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Communing with God



Yesterday at FUMC Hillsville we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!  The entire day was a celebration of what HE DID FOR US!

At the 8:30 service we were blessed to hear the New River Boys- they sang the most amazing song ( for me) about the church “rising.”  It made my hair stand on end.  You know that IS what our purpose is-to inspire people to RISE up and out of thier personal tombs to LIVE for Christ.  To take the graveclothes of sin OFF and to live a life that is not tied to sin.  You can word it however you want-but isn’t that really what we are doing?  Calling people to RISE UP and live victoriously?  We are not to point fingers and judge-that is not our job.  Our job is to live for Christ and this means to live in victory in everything we do.  People will only come when they are inspired to want what we have-Christ!  When we live in glory and grace and with passion- then people will say, ” hmmm…I want to know more.”  Yesterday I saw the church rising-in my mind the church was rising right up out of the ground and into the air and not one soul was missing!!!! 

At 11 our amazing choir and praise band SouledOut sang ” Arise” and again I was able to experience the glorious power of God Almighty through music and song.  I wanted to shout to people to GET UP and RISE!  Not for the choir or band- but for Christ.  Ohmigosh it was amazing!  It was truly a celebration of victory!  Christ is no longer bound in the tomb- HE has RISEN!  He has risen in our hearts and souls and for me, I yearn for others to have Him arise in thier lives.  I could feel the Holy Spirit rising to the rafters!  There are no words to describe our church services yesterday.  We attend a church that truly lives for the Resurrection.  Both at Easter and forever.  I am so blessed to be a part of this family of God. 

This has been a busy time for all of us and I want to take a moment to thank all who were involved in Holy Week and Easter Services.  I don’t want to leave anyone off so I won’t list names, but you know who you are.  For me, this has been the most amazing Easter season ever.  The most touching, meaningful and inspiring.  During Holy Week we were blessed to see many congregations come together for the cause of Christ.  That was beautiful and I know it touched God’s heart deeply.  We put off our “labels” and put on “CHRIST.”  WoW!  Yesterday was an amazing choreography of gifts and talents coming together for HIM.  Thank you ALL for everything you do!  Well done, good and faithful servants! Well done!  I know that many people were inspired to live victoriously as a result of the services yesterday.  I know I was.  

As I stood to serve communion I was humbled that God loves me so much to have me be a part of such a reverent and meaningful time of sharing Him with others.  As each person came along , I shared the Body of Christ with them andI found myself overwhelmed with emotion.  It was hard to hold back.  It was like being in a storm on a ship- it came in waves.  As I shared the Bread of Life and touched each person’s hand, I felt myself wanting to pour Christ into thier lives.  It’s really hard to explain.  I made eye contact with each person, smiled, and shared the Bread of Life.  I felt like I was serving communion for the very first time in my life.  There was something different about me yesterday.  As the line ended I had big tears welling up in my eyes and I managed to hold them back until I sat down.  When I did sit down I wanted to weep.  Those tears were from God.  A mixture of joy, sadness and victory.  God was compelling me to be HIS servant in all that I do. 

Today is Easter Monday and I am going to spend the day working in my yard-smelling the new life that is rising up from the ground.  See, even creation is celebrating our Risen Savior and I want to be a part of it!  Have a blessed Monday and may you too, ARISE !

Glad to be an Easter person…


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SS at FUMC Hillsville


A visit with Linda and Katie’s class on Easter Sunday….

Eggs represent NEW LIFE at Easter!

The fine art of dying eggs…neatly!

 This was Jesus’ tomb.  Isn’t this clever?  A doghouse!  The kids had a short skit in their classroom ( which I missed-boo) and they used this “tomb” in the skit!

Thanks to Linda’s hubby Jim for this neat idea!

Eggs are nestled in little hands- doesn’t this remind you of the tomb…just bursting with life!   

I love what is happening in this class- God is using these two faithful and devoted leaders to bring His Word to LIFE.  They are combining thier God given gifts and using them to glorify our Father in Heaven!  It makes me want to be a kid again!  Our Experiencing God bible study says to “find out where God is working and join Him there.”  This must be why I am drawn to this class…God is there and our children are receiving God’s Word in a new and creative way!  Way to go Linda and Katie!  Thank you for your obedience and devotion to teaching our children God’s Holy Word.  Emily can’t wait to join you and quite frankly I’d like to be 9 again too! 

Love you both because God first loved us all….