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Willow Creek



I am reading this new book about the arts thriving in the church.  It is written by the folks at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.  They have a huge Worship Team.  I found this video of a sand painting that they did at Easter.  It is awesome.  Watch closely and you will be amazed.  Don’t turn your back on it or you will miss it!





Hi!  It’s me again!  I am sitting in my studio sipping my coffee and looking out the door-the rays of the sun are shining through the trees, warming the earth and my heart.  I love Spring.  I spent the day working in the yard yesterday.  I love to feel springtime through my fingers in the dirt, rocks, sticks and stones.  Part of our yard is free of grass- not by choice- and it is always a mess in the spring.  It seems like the sticks and rocks grow there! ha!

For me, spring is like a huge shot of adrenalin and the warm weather gets me off my duff!  I think a lot about Jesus’ Resurrection at this time of year.  As the flowers ease thier little heads out of the soil I can’t help but think about all the people who have just accepted Christ as thier Savior.  The baby Christians.  They are new in their faith, just as the flower is new in it’s life.  One petal at a time opens to receive the goodness of the sun.  Just as baby Christians are in their discovery process as God reveals things to them one at a time.  God is tender in showing them and he keeps revealing things until they “get it.”  We tell our children not to pick the young flowers because they have not fully grown to maturity yet.  “Leave them alone, let them grow, ” we say.  We should also be doing this with those who are new to the faith.  We didn’t learn everything all at once, so why do we expect others to do that?  God shows us things in HIS time, not ours.  We shouldn’t leave them alone, rather we should encourage and inspire them to receive all that God has planned for them so that they too can mature in thier faith and go on to help others do the same.  We should be “fertilizing” these new babes just like we do our gardens!  We are all in God’s beautiful garden and someone has taken the time to fertilize us also!  Let’s not forget that! 

Once we mature and we really realize what Jesus has done for us- we change over time and we are compelled to do things for God that we never thought we would.  I never thought I would be drawing in front of people, or even be drawing some of the things I do.  All of my drawing revolves around God’s Holy Word.  I was teaching a young man how to do a chalk drawing and he asked me if I ever drew anything else, ( other than scripture related drawings) and I said ” not much anymore.”  I used to draw all sorts of things and I will again, I am sure.  But right now I am compelled by GOD to draw what I see in His Holy Word.  Believe it or not, it is not even a choice I have made consciously. I just do it because God speaks to me through His Word and then I feel a compulsion to draw.  I have noticed that God also gives me time to rest and revive myself.  Like right now, I am feeling “tapped out” and have no desire to draw anything.  These past several months I have been very busy drawing, chalking, painting and woodworking things about God.  I’m creatively tired and I feel that God is giving me a rest.  There are things that I want to do, and I will after this rest is completed. 

God places desires in our hearts and it is up to us to realize those desires and to really listen to what He is saying to US.  Not to others, but to US.  We cannot ask someone else to tell us what God is speaking to us.  They don’t know.  We do this by studying, praying , listening and fellowshipping with other believers.  God sends us people to confirm what He is saying and that is what we must listen for.  Affirmation.  As we mature, we begin to hear God better and we trust what we are hearing a little easier.  It is a process. 

One of the things that we shouldn’t do is accept Christ as our Savior and then never change ourselves or not do anything to serve God.  That’s not what being a Christian means.  When we truly love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, body and soul- we want to change ourselves.  We want to become better people.  We want to inspire others to do the same.  We want to quit doing those things that seperate us from God.  We want to desire to commune with Him daily.  In every breath, every word and every action.  No, it’s not easy and I fail at it a lot, but remember-with God all things are possible!  We keep trying and keep pressing on.  We serve a God who pours his mercy and grace all over us everyday- like that delicious sticky river of maple syrup  that you pour over your pancakes.  Ummmm….goood!  What matters is that we TRY.  We can’t just sit on our hands and do nothing.  Our God is a God of ACTION and we are to be His VERBS!  

So, let’s all be that beautiful flower that blooms in full and receives it’s feeding from the sun.  Only ours comes from the SON!  May your blossoms bloom abundantly!   Enjoy this day that the Lord has made!

Blessings to you and yours,


A little bit of bloggin’ on a Tuesday mornin’…


Good Morning!  That’s me waving at YOU!  I was a cute  little rascal wasn’t I? 

I was just checking my FB and came across a post with this word in it:  “supererogation.”  This is one I have never heard before.  So I looked it up:  Webster’s defines it as:  “to perform beyond the call of duty; the act of performing more than is required by duty, obligation or need.”

Gee, that sounds a little bit like what Jesus did for us, doesn’t it?  He went above and beyond the call of duty to save us from our selfish, stinky selves!  This is something that we should all be doing!  Some are, some aren’t and that’s the way the cookie crumbles. ( Jim Carrey AKA Bruce Nolan from Bruce Almighty.) 

 I certainly am glad that my cookie is not crumbling this morning!  ( Jesus!)  He is alive and well and has gone before us to prepare a place in heaven for all of His “crumbling cookies!”  Only Jesus can put the cookie back together again!  AMEN!

So, I love that I have this new word to use, now if I could only pronounce it…

🙂 D.