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I have had this phrase running around in my head for about a week now…Shekinah Glory.  I’m not sure where I have heard it, or read it, or even when.  I just know that I have.  I’m not even sure why it’s in my head  now.   We’ve been studying John and that may have some bearing on it, not sure though.  So, I thought I would do a little research.  Here is what I found.   After reading this over, I am reminded that God’s presence is all around us.  His Shekinah Glory is within the believers of Christ’s church, and community.  God’s glory is written in their prayers, actions, deeds, thoughts, generosity, compassion and kindness towards ALL people.   We see God’s glory when our arms are open wide to reach and serve others in Christ’s overwhelming and all consuming love.  When we look at a sunrise or a sunset, we see God’s glory there.  When we see children laughing and smiling because they love Jesus, we see His glory there.  It is everywhere!  In the trees, in the birds as they sing on these beautiful days and in the quiet, crisp, white snow of winter.   It’s in the food pantry as all the churches in our community rally together to keep the shelves filled to help those in need.  It is in Out of the Box, as the youth collect the food to help fill the shelves of the food pantry.  It is in the open door of the church, the neighbor, the smiling usher, and at Out of the Box.  God’s glory is what makes these things a success. Not us.  We see God’s glory in others.  In the twinkle of an eye, the mischevious smile on a child in the pew on Sunday morning, the humble servant giving all that they can, the pumped up message of a youth pastor, the cancer patient, the enthusiasm of youth for Christ, the elderly, the pregnant mother, the tired father, the motorcycle riding pastor, the singing choir….and many, many more.   God is right here, in Hillsville! 

Please take the time to see Him and praise His holy name wherever YOU are! 

Many Blessings,



Below  is a simple definition from

 What does Shekinah mean?

Jewish Tradition


According to Jewish tradition the radiance of the Shechinah, with its untold blessings, “rests” upon all those who are pious and righteous. According to ancient Rabbis the Shekinah appears in the midst of at least a minyan of worshipers when they pray in congregation, and of two or more Jews when they engage in the study of Torah, or on a man when he recites the Shema. The Shekinah is said also to rest upon the chaste, the benevolent, and the hospitable, and upon husband and wife when they live in peace and harmony. The ancient Rabbis also said that the Shekinah appeared before Moses at the burning bush, rested upon the Tabernacle in the Wilderness on the day of its dedication, and in the holy of holies in the Temple at Jerusalem, and it has illuminated the bliss of the righteous (Heb. tzaddikim) in the world-to-come ever since.

The Talmudic Sages conceived of the Shekinah as a spiritual essence of indescribable beauty and exalting effect. It was generally spoken of as brilliant light or radiance and when it approached it was announced by a tinkling sound of like an ethereal bell. One interesting Jewish legend even described the dying Moses as being lovingly enfolded in the “wings” of the Shekinah.

It is said that, “Wherever the Jewish people go the Shechinah follows.”


Shekinah means “the presence of God” and relates to the Holy Spirit. Shekinah is the visible manifestation of the divine presence of God.

Here is a piece of art that I found in regards to the scripture in Ezekiel.






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