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My daughter loves Skillet and I have grown to love them too!  Thanks Corynn, you bring out the old rock -n- roller in your Mom!   I love the lyrics of this song and I am thankful to be AWAKE and ALIVE!  Thank you Lord for loving me enough to wait for me wake up!  Amen! 

Who is Eugene Peterson?



Who is Eugene H. Peterson? 

Eugene H. Peterson (born November 6, 1932), is a pastor, scholar, author, and poet. He has written over thirty books, including Gold Medallion Book Award winner The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language[1] (Navpress Publishing Group, 2002), a contemporary translation of the Bible.  ( wikipedia)

Preface from the MESSAGE  REMIX

The Message is a reading bible.  It is NOT intended to replace the excellent study bibles that are available.  My intent here is simply to get people reading it who don’t know that the bible is read-able at all, at least by them, and to get people who long ago lost interest in the bible to read it again.  But I haven’t tried to make it easy-there is so much in the bible that is hard to understand.  So at some point along the way, it will be important to get a standard study bible to facilitate further study.  Meanwhile, read in order to love, praying as you read, ” God let it be with me just as you say.”  -Eugene H. Peterson MSG



Mr. Peterson’s lifelong devotion to writing the Bible in contemporary language has led me to fall in love with a Creator who loves us all.  It is written like poetry and it speaks deeply to the sensitive part of my being.  God has used Mr. Peterson’s writing to reach me in a new way, to convict me of sin and compel me to a higher, deeper, stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.  His use of contemporary language makes the bible more understandable to me and this has led me to further my studies.  One analogy for me is this:  when I am hungry for fruit, I eat an apple.  I don’t just take a bite and put it down.  I eat the whole thing.  Every bite is sweet, nutritious and filling and makes me want more.  When I am hungry for God, I read the MESSAGE.  I don’t read one line, I read many, many chapters at a time.  Each line speaks to me and makes me want to keep reading.  I read the Message to fall in love, to stay in love and to live in love.  When I study, I use several translations of the bible.  NIV, KJV, NLT, and NAS, along with a concordance.  It is so very, very important that we study the bible on our own, for ourselves, using many tools.  We need to study the greek and hebrew meanings of the language used, as well as the traditions of the time.  ALL are important when we study.  Just as Mr. Peterson said it is important to get a study bible.  I read the MESSAGE for pleasure and Mr. Peterson invites us in…into a story of love, mercy and grace.  He opens the door to God’s love through his writings.  Thank you Mr. Peterson!

Enter In…praying that you will fall head over heels in love with the One who loves YOU!

It’s a personal thing



I love to share the Word of God with others, especially in my blog.  I use many translations of the bible, commentaries, dictionary, thesaurus and my concordance.    I have the KJV, NIV, NLT, NAS and the MESSAGE translations in my library.  I also find quite handy asIcan toggle back and forth between versions quite easily.  I use them all when I am studying and I think it is important that we do this when we study.  One translation may be more easily understood ,due to the language being used, than another.  I believe that God’s Word is beautiful in all translations, after all, it IS God’s letter of love written just for each of us. 

I’m not going to debate translations, however, Iwill encourage all of my readers to read at least 3 translations.  If you like the THEES and THOUS, that’s great!  If you don’t, that’s great too!  The most important thing is that we are reading God’s Holy and infallible Word.  It is my personal belief that God uses all translations to reach His people.  I may not read what you read, and you may not read what I read.  Just like I choose to read one non-fiction author over another, it’s the same here.  One style of writing may appeal to me and another to you-let’s not judge each other for what style we read.  As I said earlier- we ARE reading the Word of God and Philippians 2 says that  we are to set our minds on one thing and that one thing is Christ. How do we do that?  By reading God’s Word. 

Philippians 2 also says that we should do everything without arguing and complaining.  I have been convicted to NOT argue about God’s Word, ever.    We are to share it in love so that others will “fall IN love” with Christ.  No one is going to fall in love by arguing!   All of my  bible translations have helped me to fall in love with Our Creator and the more Iam IN God’s Word- the more my heart swells with His love and the more I  am compelled to share.  So today I would like to encourage you to #1-read your bible,#2 read more than one translation, #3 ask God to open your mind to His Word as you are reading and #4-let yourself fall in love!  There’s no better place to be!  

God truly does love each and everyone of you and He wants you to come to know Him because YOU willingly want to.  It’s your decision. Why not give Him a try?  I can honestly say that I never thought I would ever be sharing God’s Word in the way that I do,or through my art.  It has been a very long time since I have even drawn anything not related to Christ.  A friend of mine recently reminded me of that fact.  I never, ever thought I had a gift much less a gift to use for God.   In high school I was discouraged from pursuing a  career in art and I have carried that discouragement with me my whole life,always failing at everything I ever did.  But it’s different now.   Why?  Because I have dug into the Word of God,  I have studied and God has clearly shown me that I do have a gift and that Iam to use that gift for His glory.  I have many gifts, and so doYOU!  This isn’t about me, it’s about what GOD has done through my wretched life and how I have discovered God’s purpose by READING my BIBLE!    I’m not that discouraged person anymore and I am in fact ENCOURAGED by God, through His Word and His people.   So, let’s join hands in the cause for Christ and share God’s Word with someone today! 

Blessingsto you!