are a little worried, and the picture is seemingly calming, at a first glance.  But is it really?  If you look further into the painting you will notice the firelight flickering and the robes moving in the wind.  There’s a little boy who looks a little frightened in the right hand background, maybe saying, ” C’mon!  Faster! Before the water falls!”  In the left front a little girl is fearfully clutching at her robes, yet the babe in the mother’s arms is sound asleep.

Isn’t this how we all are from time to time when we see God moving in our lives?  Sometimes we are fearful, calm or asleep.  But look at Moses in the left corner-looking straight ahead-eyes on the prize of getting to the other side, calm and unwavering in his leadership.  Wow.  I hope I can be like that one day!

Thanks to the artist for your beautiful rendition of the Red Sea Crossing!

Now for a different view watch this video.


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I am the mom of three beautiful daughters, wife to a genius, sister to a teacher, sis-in-law to an engineer, daughter to a yankee and a rebel, and a woman chasing God. I love to read, draw and be with my family. If the reading inspires me, then I draw what I read. Almost everything I draw is based around or about Jesus Christ. I attend church at First United Methodist Hillsville. Ronnie Collins is my associate pastor, also a blogger here. I love the Lord with all my heart and I hope what you see here will inspire your heart.

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