Daily Archives: June 27, 2009





I am having fun doing God’s work today!  This is a new idea.  I was asked to create a display for a VBS program in Independence.  I was given scripture pertaining to creation and this is what I came up with.  This is a twin size, blue sheet.  I used oil pastels to do the drawing, rather than chalk.  Boy did it come out bright!  It would be brighter on a white sheet, but I wanted it to appear like the first day of creation, in the dark.  It has been kid approved by both of my girls!  I had a worshipful time doing this with the Lord this morning!


Waterfalls and Living Water



Yesterday I decided to drive out to Flat Rock again.  God has pressed this little place upon my heart.  I took my camera, my sketchbook and my bible, along with a big cup of coffee for the ride!  It’s about 35 miles. 

There’s this little waterfall on the road to the church.  It is a gorgeous spot.  It is also a party spot.  I pulled in and parked.  I hiked up to the top of the overlook, wishing I had my nikes on instead of my sandals.  I watched for snakes, bears, and poison ivy along the way! 

I reached the top and all I could hear was the mighty rushing of the water over the rocks.  At the bottom the water fell into a pool that was calm and quiet, and then trickled down to another waterfall below it.  Our lives are like this too, we have seasons of ” mighty rushing water” and seasons of quietness.  Lately, my life has been like the mighty rushing water! 



I love rocks, waterfalls and nature.  My parents instilled this into me from a very young age, taking us to different waterfalls and rocky places as children.  Virginia has always been my favorite state because of it’s rocky fields, green pastures, and Granny!  My Mom was born and raised in Virginia and she has always told my sister and I stories of playing on these huge rocks in the fields, as a child.    She loves waterfalls and rocks too!  Now that I am older and have a beautiful relationship with Jesus, I see these things a little differently than I used to.  The rock reminds me of Jesus, who IS our rock!  Immovable!  It stands against all tests of time and weather!  It is sturdy and strong.  Jesus is the Living Water and He fills us up at the asking.  His love is always there, constant and flowing and we need to embrace it with open arms and gather it into our lives, just as the little pool collects the water at the bottom of the waterfall.  We need to gather it in so we can spill it out onto everyone we meet, one drop at a time.  It takes many drops to form a waterfall, just as it takes many people to form the body of Christ, each person with a special gift that God has given them to do His work.  As we collect our drops ( our people), we too can be this giant waterfall that overflows with God’s love and grace to all who willingly embrace it.  It is my prayer that, together, we can all help each other find those special gifts and help others come to know Christ by building loving relationships so that they too can be filled with the Living Water.  The Water that never dies, that never ceases, that always fills us with love.