Daily Archives: June 30, 2009

Power of Prayer


Prayer card

     My heart has been broken for this little church in Independence.  This morning I woke up with the people of that community and church on my heart.  I have been praying for God’s guidance and wisdom for them, and for myself.  Prayer is a mighty thing, one that we don’t utilize enough.  God has placed this overwhelming burden on my heart to reach the unreachable.  I have no idea how to do that except through prayer.  Last week I drove through the community and prayed for each household on my drive to the top of the mountain, where the church stands like a beacon of hope.  A prayer drive. I had been down that road several times in previous days and it was on this day that I began to notice all these  little homes tucked away in the trees, some seemed empty and abandoned, but I have a feeling they really aren’t and that there are folks there who need hope and prayer.  I have a great friend who has taught me the power of prayer and he prays for people as he drives to work.  He has been praying for me for years!  His prayers are being answered today.  It is my heart’s desire that one day, I too, will be able to experience the joy of my prayers being answered for this community and church.   I know that is selfish, but it’s the truth.  We all desire our prayers to be heard and answered the way we want them to be!  A perfect world!  Well, I also know that God works things out in HIS time, not mine and that right now it is my burden to PRAY without ceasing.

   My heart is also asking a lot of questions, questions that only God has the answers to.  I read our Associate Pastor’s blog today and it is full of great tips for technology users.  Twitter, facebook, blackberry, texting, you name it, it’s on there.  He is reaching the technology users, that is where his heart is at, to build relationships, using technology,  hearts that would be unreachable any other way.  My question to myself today is, who is God calling my heart to reach?  Who am I to build relationships with and how?  Who is God telling me to consume my life and time with?   I believe that it is the people who live on the back country roads, the homes with houses full of giggling kids with worn out shoes, dirty clothes and hungry bellies.    I believe it is the homebound elderly who need a helping hand to get to the doctor, the store, or just out of bed.    I believe it is the lonely, the poor, the forgotten.  God never forgets.  I don’t want to forget either.  I pray that God will remind me daily of the people that feel lonely and forgotten and I pray that He will show me how to reach them, just as He has shown Pastor Ronnie how to reach the technology age.  God gives each of us different gifts and it is our responsibility to hone them and use them to serve Him, in unity, all working toward the common goal of reaching the lost.  We must never get so consumed with the world, self, or stuff that we forget that goal.  I am guilty of this everyday.  I would like to stay in the studio and draw and make things all day long.  Things that point to Christ.  But I have realized that those things are merely tools and that God is telling me that people want to be seen, be heard, be hugged, be made to feel needed, wanted and loved in a personal relationship with Him through me.   The drawings and other things that I do are a way to start those relationships.   They are sort of like a hand shake, a twitter, a phone call, a plate of warm cookies.  They are not the end goal.  The end goal is Jesus Christ!  We can reach all people by using all gifts.  What is YOUR gift?  Is it sewing? quilting? antiquing? Are you a mechanic…nurse…teacher…teenager…child?  Do you ride a motorcycle, are you a woodcarver, or do you like to read?  I pray that you will seek God’s guidance in finding your gift and that you will learn how to use it to bring others to know Him.  Through prayer, unity, and using our personal and specific gifts we can win the world to Christ!  God is IN everything and He IS everything!

May you seek God’s face today in all that you do…in a twitter, a quilt, and a cookie!