Building an ark…


Good Morning!

I would like to share a poem with you that Corynn wrote for a project at school.

It is thought provoking and Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ralph, Auntie Linda and Great Granny Marie  will/ would love it!  I know I do! 

Think about the words and think about how they may pertain to your own life…


I am a carpenter, a mason.

I build walls,


and houses.


I used to build bridges

between me and my friends.

They’re chipped,

but still standing.


I build houses of Hope, for the hopeless;

Love, for the lonely;

and doubt, for people like me.


I’ve built walls

between me and the world.

And when I thought

I’d torn them down,

I realized I’d only climbed over them.

C.M. Godwin 2010


What are you building?

Bridges to connect the lost to life, to bring food to the hungry, to lead people to Christ?

Shelters where God lives?  Shelters that house the homeless and give them hope? 

or walls that need to come tumbling down?

Our church is proposing to do a “new thing,” and that is to reach people that will not come through the doors of our current building, by opening a second church “campus” downtown on Main Street, a few doors dwon from our youth center.   We have an amazing opportunity to grow the Kingdom of God by being obedient to what God is asking us to do.  We are being asked to step out of our comfort zone, out of our current condition, to reach people who are in need of hope.   Many of those people may never enter a church because they think they need to wear certain clothing, or carry a bible, or even look a certain way.  Many people live in an uncertain economy everyday of thier lives.  Many people cannot even afford to pay an electric bill, let alone go out and buy a suit or dress to attend church.  There are no prerequisites to attending church.  Just enter in as you are. 

God doesn’t care about our clothes- He cares about our souls and if we can’t get people to come to us, then we MUST go to them. 

 Will we go? 

Jesus Christ is about people, not what they look like, or where they come from or what they wear.   Jesus hung out with the last, the least and the lost. 

Are we? 

God is asking us to show people who He is and what He can do when we embrace HIS PLAN for HIS PEOPLE. 

This body of believers has locked arms and has committed to carrying the cross of Christ out into a world that is full of hopelessness, broken bridges and walls. 

When I first heard about this proposal my heart was full and dancing in joy at what God is doing in our midst.  When Oliver McBride went over the information last week, I was convicted to tears, in my pew, that this is what God wants.  Tears of joy.  Why?  Because God is providing a future home for His children, for my children and for your children!   We are ALL His children.  God is calling all of us to be faithful, true, trusting and bold.  

Noah built an ark…people jeered and poked fun at him…he did it anyway…his obedience opened up the floodgates of heaven and God renewed the earth and His people through Noah.  We are going to do the same!  We will build an ark in downtown Hillsville so that God can pour out his blessings upon all the people who enter in…we will be obedient and ignore the jeers and jests of the world just as Noah did.  We will allow God to open the floodgates and renew His people!

Jesus is no longer on the cross and he is NOT in the tomb…Jesus has been RESURRECTED and is preparing a place for all of US.  He has commanded us to GO and MAKE DISCIPLES of ALL NATIONS.   This means going TO the last, the least and the lost in every town across the world.  We have the opportunity to do it right here in Carroll County.  Let’s grab God’s hand and cross that bridge together!   All things are possible with God…just look at Noah!

It is no coincidence that Corynn brought this poem home this week…all things are in God’s time…

So let’s tear those worldly walls down and build a house of HOPE together! 

Phil 4:13





About godw1nz

I am the mom of three beautiful daughters, wife to a genius, sister to a teacher, sis-in-law to an engineer, daughter to a yankee and a rebel, and a woman chasing God. I love to read, draw and be with my family. If the reading inspires me, then I draw what I read. Almost everything I draw is based around or about Jesus Christ. I attend church at First United Methodist Hillsville. Ronnie Collins is my associate pastor, also a blogger here. I love the Lord with all my heart and I hope what you see here will inspire your heart.

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