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The Joy of John

Revelations 1:9- 11
I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, which said: “Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.” 
Here you see my latest drawing of John on Patmos, writing.  he was told to WRITE and write he did! 
Here is what I think…John and Jesus were very close to each other.  John was around 14 when he was called to follow Jesus.  14!  So, he spent his ENTIRE adult life serving the Lord.   When He was younger, he spent a lot of time with Jesus.  They knew everything about each other.  Beth Moore says that John knew how Jesus parted his hair and what his feet looked like!  Think about someone you know really well, what do you know about them?  What is thier favorite food?  Favorite color?  What do they like to eat?  Read? Drink? The list could go on forever really. 

But let me ask you this, what is the most important thing we need to know about them? 

Where they are going when they die.
Well, John saw Jesus LIVE, he saw the miracles of Jesus, he saw Jesus DIE an agonizing death and he probably wished it could have been him up there instead of Jesus.  But you know what else he saw?  He saw Jesus RISE from the dead, in a new body!  He didn’t even recognize Him, his best friend.

To Believe 

Later on that day, the disciples had gathered together, but, fearful of the Jews, had locked all the doors in the house. Jesus entered, stood among them, and said, “Peace to you.” Then he showed them his hands and side.    The disciples, seeing the Master with their own eyes, were exuberant. Jesus repeated his greeting: “Peace to you. Just as the Father sent me, I send you.”    John 20:19-21 (The Message)
They did not know this man was Jesus until he showed them his hands and side! 
Luke 24: 13-16 says: That same day two of them were walking to the village Emmaus, about seven miles out of Jerusalem. They were deep in conversation, going over all these things that had happened. In the middle of their talk and questions, Jesus came up and walked along with them. But they were not able to recognize who he was.

John watched his beloved Jesus die on the cross, but he also saw him ascend to heaven!   Luke 24 says that after the disciples saw Jesus carried to heaven they returned to Jerusalem with great joy and that they were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. 

John saw Jesus ALIVE after he had seen him dead and buried.  Oh the JOY that John must have felt to be able to see, hear, smell, touch, and talk to his best friend again!  John shares this glorious hope with us in his writings because he BELIEVED.  A friend of mine told me that she thought the Holy Spirit swooped ( my words) down on John and he wrote without effort and without thought.  He was being led by the Holy Spirit and he did this in obedience and in love for Jesus.  He was, after all, banished to Patmos as  a criminal.  I imagine it took some doing for him to write at all.  He wanted us to “get it!”  He is saying ” WAKE UP!  PAY ATTENTION!!!!  DON’T WAIT!  The time is near! 
Will you join me in experiencing the great joy of knowing a life in eternity?