Moonshiner’s Trail Ride




(Just listen to the music as you read….) 

Cort and I have been planning our next motorcycle trip to the Moonshiner Trail.  

It is named this because it was the road that moonshine ran in and out of NC/TN on and the revenuer’s chased the moonshiner’s.  Twisty, turny, loopy, switchbacks, etc.  We can’t wait!   It’s about a 300 mile ride to get there and it is on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains at NC/TN.  I am told that the trail is full of local artisan’s and crafters, antiques and a whole lot of folklore!  


Here is the local map of the area.  I love the names of some of the places.  Wild Cat Corners, CatDaddy Cliffs, Hillbilly Pop, etc..  I’ve seen some of the photos from the website and it is beautiful!   There is even a waterfall that falls over the road and you ride underneath it!  



We are still looking for a place to stay while there.  One of them is called ” Two Wheel Inn” it is a motel for bikers that includes a motorcycle garage with each room-big enough for two bikes.  Not a necessity, although nice.  It is located near the places we plan to ride to.    

We also plan to ride the Tail of the Dragon.  I have been reading on that and it seems to be closed as of today.  Apparantly a rock slide has closed part of the road.  So, that ride is up in the air right now.  But there are plenty of other opportunities in that area.  



This is the Cherohala Skyway. 



One of the many twisties…yeeha! 

( all photos from




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  1. Phew ! We are glad you are going here instead of way out west on that loooooooooong ride, as Grandma would say looks like this is “right up your alley”, looks like fun.

  2. Saw that movie, loved it, loaned it out and have to get it back for you and Cort , have you ever seen it?

  3. Well, now that I know you are taking this journey, I will consider you both True Southerners now! Or, reformed Northerners? Sounds like fun. Be safe my friends, and stay away from that Moonshine! My Grandfather Rorrer use to get moonshine and my older brother tricked me into drinking some when I was about 7 or 8. My esophagus was never the same. I ran to the sink and put my mouth under the running water for about 30 minutes. It took that long to get rid of the burn, and this was spring water that was verrrrry cold!

  4. You guys are going to have so much fun. It looks beautiful. Just be careful and enjoy !!!! Hey , I loved the music. I pictured you two coming around the corner at any time. I can hear Corts laugh already. Love you guys!!!

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