Daily Archives: September 14, 2010

Grace and Hope


I woke up this morning thinking about the depravity of man-after all the reading I’ve been doing in my Bethel bible study.   I’m only in Genesis and already the Holy Spirit has caused my heart to ache even more for God, for humanity, and  for myself and my lack of love for others.  I really didn’t sleep much at all last night thinking about how grieved God must be when He looks down on His creation.  One minute  all things created were GOOD and shortly after all things got messed up when SIN crept into the world.  Some blame Eve, some blame Adam, to me it doesn’t do much good to blame anyone.  We are all at fault in one way or another.  I know I have grieved God and that convicts me to want to change.

This morning I also started reading a book called “What’s so amazing about Grace?”    This book has some hard as nails truths in it about the world around us.  It makes me mad, it makes me want to scream and it makes me look deep inside myself.  Grace.  What is it?  Do I know?  Can I give it?  Have I received it?

It is unconditional forgiveness to ALL people, not condemnation.

…undeserved forgiveness…

We must be intentional in our walk of Grace.  We must live like we’ve never lived before.  We must always reflect Christ back to the world.  This life isn’t about us, it’s not about me, or you.   It’s not about money, it’s not about stuff, and it’s not about who sits in the best seat at the ball game.  This life is about a journey where we learn to serve others a cup of grace.  Some need a little, some need a lot.  Sometimes it is ourselves in need of it.  Some have never received it or given it.  They don’t know how.   We must help each other.

It is only when we see the world through eyes that don’t condemn or judge and aren’t prejudiced that we can serve grace.  Love isn’t an easy thing.  Sure, it’s easy to love those around us-those who love us back.  But what about those who don’t?  I’m still learning how to do that.  We must love intentionally.  We must always remember that we can dislike what a person does, and still LOVE the person.  I have to constantly remind myself of that.  We must strive to see the good in people.  It’s there.  How do I know?  Because God put it there and He said so.

He has also given us HOPE.

That hope has a name.


He loves YOU!

(Look closely)